Asking the people to work with the government

It is ironic PM Lee is asking the people to work with the government and not let their guards down.

I say this because it is the government which is not working with the people and has let its guard down.

That we have enjoyed months of very low community cases prior to the current outbreak and able to carry on, more or less, normal lives, is in no small part due to the cooperation and sacrifice of the people.

On the other hand, the current upsurge in cases can be directly linked to the government being complacent by opening the borders too soon to pump up the economy, despite the people urging it to stop the inflow of foreigners from countries experiencing new waves of infection.

The bulk of the Covid cases the last few months had always been imported ones. Given the high prevalence of asymptomatic cases and that the Covid tests are not foolproof, it is highly likely, these imported cases have brought with them the mutant virus to our shores.

The government has engaged in risky behavior, no doubt driven by the needs of big business, but the people have to pay the price – more disruption to our lives, loss of income, higher taxes in due course and some, with their lives.

I urge PM Lee to look himself in the mirror before telling the people not to let their guards down.


Foong Swee Fong




12 Responses to “Asking the people to work with the government”

  • oxygen:

    GOVERNMENTS are both the POWER AND AUTHORITY to make things work MUST LISTEN to peasants, and science instead of burying their heads in the sand of their CONCEALED AGENDAS buried in twisted-tongue political narratives.

    Peasants can’t keep up with their hidden shifting political agendas….LIES, LIES, AND MORE LIES like politicians in India….in open denials of the problems of no oxygen when patients are dropping dead like flies in hospitals due to the lack of oxygen.

    Yogi Says ‘No Oxygen Shortage in UP’, But Here’s a Reality Check

    This Canadian nurse risking her job and her family economic survival/existence made a very strong compelling argument against COVID-19 lies from sovereign governments.

    Nurse in Halifax speaks out on Covid lies… Powerful Statement
    Posted by Kane on May 1, 2021 9:22 pm

    IN ALL CRISIS MANAGEMENT HANDLING roiling with chaos and turbulence, any attempt by those in power & authority to INFLUENCE OUTCOME, is BOUND TO FAIL.


    They tried to gag the late Dr Li Wen Liang AND IT BACKFIRED spectacularly in Wuhan. No other govts, learning from that debacle, dared to be so blatant of political oppression of truths and reality exposed by science. They now talk with twisted tongues on vaccine safety.

    WHO KNOWS SIX MONTHS OR TWO YEARS WHAT WILL HAPPENED TO THE VACCINATED POPULATION APART from re-infection and transmission – maybe blood clots and sudden death collapse on the street or public transports?

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  • mike:

    My fellow dumb countrymen…. Do as i say, not as i do.

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  • Just remember PAPs betrayal:

    Spot on, Sir..
    Nothing left to say.

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  • Havent we been doing so...?:

    …but the gov works against SGs.
    How to trust them and co operate..we are just forced to!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Maybe what the PM was trying to say was why Singaporeans did not work with the Government by telling Indians to use a third country to enter Singapore, like what his ministers did!

    I was actually surprised that a Minister would point to the Indians a back door to enter Singapore.

    This Minister was a General some more! What if during in a war, a general told the enemy how to penetrate the defence of his country!!!??

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Even China so strict also on and off can have cases.

    Even Taiwan also have new cases.

    To maintain zero cases or zero defects indefinitely is an ideal goal.

    So dont belly ache unnecessary.

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  • limpei:

    Absolutely right!!!

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  • Pioneer:

    Don’t think they have the time to look at their mirrors.

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  • xoxo:

    When in shit,sgs must work n come together
    Else,you die your business???

    Lew lian pow chiak one?

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  • Nathan Chen:

    Singapore voters are retarded, especially NTUC Union members? They deserved to be screwed again and again by the PAP government. Except for the rare one or two rare labour MPs.The rest of the Union leaders are self-serving the PAP for their own ambition.Hoping to catch the eyes of the PAP leaders to be inducted into Parliament. The President of NTUC Mary Liew is one such example. Engaging in PAP activities more than union work. Look at how involved she was helping President Milo in the run up to the Presidential Election. She has no business to get involved in the PAP gerrymandering of the PE. Workers deserve better Union leaders than Mary Liew, Ng Chee Meng and now Chee Hong Tat. The PM should not interfere in the work of the NTUC. He is not the Sec-Gen of the NTUC and have no right or say who should be the Chief and stop sending PAP junior ministers to infiltrate the Union.

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  • Pap trash:

    Trash only think seeking cooperation in a one way street. Time up when first tier nepotic chieftain missed gathered n decided to trash the trash as non recyclable shits. Trumpian is a good lesson to all Sinkies. Post trumpic presidecy is a better lesson!

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  • Stay At Home - PM Lee:

    Yes we will obey PM Lee and don’t do anything.

    Let the economy sinks and we don’t fiack care.

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