The Covid-19 vaccine is 95% efficacious?

We should disabuse ourselves that the vaccine is 95% efficacious.

People still believe because they do not understand statistics. They think that having taken the vaccine, their chances of catching the virus is reduced by 95%.

Thus, even if there are numerous reports of people being infected despite having taken the vaccine, they put it to bad luck – it is not 100% is the common refrain. Thus all evidence can be dismissed.

Such an understanding, however, is badly mistaken because there is no basis for comparison.

All the vaccine companies derived the efficacy rate of their vaccines by comparing infections between a group of volunteers who are injected with the vaccine, with another similar group who are not.

If subsequently, only five volunteers who received the vaccine are infected, while one hundred of those who did not receive the vaccine are infected, then the efficacy is 95%. (For simplicity 100-5).

In other words, the ratio of vaccinated infection to unvaccinated infection is 1 is to 20 (Reduce 5:100 to its simplest form).

For a fair comparison, the size of the vaccinated and unvaccinated group has to be the same. Currently, about 30% of the population in Singapore has been vaccinated, whether one or two shots. So, one would expect even fewer vaccinated infection to unvaccinated infection. But is the ratio even as low as 1 is to 20 in the recent upsurge of cases? No, it could be anywhere from 10:20 (50% efficacy) to 20:20 (0% efficacy) or even worse (better off without the vaccine), but we can’t tell because the government has not given the vaccination status of many cases.

For example, in the TTSH cluster, other than the six or seven vaccinated cases reported by the MSM, are all the other cases also vaccinated? We do not know, but at least half are likely to be vaccinated since they are older and therefore given first priority for vaccination.

Instead of giving us useless information, like “Isolated Before Detection”, “Detected Through Surveillance” etc, the government should release the vaccination status of all cases so that we can judge for ourselves if the benefits of the vaccine really outweigh the risks.

And if the government does indeed release such information, we should not dismiss the vaccinated infections as bad luck, but take note of the number of people who are infected despite vaccination and compare it to those without vaccination. Remember, for an efficacy of 95%, the ratio has to be about 1:20.


Foong Swee Fong




8 Responses to “The Covid-19 vaccine is 95% efficacious?”

  • Vaccine:

    It will be good for the public to have a clearer idea of the number of vaccinated infections and when they occur – between shots or after they have been fully vaccinated, and how long after the second shot? We know that vaccination does not fully protect a person from the virus but lessen the symptomatic effects. The question is, how long is the protection good for? Does it work for the “Indian” variant which is now found in the country?

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  • Rotten Banana:

    In Singapore pfizer vaccine is less than 95%. Those TTSH staffs with 2 jabs are still infected. This is a good gauge of the effectiveness of pfizer vaccine. SAD

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  • Wahaha:

    Singapore sheep don’t care, they are like that one lah.

    Tell sheep to graze in the field, sheep are ok, confine sheep in pen to eat hay, also happy.

    Give sheep some goodies, they would support the Leedear and go the shearing shed, give subsidies, willingly head to the slaughterhouse.

    What stats?

    Stats damned stats lies.

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  • GeneVac:

    Most Singaporlians don’t mind to be gahmen punching bags taking all the blame for surge in recent community cases!

    Most of them don’t mind to be Guinea pigs for the experimental Covid “vaccine” which is synthetic!

    The Big Question is:
    How will our natural DNA & the different individual body’s complicated immune system mechanism be altered with the insertion of a synthetic mRNA & the worrisome inflammation side effects in early animal studies?

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  • xoxo:

    So,who will POFMA those who spread FAKE NEWS OF VACCINE EFFICACY?

    /GAHMEN N people.
    In fact,more so the gahmen?

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  • oxygen:

    @ GeneVac

    Professor Delores Cahill’s facebook publishing claims that vaccines tested on animal studies resulted in ALL DEATHS but establishments globally chose to KEEP SILENT and leave the public mind in total darkness of risks reality.

    GeneVac: The Big Question is:
    How will our natural DNA & the different individual body’s complicated immune system mechanism be altered with the insertion of a synthetic mRNA & the worrisome inflammation side effects in early animal studies?

    THAT IS WHY IT IS REALLY SCARY of unknown risks/consequences yet unseen or evolve in time to come for those vaccinated.

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  • WP Voter:

    Ehh… Dispute what? Over 40000 people are in the clinical trials with data. Don’t spread fake news. read this (

    Your data is weak compared to a controlled experiment.

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  • Vaccine:

    How is it that we hear of repeated cases of re-infections of vaccinated people in SG when it is hardly heard of in the US or Europe? Furthermore, it is mandatory to wear mask all the time in SG. Has it anything to do with the administration of the vaccine that makes it less efficacious? Has it been diluted with saline water?

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