Comprehensive Economic Co-operation Agreement (CECA)

I believe that many Singaporeans are overjoyed, especially ex-PMEs who have lost their jobs to foreign PMEs when they knew that PSP’s Leong Mun Wai has accepted K. Shanmugam’s invitation to a CECA debate.

Comprehensive Economic Co-operation Agreement (CECA) was signed in 2005 between India and Singapore. Since then, large numbers of indian PMEs have descended onto Singapore and they can easily be seen in large numbers working at Changi Business Park to our CBD.

Unlike during better economic times when the economic pie was growing and big enough to go around for everybody, in recent years, many local PMEs have experienced being replaced and experienced employers’ preference for foreign PMEs too etc. The reasons are well known.

Among other issues, many citizens also perceive CECA as being unfair, questions regarding the 127 professionals are abound. Complains regarding the intra-corporate transfers and the lax entry of their spouses are common when many foreign spouses of Singaporeans face much difficulties coming over to form a proper and permanent family nucleus with their Singaporean other half.

Last but not least, there is also the perception that CECA enables India to export their unemployment problems to Singapore etc.

On the other hand, hopefully such a debate will also give Singaporeans a glimpse about how well, how badly or only so so our Temasek Holding or GIC are doing with their investments in India, how well or badly and how many of our local companies have ventured there and how ordinary Singaporeans have benefitted from their Indian fever etc.

Personally, I have a few wishes.

Firstly, I hope that the debate will not take too long to materialise. I also hope that the debate can take place outside Parliament and be telecast live so that more serious persons and/or eminently qualified persons and not merely Members of Parliament can participate. Thirdly, I hope that the debate can be held on a sunday prime-time television so that the maximum numbers of interested citizens can watch, fourthly, ensure that enough time will be allotted for each and every participant to state their case, ask questions, seek clarifications and answer all questions clearly and not being cut off due to time constrain and last but not least, all participants to seriously and properly prepare for the debate.

Such a debate will touch on the livelihoods of our PMEs, the credibility or the lack of it of the government, whether Singapore and Singaporeans have been shortchanged in CECA and more.

It will be both educational and enlightening for our citizens and put CECA and its many untruths, half truths and misunderstandings that having been circulating online under the spotlight for once. It could also set in motion a process for us to get out of an unfair deal signed by the pap government too.

To my sucker friends and you know who you are, I hope that you all suckers will not hide somewhere quietly sucking away but contribute your views and inputs too leh, suckers.



Simon Lim




26 Responses to “Comprehensive Economic Co-operation Agreement (CECA)”

  • Older PMETs need help:

    Many older PMETs has suffered during this Covid crisis.
    Many lost their jobs and many do not have support for one reason and another.
    Many of the support schemes look good but hard to get ….too much red tape and condition.
    They have suffered much and this new Lockdown/restriction will only make it worse.
    Time to seriously look at the bias against employing older qualified staff by our HR here .
    It is a serious problem. Ask those who has apply for many jobs but has no reply because of age.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Dear Simon,
    CECA had brought enormous benefits to Singaporeans.
    Many Singaporeans are so happy that their HDB price shoot up
    and Sing dollars shoot up.

    Instead, you should call for the ban of ROC/PRC whose leader lead by faking their degree and lies to the world that they have PHd.



    ROC蔡英文的博士論文─煎水作冰,枯木生花 ( 汪志雄教授 )


    I urge all PAP supporters to send my link to K. shanmugan and have it exposed to the world.
    蔡英文論文門醜聞 Tsai Ing-wen “ThesisGate Scandal” 37 Worldwide Premiere

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    CECA benefited Singapore enormously in that Singapore get the all best talent we had from India who dare to question and challenge the authority.

    One good example is Ramesh who is talented to question and challenge the condo authority who dare ask Ramesh to pay parking fees.

    This is the benefit of foreign talent who help Singapore punch above its weight by rising up to the occasion.

    Singaporeans are lazy and unmotivated and will never question and challenge, never ever expect Singaporeans to rise to the occasion.

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$

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  • oxygen:

    THE ENTIRE POPULATION RECYCLING ECONOMICS is flawed. In January 2010, PAST TENSE told the nation this – we grew the last 5 years solely by importing foreign labor.

    THAT IS WITHOUT FOREIGN LABOR IMPORTATION, we sunk into the depth and risks of extinction of no other growth strategies or option.

    FIVE YEARS LATER, PRESENT TENSE told the nation – our economy MAXED OUT. So we are indeed SINKING-pore.

    Is that strange to me?

    No! Jason Tillberg, a no entity New York jogger wrote in a global renowned investment newsletter, Seeking Alpha, in 2012 this

    Singapore’s Economy Is Maxed Out

    So are we in the last throes of hanging survival with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic?

    PAPpypolitics and PAPpynomics FAILED BIG TIME.

    And the 61% fools cheering them on?


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  • fair minded:

    Leong MW don’t have a case, he has no evidence to prove Singaporeans lose jobs due to CECA. However, on the other side, it is also difficult to prove CECA create jobs. But CECA is a net positive because it allows our Singapore companies better access to the India market. At the same time, low wage Indian workers (like in construction) are allowed to come here to fill jobs Singaporeans don’t want. Overall, a gain for Singapore when it comes to trade and investment, and as a small trading nation, we need more of these so we can have seamless flow of trade and investment with the world.

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  • oxygen:

    @ Simon Lim,

    Debate should include others like Dr Jamus Lim, KJ, Lim Tean & Dr. Chee.

    Only then we can see the live “fireworks” on full display.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    In the meantime we, Singaporeans should provide PSP’s Leong more information, experience at work place, encounter with CECA. Etc, etc.

    This will give PSP’s Leong the bullets to fight this was for us, for the PMETs, for the retrenchs, for all Singaporeans.

    All other Oppositions should also give their support.

    We need to win this war, to get back the country for Singaporeans for our grandchildren.

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  • MarBowling:

    THINK Like the blady debate on POFMA, Minister Shanmugam will be surrounded and aided by a pack of hyenas. Mr Leong of PSP will be ridiculed , run down, chided and belittled WHEN he proceeds to express his views, period. It’s will be a DAUNTING TASK for Mr Leong or any PATRIOTIC FOLK trying their very best to REASON with the PAPigs on the so-called as Simon said “many untruths, half truths and MISUNDERSTANDINGS that have been circulating online” wrt to CECA.

    Btw where the HELL will this DEBATE be held? ParLEEMent or Desker Road?
    If hold in ParLeeMent, Shanmugam 101% sure to win one, even with his two hands and legs tied up and blindfolded. So most probably it’s a FUTILE effort by Mr Leong.
    If hold in Desker Road, 50 50. With other participants like Pao Zin oops Lim Tan, Dr Chee SJ, etc,participating in the Debate, Shanmugam May chicken out and pass the Baton to Woody CHOKing Tong or Heng Sweet Cake with the excuse that he is NOT familiar with FINANCE and NUMBER!

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  • Mandarin Gardens Landlord:

    Who are the landlords of those Tanjong Rhu condos; Mandarin Gardens? How many Cecadians are there in sinkieland which appear to be a vassal state of Modiland.
    These landlords have the most to lose.
    Ditto propoerty firms.

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  • CECA is Huge Mistake:

    “Complains regarding the intra-corporate transfers and the lax entry of their spouses are common when many foreign spouses of Singaporeans face much difficulties coming over to form a proper and permanent family nucleus with their Singaporean other half.”

    They bring in parents and even in laws with no consumption power, no contribution to economy, but to overcrowd our places. Which ministry (ministry of Home affairs) allows it?

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  • CECA is Huge Mistake:

    What productivity and quality the CECAIANs bring to Singapore. Why since 2011 or 2012 every year government kpkb productivity dropping and pump in millions try improve productivity but not effective.

    Have you ever observed the construction workers work ethnic when you drive by construction sites/roads?

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  • Peng:

    Got eyes can see many grab drivers and food delivery riders and gov ask more hawker needed and got hawker classes.if one got eyes see!

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  • India hold Singapore ransom:

    The more Singapore invest in India, the more chances India government has for ransom against Singapore. Everytime Singapore renew CECA with India, its no brainer India will ask for more jobs and other concessions.India must be feeling high thinking Singapore need India if not Singapore cannot survive.

    Its time to bite the bullet sell off at low price or write off investments in India as much as possible.The India investments do not bring profits so its useless hold onto it and be blackmailed.

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  • Indian PR:

    My family lives in Sg for many years.
    Yet,I am not allowed to buy FREEHOLD LANDED PROPERTY.

    This is strange and I don’t understand the reason.

    We live like singaporeans.
    Go to hawkers,my kids go to neighbourhood schools and we do our part for our local community like helping out in neighbourhood events and charities.

    You see,we are normal people,ordinary working class who work hard and save some money.
    We intend to let our kids go and serve NS as they take Sg as their motherland.
    Reason we want to buy Landed house is we want to live as one big family after our kids get married,at least till their own kids grow older.

    But ,no,we are not allowed.
    Only very rich foreigners ,with a lot of money,can come and buy all kinds of landed properties herr?

    Condos are very expensive in Sg and mostly 99 years leasehold only.
    We need to pay almost same price of close to $3 million for a 4 room condo which I think is way more over-priced than a landed terrace house.

    In fact,freehold landed terrace houses in the district where I now reside are way under-valued on my opinion.
    As for me,paying close to $3 million fot condo is not money-wise as paying slightly more for a bigger freehold landed terrace house.

    So,I still waiting for opportunities.
    Hope I don’t miss my chance before rich foreigners snap these freehold houses up.

    I suggest singaporean friends consider to buy freehold landed instead of condos with 99 years if they can afford as a family by combining with their parents.

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  • xoxo:

    Worst FTA ever.
    Take decent jobs sgs were doing away.
    Yet,low productivity.
    Dump TB here.
    Niw dump Covid indian variant.

    Sgs lose jobs and expose to economic and unnecessary health risks.

    Go check ,collect stats and conduct surveys that are independent and transparent.
    Do not lump PR and sgs together in stats as the proportion of PRs here id EXCEPTIONALLY HIGH.

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  • What a STUPID question!:

    Straits Times: What is stopping more Singaporeans from taking up tech jobs?

    A really stupid question. This shows poor quality of journalism in Singapore. The planned restructuring of SPH will not make any difference.

    The answer to the above question is obvious. Foreigners are exempted from CPF so they are up to 17% CHEAPER (this is employer’s CPF contribution) to employ than Singaporeans. Singaporeans do not want to waste time applying for tech jobs when they know that employers prefer “cheap” (no CPF) foreigners.

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  • WTF! There is a better way:

    Straits Times: Changi Airport to segregate travelers from high-risk locations to stem Covid-19 spread

    Why even segregate? It is better to just stop travelers from high risk countries from entering Singapore. Period.

    Why is necessary to continue to allow such travelers to enter Singapore?

    Who are these travelers?

    What “special skills” do they have that is required in Singapore?

    Are most of the travelers from high-risk locations just CHEAP, UNSKILLED workers? If they are then it is better for the government tell employers of such workers that they should offer the work to Singaporeans (and pay what they would have paid the “cheap” foreign worker) and the Government will “TOP-UP” the pay received by the Singaporean by $2,000 or more per month.
    Money is not a problem because Singapore has over a TRILLION $ in reserves. This is better spent on Singaporeans than on foreigners Singaporeans should be able to do the job because it is for an unskilled worker. This also provides employment for many unemployed or under-employed Singaporeans.

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  • xoxo:

    AT HOME.

    OK,OK ,TOEGTHER,we stay at home.

    Sgs oredy stay at HOME.


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  • Harder Truths:

    What debate? A debate means the $G citizens have already lost the war and they have admitted it. The debate is really about $G citizens are trying to desperately get something out of nothing.

    Do the $G clowns think they are in the same league as the world’s biggest liars and thieves with over 5000 years experience in achieving absolutely nothing?

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  • Shame:

    Put up the whole agreement so that we can agree and disagree!

    Not like shame who wants to catch psp on discrimination?

    What is shame trying to prove? That he’s whiter than white?

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  • Cheering up Simon.....:

    Q: What do you call a gullible vampire?

    A sucker kao-kao

    Q: What do you call a gullible Papeconomics crony-capitalist?

    This bloodthirsty pappy ain’t no sucker….

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  • xozo:

    As TRE’s readers have been warning the daft gahmen to stop dumping NEW IMPORTED CASES here into Congested TINY RED DOT BUT TO NO AVAIL.
    Netizens got branded as xenophobic now *BOG TAI BOH CHEE* KENA INDIAN COVID?!

    Yes,that arrogant Ba$t**d be in charge of our national health?

    As i said before,3 digits is now possible per day.

    A load of craps from these ari$to CRAP$ AND SO OVER-BEARING?
    Who are the PUBLIC SERVANTS?

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  • @xozo:

    I think maybe also the Minister of Home Affairs also involved in decision making to ban or to restrict human traffic from high risk regions.

    If you watch Taiwan tv you could be scared off by what they say about B1617. What said was the variant could infect brain and eyes which even if you recover from the Covid variant, you still need to deal with other side infections. It tells how poisonous the variant is.

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  • Tremendous:

    I believe villagers are looking for facts and when it is their opinions say so, not to finger point the oppo village leader for politicizing the debate. Every time the chiefs got caught, they would use this excuse to blast the oppo village leader. Idiot chiefs.

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  • @What a STUPID question:

    Haha I am in ICT tech job.

    As singaporean Chinese, I can tell you that you are at disadvantage. You got few obstacles to clear from recruitment agency to HR to hiring manager to the team of colleagues (sometimes you will be interviewed by your colleagues). If anyone of them not singaporean then good luck. I may be a labelled racist or xenophobic if I elaborate further.

    I am not confident our government has done enough. You can find out from friends, forums, the industry and which sadly not operating now.

    Singapore has import substantial Low caliber FTs especially from the backward countries. I can’t see Singapore able to compete with world class workforce in China, Japan and Korea in ICT and Internet tech industry. Shanghai could replace Singapore as financial, business/commerce and technology companies HQ for Asia as the new generations actually have better spoken English than singaporean.

    I have enough of our government, I will leave Singapore for good.

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  • Harder Truths:

    @What a STUPID question: Singapore has import substantial Low caliber FTs especially from the backward countries. I can’t see Singapore able to compete with world class workforce in China, Japan and Korea in ICT and Internet tech industry. Shanghai could replace Singapore as financial, business/commerce and technology companies HQ for Asia as the new generations actually have better spoken English than singaporean.

    You are absolutely right here. $G citizens are a threat to these low-caliber cheap labour. If you are a local Chinese, Indian or Malay you are f*cked – it is simple as that.

    Having said that, the world is transitioning to virtual reality and remote working. There will be no HQ’s anymore. $G is redundant and obsolete – the people can work from anywhere and anywhere. The world has passed $g by and in a few years all the major banks and corporations will move to cheaper locations or eliminate their offices altogether. It is already happening.

    Then you will see what real poverty will be like on an island of unemployed citizens with a swelling foreign labour component.

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