Build a core of local workers to do essential work

It is important for certain types of jobs to be done by locals, so that we are not over dependent on foreign workers.

Examples of the jobs are nursing and construction worker.

Someone pointed out the risk on over reliance on foreign workers during times of hostility.

If there is hostility and the foreign worker return home, where are the workers that can take care of repair of roads and buildings that are damaged?

Few locals will want to take up these jobs as the remuneration and working conditions are unattractive and they have to compete with foreign workers who are willing to work at lower wages. These jobs do require several years of training to develop the required skills.

I suggest the following approach to overcome this problem.

a) Appoint several local firms to develop and retain a core of these essential workers, e.g. public hospitals and local construction firms.

b) These appointed firms should recruit apprentice who can acquire the skills over a few years and be guaranteed of jobs that pay quite well. These apprentices do not need to go to polytechnic or university. Instead, they can work on the jobs immediately after secondary schools.

c) Give an option for NS men to work in the construction sector. After completing NS, they can continue in the career and enjoy a good wages.

I hope that the ministers will consider this suggestion. We have to build up a core of local works to carry out essential work.

We can use foreign workers to do some of the essential work, but we should not be over reliant on the foreign workers.


Tan Kin Lian





9 Responses to “Build a core of local workers to do essential work”

  • Cowdun:

    Look at the tender contract.1st!see how much company asking the HDB all these get

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  • xoxo:

    I am concerned ,firstly,with building a CORE OF TRUSTWORTHY LEADERS with meaningful checks and balance.
    It is scary to see govt leaders propagating their own kind with all sorts of barriers to entry from other sgs who want to serve the PEOPLE ,NOT JUST $?

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    we cannot talk like pap.

    how does pap talk?

    pap points left and starts talking right. in other words, pap lies.

    we must talk like PSP WP. telling the straight story.

    how do PSP WP talk?

    1, PSP WP all say if any job in pap island is paid the pap S$m way, there is zero need for any alien in the island. and more than this, one cotton sheep in such a situation creates 10 jobs for the other cotton sheep. very productive.

    2, PSP WP all say it is not the alien that cotton sheep is against. it is the cheap PMET alien that cotton sheep is against. and to repeat, it is the cheap cheaperer cheaperest alien imports that are causing great harm to cotton sheep.

    so, what to do?

    very simple.

    everyone who gets to vote in 2024 during GE20204, vote anything anyone any animal as long as it is not pap.

    then, the magic happens. all the useless joe tiu, ong ye kang, laulan wrong, all shall disappear, with many of them thereafter indicted by New Government and put behind bars in changi chalet.

    we saw this documentary. when the japs lost WII, they were paraded on the streets. each time a jap passed someone with a hammer, without fail they hammered the jap and without fail the jap collapsed.

    we promise everyone. the day the pap Ljs and pap Cbs are put on trial in court under New Government and New CJ, we provide the hammers. each time a pap Lj or pap Cb comes out of court, we provide the hammers for anyone who needs it to hammer at these pap Ljs and pap Cbs.

    we know for a fact.

    not a single of these pap Ljs and pap Cbs will fail to collapse. after all, they cannot be any different from the jap who collapsed during WII.

    pap folks and WII japs? YES. they are that bad. not one is good. not a single one. the good ones, Dr Goh KS Dr Toh CC, Mr Ong TC, alll have died. left behind are the bad ones.

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  • core of these essential worker:

    //Build a core of local workers to do essential work//

    aiyoh. white monkey idiots’ style – convert chat-ba-lang people (low wage, mid wage & high wage – all wage levels) into sinkies – then out of sudden all these people become sinkie core lor – so that new and old daft sinkies lor can compete among one another plus more to come from the still open-leg policy ???

    //Appoint several local firms to develop and retain a core of these essential workers, e.g. public hospitals and local construction firms.//

    aiyoh. mathematically hor, if the white idiots still keep on having open-leg policy (at all wage levels ???) and keep on approving their work & resident permits, this sinkie core will never happen lar as shrewd business people (who may be laughing away hor ???) will try to get around with it lar (playing hide and seek with the white monkey rules lar ??) ???

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  • We already have a core of workers in the PAPies, why need more? lol

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  • Sor Hais Point At Rochester:

    People too lazy. Go downstairs buy food also don’t want . Must call Grab deliver.

    Don’t expect eople to do essential jobs.

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  • mike:

    Dear @ TKL

    I was reading this article seriously until i came to point ‘C’…

    While ‘A’ & ‘B’ sounds the usual doctrine of enriching selective few for a problem in hand and create a whole new class of new slave workers, point ‘C’ is an old modified communist idea.

    Initially i thought you were dumb or attention seeking, however you are far more corrupted than i think you were. Sorry for under-estimating your e.v.i.l.n.e.s.s

    Tan Kin Lian:
    c) Give an option for NS men to work in the construction sector. After completing NS, they can continue in the career and enjoy a good wages.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    This TKL is probably a PAPies agent now under their secret payroll – paid to spread proPAPganda for the ruling Elites….like China’s “50cent army” of online trolls & “influencers”.

    TKL didn’t win the EP, so he “lost” the chance to get Millions doing nothing, so now this former-PAPies-turncoat turn back again to PAPies to beg for some pocket change to tide him through his retirement?? lol.

    Dear @ TKL

    I was reading this article seriously until i came to point ‘C’…

    Last year, many many Sinkies have already heard through social media & friends about the idea of making GIRLS DO NS as nurses/medical team, but obviously PAPies want to protect their 50% majority voter base, so they “act blur” and ignored this excellent idea!

    If Sinkingpore had made the decision earlier to make all 18 year-old Sinkie females do NS as Nurses, we would now have a HUGE batch of trained medical (Reserve) personnel always ready to support during a PANDEMIC or some other medical emergency, yes?

    We would have no worries about hospital staff being overwhelmed and we would have been an shining example to the whole world, on how to handle a pandemic. Even Israel (which makes their women serves military service) also has shortage of medical personnel during the pandemic, so it a “no-brainer” that we should mandate Sinkie GIRLS all serve 2yrs NS as Nurses/medical staff.

    Today, this idea is STILL excellent since training GIRLS with useful medical skills would not only alleviate our dependence on foreign nurses (less foreign imports would also mean far less chances of foreign VIRUSES spreading here via these imports); but we would also have a HUGE batch of ladies trained in CPR / trained in identifying heart attack or stroke symptoms/ trained in child-birth best practices / best practices in nutrition for children etc. etc., so our ladies have up-to-date knowledge to take good care of their husbands & their kids.

    So MANY advantages with girls doing their part for NATIONAL DEFENCE, including possibly helping to increase our pathetic birth rates since Sinkie girls will now be mentally & physically better prepared for various nutritional & medical conditions, instead we have Sinkie girls spending their time going shopping malls or pubs drinking.

    Sinkieland would be ready during peace or war or some other medical emergencies like in our current pandemic.

    Yet, this EXCELLENT idea was purposely ignored by PAPies, and instead they use this TKL turncoat to spew rubbish like his point (c), to DISTRACT and DIVERT attention of Sinkies. lol.

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  • dave:

    We need a Singaporean core to be cleaners, delivery boys, drivers and security guards. These are essential works that a Singaporean core is needed to perform.

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