Suspending physical Meet the People’s sessions (MPS)

I disagree with the pap’s decision of advising its MPs to suspend their physical Meet the People’s sessions (MPS).

Unlike those thousands upon thousands of our frontline workers be it bus drivers, taxi drivers, hawkers, health care workers, security guards or retail staff etc who only earn a fraction of what pap MPs earn in allowance, pap MPs do not meet thousands of their residents on a daily basis, unlike them who meet large numbers of people on a daily basis.

It is all the more critical that worthy MPs must avail themselves to meet the people during this pandemic period because the numbers of people who are adversely affected by it are obviously much higher than normal times, their needs are varied, acute and urgent and it is reasonable to assume that a large numbers of them who need to physically go and see their MPs are IT illiterate.

In normal times in my constituency, even though the official registration time for MP Meet the People’s session is 7.30pm, as early as 5.30pm, there are alearly residents who would bring their own chairs sitting in line and waiting their turn to register, let alone in a time like now.

To suspend or to put it bluntly, to run at the first sign of trouble is so easy, so cowardice and so useless of pap MPs.

If pap MPs were serious and sincere enough people truly wanting to serve and help their residents even in a time like now, strict adherence to mask wearing and social distancing could be enforced and an auxilliary police officer could be deployed at MPS to ensure strict compliance, a big glass barrier could be installed between residents and their MPs, the numbers of residents could be capped at say 50 or so per session or worse come to worst, pap MPs could emulate you know who to wear 2 masks or even 3 masks to ensure double or triple protection but to use C19 as an excuse to suspend their MPS is such a disappointment and even a disgrace. I may even consider it as dereliction of duty. Such a decision must not be left unquestioned and unchallenged.

Pap MPs meeting their residents are not doing free charity work. They are paid very well with our people’s hard earned taxes. Thinking citizens must question their decision to run at the first sign of troubles and those regular suckers, you know who you are, will as usual, suck and suck without the ability to discern anything much less thinking critically and deeper about issues that affect our lives.



Simon Lim




8 Responses to “Suspending physical Meet the People’s sessions (MPS)”

  • Sheet!:

    “Thinking citizens must question their decision to run at the first sign of troubles and those regular suckers, you know who you are, will as usual, suck and suck without the ability to discern anything much less thinking critically and deeper about issues that affect our lives.”

    Auntie gong gong. Uncle gong gong. 61% gong gong. That’s why kena sai.

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  • DeBarge:

    I tend to agree with you.
    As a member of parliament this is a fundamental duty of an MP, more so then running a town council. We could argue, the MPSs is even more important during these times. One can understand there will be concerns, but it does not appear that much thought has been given to mitigating the risks before an outright suspension. This really tells you the priorities of our representatives.
    These are the times we need them to fight for us. It is like a when a war breaks out and the Generals disappear because, well, they might die you know.

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  • oxygen:

    ONE OF MY INFORMED RELIABLE SOURCE told me this – pre-Covid-19 pandemic days – PAPpypolitics were engaged in dirty politics threatening Workers’ Party MPs from commencing their Meet-The-People session BEFORE 7.30 pm – not even permissible to record/take Q numbers.

    Otherwise, they will call in the police to take action against alleged unspecified “SERIOUS LAW OFFENCE” violation.

    WTF is this “serious offence violation” is? Is it going to be “illegal assembly” law violation since MTP is supposed to be legal commencing 7.30 of permitted gathering, not one minute earlier?

    MTP session are useful when peasants can’t speak their cause effectively, ignorant of their rights and in the case of highly educated, intellectual peasants, it is usually a case they wrote to the Minister BUT THE MINISTER WENT DIAM DIAM DIAM, pretending the petitioning peasant already dead in his/her coffin (and hence no need to reply???)



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  • Why Scared To Die ?:

    It seems the PAP Elites are so scared to die. They should physically meet the people who are mostly old or illiterate. If bus drivers, nurses and other front line workers can do their job by wearing a mask, why not the highly paid PAP MPs ?

    Even our hardworking PM LHL can do his job by wearing two masks. Why not the PAP MPs ? After all everybody has to die sooner or later. WTF

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  • Aiya Simon:

    Aiya, Simon, r u acting blur or haboring secret agenda or just being sarcastic after having shown how alert, observant n clever regardless how micro they r in your past articles. Anyway may be just may be however remote that the not 1st tier FGPAPists have whats left in them to be shy, remoresful n scratching the final human dust left in them feel too depraved to meet the people that the nfi dhs (note here what cotton sheep talked abt accountability) yet arrogant supreme (who else would have the nerve to erect its own statue in Camb donation hungry college) bosh ordered else they would further downgrade its n party image probably Amos irredactable orrible old fogie inclusive. So all happy with zero work, zero responsibility, zero accountability (a reconfirmation of the sheep dung from cotton sheep) no trouble n no public embarassment n no cursing fama from old fogie’s dafts, assuming they still have the dust sign of a human on 2 legs n not doubling its hands to be bestial but lesser pig n dogs [

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  • MarBowling:

    THINK Simon is right. There shouldn’t be any suspension of MPs, period.

    If the PAPIGS still INSIST, there SHOULD ALSO BE A SUSPENSION of the Obscene Allowance of MP!

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  • xoxo:


    If after 1 year plus,cannot even find ways to cut down risk of infection ,how come could hold GE then?

    In need of sgs’ support,SAY WE MUST WORK TOGETHER WITH GAHMEN BUT IN TIMES OF sgs’ needs,YOU DIE YOUR BUSINESS,as usual?

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  • KT:

    The MIW MPs’ responsibility after the GE (as promised themselves) is to serve the people and residents who elected them. But the first hint of increase C19, they took the easy way out and “run away” from the meet the resident sessions ! Someone said they are paid to do a job and not doing it for charity. Doctors and nurses meet the patients and people everyday, but you are doing it once a week at the meet the residents, right ? How can they called themselves the people’s leeders and take the easy way out ? What if there is a war here, will they be taking the flights out of the country and leave the citizens behind ? A true leader must stay and stick with the people at all times irrespective of good times or bad crisis. What a shame, leh !

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