Secret weapon to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus

Some some time, I have been exploring the question – why is the death rate from covid-19 so low in Singapore, compared to other countries?

Does Singapore have a secret weapon to deal with the virus and stop its spread?

I might have the answer.

During the first wave of the pandemic, the countries in Europe and America were badly hit by the virus. Large numbers of people were infected by the virus and many died.

Singapore had a large number that were infected. There were mostly the foreign workers living in dormitories. They were effectively isolated and the virus did not spread to the community. The infected people were young and generally healthy and recovered from the infection.

The second wave of the virus hit India, Malaysia and a few other countries badly. The scale of the infection and deaths were comparable to the first wave that hit the western countries.

The variant of the virus (identified by the World Health Organization as the “delta” variant) were also quite prevalent in Singapore. But Singapore was not hit on the same scale as in Malaysia, although the economic, social and cultural conditions in both countries are similar.

What is the secret weapon in Singapore?

My hypothesis is the “community facilities”. These are special facilities set up to handle the isolation and treatment of people who were infected with the covid virus.

Here are the advantages of the community facilities, compared with hospitals:

a) It is easy to set up the community facility and to scale it up quickly when needed.

b) The facility can be better managed as, unlike general hospitals, it has to deal with only one disease. The health care workers can be suitably equipped to prevent the spread of infection. The patients can be isolated and supervised effectively, e.g. in social distancing and wearing of masks.

c) It reduces the risk of spreading the infection to other sick patients in a general hospital.

d) If oxygenation or special medical care is required, it can be provided in the community facility.

e) Although it is possible for a separate ward to be set aside in general hospital for covid patients, it is difficult to manage this special ward due to the circulation of the virus in the air condition system or the contact with other patients and hospital workers.

I hypothesize that the availability of the community facilities is the secret weapon that Singapore has to combat the spread of the virus.

I recall that in the early days of the covid epidemic in Wuhan, China, the government set up special facilities (e.g. in sports and community centers) to treat the covid patients. They also build two special purpose hospitals within a matter of days.

This must be the secret weapon used in China to combat the covid infection.

If my hypothesis is correct, we should look at the countries that set up special facilities to deal with the covid virus. It is likely that these countries would have lower infection and death rates.

I could be wrong.


Tan Kin Lian




14 Responses to “Secret weapon to stop the spread of the Covid-19 virus”

  • On-Track for Re-Opening:

    We are On-Track.
    Soon influx will resume.
    In God, we Trust.

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  • MarBowling:

    Mai Hum has acquired the SECRET WEAPON from his good buddy ex-USA Pre$ident Donald Lame Duck Trump who during the onset of Covid 19 DISCLOSED his Famous Secret Weapon by UTTERING “Zero Testing Zero Result”. So it’s ALL about the Number Game. Only He can decide HOW MANY FOLKS will be tested. Say when he decides to ORDER his World Class Ministerial Trash Force to TEST 1000 folks DAILY at the various SELECTED VENUE and the INFECTED Rate is 30%, the official Press Release figure will be 300 cases! By the same token when 100 is tested, 30% means the Press Release will be 30 cases. THINK EVERYDAY he will come out with the MAGIC number to make His World Class Ministerial Trash Force looks GREAT and EFFICIENT in order to ATTRACT Filthy Rich Visitors and Investors to breeze through Changi Airport! Like Simon always say: THINK this is the SECRET WEAPON.

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  • Smart Nation:

    Early in the pandemic, I had also suggested the same – to separate Covid-19 patients from the other patients and quarantine them in separate building or facility in order to avoid infecting others in the hospitals. I also suggested to refrain from singing in religious services; to wear the mask when some people said no need for mask unless you go to the doctor; and to lockdown the country to avoid cross border transmission. Instead, they came up with a novel idea – “Circuit Breaker” which obviously had leaks otherwise there wouldn’t be the “Indian” variant in the local community.

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  • T-K-L:

    Community facilities or quarantine facilities are by itself useless without T-K-L weapon viz,

    -Tracing & testing to ring-fence the spreading

    -Keeping safe measures like masking, safe distancing, sanitising etc

    -Lockdown, be it CB or Phase 2 Heightened Alert by closing down borders & dine-in etc to control the spike in cases

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  • I simply love to read Tan’s articles, his thinking is so damned immature and childish (in 90% of his articles), it really makes my day waking up every day to a good laugh at TRE.

    Tan thinks the C19 is a joke/prank and merely child’s play from his many ‘learned articles on the C19, something which can easily be taken care of with the snap of a finger.

    It is such a waste that he is not on the Special Task Force leading it, else there would be no need for Sinkies to wear mask or SHN liao. Reason so very simple, everyone on the island would have been infected and the C19 virus (Viet or India also nevermind) would have no one to bite anymore. lol

    The gahment should seriously consider opting Tan into the Task Force to replace the jester Lawrence and Sinkieland would be open to the World sibei soon liao.

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  • Good to learn:

    Good to learn from the past…
    Singapore has did well in some area…
    Will be useful to find out what works and put into our SOP to tackle the next crisis.
    Quick setup Community facilities for isolation could be a good defence.

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  • More Questions:

    Now they have invented the “CB – Heightened Alert” by drawing attention to all the places that have been visited by Covid-19 infected cases. It is bad publicity for affected businesses. Would you want to visit an outlet after you have been alerted of it in the media? Why do they have to do this if TT can track down people within close contact of one another and message them to come in for a test? If the TT is effective in tracing close contacts, why do they need to test an entire block of residents? Virus don’t transmit through walls. Only through close contacts. Why create an atmosphere of heightened alert when people can be contacted quietly through TT? Is this a publicity stunt?

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  • xoxo:

    Prevention is better than cure.



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  • Auntie Uncle Gong Gong:

    Drink lemon juice. It is a purifier for the body.

    Eat lots of fruits and veggies. They all have anti oxidants, effective against many diseases like cancer, diabetes. It’s a cliche but an apple a day…blah blah blah.

    A healthy immune system is still the best against the covid.

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  • Harder Truths:

    TRE Techie: I simply love to read Tan’s articles, his thinking is so damned immature and childish (in 90% of his articles), it really makes my day waking up every day to a good laugh at TRE.

    I agree we will all be very sad when TKL is finally committed in IMH. But we can still visit him on April Fool’s day.

    TRE should create a one-off ‘Golden A**” award for him, to acknowledge his contributions to this site. Many many times he was far more effective than the prescription laxatives and for free. Who can then say he did not add to our physical and mental well-being?

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  • Gerrard:

    Here comes the Talk Kork Lian .
    You better become the next PM

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  • Taleban:

    On-Track for Re-Opening:
    June 6, 2021 at 5:58 pm (Quote)
    We are On-Track.
    Soon influx will resume.
    In God, we Trust.

    Sound so American “In God, we trust”
    In Singapore we said KNN.

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  • Elite:

    Hello what secret weapon does China or you have. Suppress the information on the number of death or divert the people attention away from the truth. Please there are nothing secret or having secret weapon. Rubbish

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  • 14 imported cases:

    Today news report 14 Imported cases which is still high.

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