Fixing Stats To Solve Singapore Problems

Recently, I happened to read Uncle Leong’s article on employment in Singapore, what shocked me is that the govt now defines “working one hour” or rather part time is grouped into “Employed”!!! Isn’t this sick? I have many friends above 40s unemployed and no choice but to rent out room or work part time to make ends meet. The govt also included National Service Men as employed and we all know they also included foreigners who are PRs as locals.

Remember when KBW took over SMRT, the SMRT problems still never really solved, he changed the KPIs and over night, SMRT problems were resolved, he even ownself praised ownself on MSM. We also were told averge median income is $4200 but when we go ask around, so many people are not even near $4000, isn’t this how they justify ever increasing high cost of living and BTOs?

If  local employment now increased and median wages so high, why Singapore workforce or Singaporeans are most unhappy in the world? Should not we be joyous since life is so freaking good?

We should ask ourselves, if Singapore is better than 20 years ago? It looks like when they can’t fix problem, they change the definition and KPIs and stats can suddenly look damn good. As educated Singapore sheep who are timid and fearful of PAPPY usually want to rely on stats provided by MSM or statutory boards, they see these high numbers, they have an excuse that life is damn good and continue to psyche themselves into acceptance and resignation.

They dont fix problems, they fix the stats and Singaporean sheep are easily bluffed as they are looking for an excuse to remain timid and fearful .


Senior Citizen




24 Responses to “Fixing Stats To Solve Singapore Problems”

  • If the Party Above People had been transparent and truthful to release all genuine and un-massaged stats, they would have been voted out elections ago liao lor.

    Anyone disagree?

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  • oxygen:

    IT IS VERY CLEAR that the last 20 years, LEE-jiapore has gone backward, economically for most.

    BUT MINISTERIAL PAY from end to end ran up exponentially in the opposite direction.

    IF MONEY IS THEIR MOTIVATION – nothing wrong with that – the political cows should not have entered the tiny (protected) shell of politics and find their honeyed-pot of gold out in the far wider open competitive marketplace in the private sector (the world is their oyster so the saying goes).

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  • Pioneer speaks:

    can I ask Senior citizen who he voted for ,if he is one of 61% then he should go and jump down fr hdb block,
    Every now n then we read of cos opening n 1-2 thousand jobs created,how many of these jobs I wonder go to sporeans,pr and foreigners n new citizens,
    We see mayors getting 660k pa doing white elephant jobs,bungalows going for 10-50 millions it affects the whole housing mkt,the middle income gets squeezed,
    Sporeis v good for the rich n well connected,sigh

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  • xoxo:

    KPI for them means more money in their
    bank accounts.
    It is not KEY Performance Index.
    Rather,it is KEYED Performance Index?
    Every stats n KPI is KEYED(manipulated).

    Where is their Integrity ?

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  • 3 decades too late:

    Dear Senior,
    U r 3 decades +++ too late but u have just justified the helplessness n hopelessness felt by today’s youngs, excluding those bootlicking cootlicking n brownosing aspirants for the billions just like a scholarship awarded son of an NUS bootlicking academic said to the Shits Time after the scholarship announcement, that he would want to be a minister earning millions after he graduated. Bet what the nepotists would say when they hear this! Wait long long till his nose become black n the bclickeds yell siok ah!
    Nevertheless, it isn’t too late for u to spread your enlightenment to your fellow seniors. Let US Trump’s 4 years’ achievements revealed daily further enlightens all u KIND heaven aspiring Seniors. With the same rageous words lau lee slammed at Seat Warmer ingrate betrayed partner, TCO, it would take hundreds men-years to reveal trumpian la SIN nepotic achievements after you seniors’ enlightened selves go to the polls to do what u should lave done 3++ decades ago to signed in for the finale of the nepotic regime. Besides It isn’t too late to carry out the abortion of the neurotic dynasty dream of SIN Bitcoin Ambassador for the Society of Money Launders n to do a final deed for your lau lee to appease Yang n Ling much belated realization of the evils of Compliant bureaucracy they felt upon themselves but just wee bit compared to those innocent victims of yesteryears.
    However Singaporeans have nicked a super brownoser jialiabi BUT in effect Complaint bureaucrazy really means SIN is loaded with jialiaobis n not just one but also his predecessors n sucessors except for the few earlier one among his predecessors n only one after him castrated rageously before he has a chance to see what he responsibly requested n to say “这样的腐烂呀.可悲啊!可怕啊”
    A new phenomenon in SIN “ Flourishing o Experts in SIN spanning over all trades n ranks including garbage collection n the way to poo!

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    when you have time expired paper generals, time expire pap ministers, and such helming any office, sure as sunrise that office often fails to perform.

    look at NOL. it disappeared.

    look at sph. it is disappearing. pap has told cotton sheep pap is going to revive this sph using cotton sheep tax monies.

    look at mediacorpse. it died and was revived by pap using cotton sheep tax monies.

    in every case one looks, pap time expired folks all don’t come cheap. look at smrt. in 5 years it paid the useless quack general over S$10m yet during quack general’s rein not only smrt failed people died too.

    the most amazing thing is, pap is still the government. this is shocking. if anyone today tells us his/her sob story of jobless at 35, we just smile and ask, you have been screwed by your loved ones your neighbours your colleagues yourselves who voted pap.

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  • true to the style:

    //what shocked me is that the govt now defines “working one hour” or rather part time is grouped into “Employed”!!! Isn’t this sick?//

    aiyoh. if true to the style of 151th media standard, this is one way to show (ownself say oneself management good ??) how fortunate daft sinkies are to be ‘gainfully employed’ and another avenue for the white monkey gang (IBs ??) to do the cheerleading dance and PLP their white monkey masters ????

    //If local employment now increased and median wages so high, why Singapore workforce or Singaporeans are most unhappy in the world?//

    maybe hor ? deep inside, daft sinkies (the true blue ones lar ???) know that things may (will ????) get worst lar (of course things will be better for the lucky ones like the privileged white monkey gang lar ????) ??

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  • opposition dude:

    PA can continue to do bullshit whatever they want, we aren’t falling for it anymore. The love telling us that local employment is up month on month but we still see young people delivering makan daily all over the island as well as under 50s driving for Grab.

    No need to rely on fake news reports when your eyes see what is happening on the ground one lah. They continue to print these reports and it will come back and bite them in the a$$e come the next election.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    From which angle ? Be specific be clear.

    Twenty years ago u need to walk staircase to go up overhead bridges.
    Now u have lift , escalators or at least slopes.
    Multistorey carpark also comes with lift. Youngsters nowadays dont even walk the stairs. And i referring not going up but going down. Should we pass law that all youngsters must walk stairs to keep them fit . Maybe even lose weight.

    Now almost every hdb blocks comes with lift to every level.

    Last time when i was assigned to SAFTI camp. There were also only 2 buses there. One if remember correctly from Jurong East. Another go all the way to Little India. Book in book out damn jialat. Pretty chaotic. Always so full you need to force to get on to the buses. Worst so many carry full packs. Sometimes need to wait for 3 or 4 buses before you can get on. Travelling time can be as long as 3 hours.
    Now with MRT so much convenience.

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  • Tremendous:

    Have you seen local ladies delivering food ?
    Seriously lots of idiots in the village.

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  • talkcork:

    PAPPY started to attack PSP after they took up challenge of tabling CECA by linking them up to Racism.

    As usual, if they cant win the argument, they start to smear and use MSM to portray oppositions are racists etc.

    Singaporeans need to stop believing the stats and MSM….. they are manipulated for political outcome, which is at the poll.

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  • Delivery Services:

    Seem delivery is a high skill.So great demand now.
    So many Singaporean involved…including young people.
    Trouble ahead …..short term solution…wasted years.
    No useful skill learn to survive in the future.

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  • Pivilege n massaging:

    A govt needing crisis to survive n a compliant bureaucracy to suckup n coverup, anything is possible. Lin Yutang saw it thru within a year in Nanyang U while 61% Sinkies r still blurred after 50++ years thinking daft is dove. No wonder Idiots r experts n experts r criminals, fakes r truths n truths r fakes, Court liars r like Indranee’s version of Conflict of interests public appointees. Oh yah, what is no possible then ownself legalizes ownself la!

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  • Cancer cannot be vaccinated:

    Cancer patients should not be vaccinated. President OTC died a few years after he was diagnosed. At the same time, another was diagnosed to have the same cancer. The type of cancer reported was said to have no survival n a remaining life span of not more than 5 years. SW’s betrayed succumbed but SW bootlicky Sob lives to con his baba’s dafts once again with irst vaccinated. Would a kiasu kiasi SB would do that or it thinks 2 lies make one truth or simply a goddamned liar.

    Remember the cable car crash n who was assigned to supervised the rescue. The rescue team members still sored today as pioneers that they gotten wait for the SB for hours to join the team n then watched sinistrally they risked their lives to rescue. Many of them pioneers hence understood all about national honor.

    Court liar can get away humiliating the oaBs SIN n got away with 25m (no, not 100++ millions) for the deprivation. Today a duck got away lying to Sin supposedly oaBs. Tomorror may see one shooting dead a member of the black list of the prostitute of fake ma on North Bridge Road n gotten away with it very very handsomely.

    A netizen just said a crisised govt with CB herd of jialiabi, anything is possible. Data massaging trivial matter re lying to imprison a FM etc etc etc… To further humiliate daft sinkies, oh at least 61% of them, CBs imprisoned a bad servicer court liar for a ‘ lie or die ‘ lie to the sudden awakened courtyard of CBs.

    If one day no one lies while peeing n pooing, Sin will be Sin sine racism, treason n garbage services costing Sinkies billions $。

    On that day, hallejuia, heaven eyes open n Muslims, Christians, Hindus pray rejoicely in tandem all in one voice with no suspicions. Peace be with us all.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    To “Senior Citizen”, my simply question to you is this:

    Who did you vote for during the past 20 years, you were complaining about??

    If you had voted blindly like the 60+% Sinkies with SSS (Spineless Sinkie Syndrome), then you are part of the PROBLEM – of “Sinkie Sheep” that you yourself talked about in your rant. I have no sympathy for Sinkies with SSS – they DESERVE it, whatever they get. lol.

    Btw, in future, do post the website link or source of your claims such as: ““working one hour” or rather part time is grouped into “Employed”!!! ”

    For the convenience of those who are reading this, I have fact-checked this and found the official gov web page here (refer to their definition of “Employed Persons”):

    Screenshot this webpage with timestamp (so that they don’t anyhow remove this) and Help to SPREAD this info until it becomes VIRAL.

    Forward this webpage link to as many people/friends as you can.
    Don’t worry & no need to Kiasi, since this is OFFICIAL website of Singstat so you can’t be POFMA’ed for spreading “fake news” yah? lol.

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  • xoxo:

    OYK wants to enlist TAN SEE LENG to ward off PSP.
    Think the gentleman’s way is to STAND ONE ON ONE AGAINST YUEN AT NEXT GE.
    Will ONG YOU CON have the balls to do it?

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  • xoxo:

    Oh,BTW,IS CECA meant to be TWO-WAY trade wise and LABIUR-FLOW wise?

    If so,pls ensure it is carried out???



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  • Reboot:

    There are at least a few hundred thousands unemployed doing part time to make ends meet.

    Now PAPPY change the definition of employed:

    Work 1 hour is considered employed.

    These few hundred thousands of unemployed becomes employed.

    And not to mention those people who are long term unemployed are also excluded from the stats.

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  • Sad situation for Seniors:

    Sad to see so many Seniors has to work to survive during this Pandemic.
    Show that our social net for old age is grossly inadequate for many.
    The pay-out from their CPF is really pathetic…not enough to survive and retire graciously.
    Many are cash poor…
    Suggest Government do a top out to their CPF retirement funds if it fall below certain value eg $100K to help them in their retirement years.

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  • xoxo:

    Stats here are first *masturbated*,then raped!

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  • blueview:

    This article talks about immigration. The author advocates that we need foreigners BUT he did not mention the true stark reality of Sporeans above 40 cannot find jobs and the employers unquenching thirst for youngsters all the time.

    I’m not sure if this author truly understand the problem. The biggest problem is the age discrimination of employers and this needs to stop first before even looking further into immigration policies.

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  • AristoCATs - Stats ?:

    > “govt now defines “working one hour” or rather part time is grouped into “Employed”!!! Isn’t this sick?”


    MarkTwain – “Lies, damned lies, and statistics” is a phrase describing the persuasive power of numbers, particularly the use of statistics to bolster weak arguments
    More than 39% should know the Power of the Ballot Box !

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  • Policy matters:

    Make it attractive for our young to go for training for the future.
    Too many wasting their future doing deliveries now.
    Bleak future for them….if this continues.

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  • Breaking news:g4PAP freak out:

    Finally the truth surfaces. Lawrence Wong, the FGPAP, who declared that FGPAP has privatized Govt of SIN in his cootlicking attempt to ward off Singaporeans’ demand to know the actual salary of Ho Ching after the disclosure by Taiwan media of s$100 millions, has once again declared that FGPAP has NFI of helping Singaporeans n foreign residents in SIN to cope with the Covid 19 pandemic. They r abandoning Singaporeans from now on to fan themselves whether infected or dead r none of their responsibility, accountability, concern n businesses.BUT they have NOT declared that they will stopped paying themselves millions AND thus they will still continue pocketing their millions with the self declared increase after the GE2020 assisted by the Pandemic Crisis as proudly confessedcp b Cotton from Sheep minister of Education during the campaign. So Singaporeans the FGPAP abandoned u and u still have to pay billions to them with no work, responsibilty n accountability EXCEPT jialiaobi, eat n pee n poo on u! The world knew about it thru Taiwanese media that they r following their old colonial master, the Brits as revealed by the video release of the Covid Panel available thru youtube. Lao Lee image is now truly flushed down the sewer without Ah loong suing his siblings till pants drop!

    As the white supremacists would yell : How now my cows? So how now Singaporeans aren’t u abandoning them. If not where got face to yelp even in kopitiams anymore.? CBs still complianing?

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