The Covid-19 KTV cluster

The KTV cluster has a good chance of spreading even further because those Vietnamese hostesses went from one ktv to another over the past don’t know how many days alearly (sic) and secondly, customers are reluctant to come forward for testing for obvious reasons.

Apart from blaming the ktv operators, the customers and the hostesses, I will put the biggest blame on this grossly incompetent pap government. Let me explain.

Nightlife operators who wish to pivot to F&B businesses with F&B licences may do so with a dangling government carrot of up to S$50,000 grant to help defray qualifying cost such as purchase of kitchen and service equipment cost etc.

I ask shouldn’t nightlife operators who wish to convert their businesses to normal F&B businesses in order to survive be more resourceful on their own in the face of a prolong pandemic just like many other businesses do and the government should be more judicious and exercise better judgement in dishing out our hard earned tax monies to them?

After all, shouldn’t business people possess more survival instincts, shrewder, smarter and more nimble and not counting on Ah Kong to point the way, incentivise them or even bail them out etc? In case they and this government have obviously forgotten or couldn’t care less, Ah Kong’s money didn’t drop from the sky.

This government surely doesn’t owe those operators a living and I ask if the lhl government has forgotten its sacred fiduciary duty and behaves in such spendthrift and Santa Claus manner.

Moreover, if karaokas pivot ‘successfully’ to those so called F&B businesses possessing F&B licences and not Entertainment licences, still who would go to such karaoka outlets for breakfast or lunch? Maybe I am a ‘mountain tortoise’ but seriously would you, any student, any everyday housewife, seniors, maids or anyone goes to such a karaoka purely for breakfast or lunch?

From this example, I conclude that the kind of stupidity that our book-smart senior people in government, our current general and scholar ministers possess are not just normal acceptable stupidity but stupidity of a very high level. Dangerously stupid indeed!

To my super sucker friend, Leong Hock Seng, what do you Mr Sucker think?



Simon Lim




17 Responses to “The Covid-19 KTV cluster”

  • Leong Hock Seng II:

    pap admits so many aliens into small island. no brainer everything will be disrupted. there will be more water and electricity use. there will be more rubbish. there will be more crowding.

    BUT pap punishes cotton sheep by making them pay more for water and electricity, pay more for rubbish disposal, making smaller and smaller HDB units for them, making car use very expensive citing lack of land.

    In a nutshell, pap makes the city and cotton sheep take the blame.

    In the case of covid, every move pap makes punishes cotton sheep. when aliens bring in the virus, pap punishes cotton sheep with CB and HA. after the cleansing, pap reopens her legs, and more aliens are admitted. more virus spread happens. cotton sheep is punished more. even though it is not cotton sheep’s fault that aliens are allowed into small island.

    The sad fact is, the 39% who disagrees with pap gets harmed by cotton sheep blindly re-electing pap in GE2020.

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  • Free Testing:

    Our Scholars who all have B. Sc in Stupidity is encouraging all who visited KTVs to turn up for free testing.
    Of course, they will be accompanied by their wives.
    This new strain Vietbu-KTV 1.0 is indeed papig scoring own goal again.

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  • left behind:

    All these problems like KTV cluster are self create by the government. Covid-19 crisis period, we know of dangerous delta variant and danger of covid-19, but government let foreigner come in to spread covid-19 to Singaporeans. I mean how can you trust Singapore into these people hands when they always create crisis like this. I predict more problems will come, the three clowns namely the potential PM successors will create many problems now to next election. By then, Singaporeans don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Since all are clowns and 61% Singaporeans have no choice but to choose a clown as PM. And then Singapore will be a circus for jokers and clowns.

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  • peanuts:

    No worries,the KTVs will put Sg on world map.
    I am sure Lee $ian Long tai-kor wants some attention.

    Last few months too boring ?
    Must increase Covid cases by opening legs wide wide.

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  • opposition dude:

    Yet another hare brained PAP scheme backfires and blows up in PAP’s face causing much embarrassment. Who the hell heard of seedy nightclubs becoming F&B outlets sia? Good in theory as always but, as usual, bad in execution.

    These KTVs for sure did not strongly enforce safe entry and had dozens of hum sups and hostesses in them enjoying themselves leading to a 120 cases cluster oh boy. Serves you right for your mass orgy!

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  • Protect Aliens Party:

    Yes, blame the govt. If not, who else?

    Govt tells people to quickly get vaccinated, then live life as per normal mah, no? Did our ministers not plan to EMBRACE the new normal, to prepare the country to live with Covid-19? So what happened now? All the inoculated chee koh peks thought they’re safe to go KTVs …. I mean F&B to EMBRACE the hostesses already mah.

    So will our govt dare to tell us how many of those men who visited the KTVs are already vaccinated? Pray tell.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    PAPies themselves are the ones who bring in all these “Foreign Talents” via their “Open Leg” policies, then their “Mata” boys also “act blur” as if they do not know that these are “Pros” coming in here for “selling chicken meat business”.

    Come on lah…. “Mata” have been approving these multiple visit passes for DECADES liao without any compunctions nor basic checks, but that OYK still want to do his Wayang Show on stage talking nonsense, like as if PAPies are so surprised & INNOCENT as they claim to be? LOL.

    Just see how the MSM report this KTV cases, by claiming its all due to the Sinkie “boyfriend” who “sponsor” the Viet woman who was the 1st case lor.

    As usual, PAPies so smart deh… subtly PUSH the blame back onto Sinkies, but they never blame themselves for anyhow blindly rubber-stamp & approve these “multiple entry visit” passes? lol.

    Conversely, when their “Foreign Talent” policy happen to bring in real “talents” like some Billionaire investor, then PAPies very quick to take credit for themselves, claim its their brilliant forward planning, instead of giving credit to the Sinkie personnel friend who actually convinced the Billionaire to relocate or invest here.

    When “Good” things happen, PAPies quickly announce to whole world and take credit, but when “Bad” things happen, they push blame away even faster? lol.

    But nevermind, Sinkies with SSS (Spineless Sinkie Syndrome) will still say PAPies are the BEST & faultless to a T! lol.

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  • John Richards:

    Somebody over at ICA or wherever is taking money to allow people in so easily. Familial ties, my ass!

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  • Kenna Tio Virus:

    Aiya, the pappy gahmen again playing “catch-up” just like the late banning of travellers from South Asia countries!

    They say to live with Covid but didn’t anticipate Covid has started early to live with the KTV visitors!

    KTV Kenna Tio Virus!

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  • Harder Truths:

    How exciting!

    We have not seen this kind of incompetence since Tekka riots.

    More CoVID infections please – let’s have more fun with this and see how the 61% like it.

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  • kampong boy:

    The minister in charge of giving KTV establishment $50k to convert to F&F (remain KTV in reality) be fired right away.

    Agree ??

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  • Asd:

    I think the disease is from foriegner coming into country in the first place please don’t blame the spreading on those inside the country

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  • More Questions:

    There may be a darker side to this whole thing which will not come to light if the investigation touches only on the surface. How could so many of these foreign women have passed through immigration check-points if there was a ban on entry from C-19 high-risk countries? These many “hostesses” could not have come in on their own without help or local connection. Do you think any entertainment or F&B outlet will allow “hostesses” to work inside its premises without knowledge or consent? How could they have gone on at so many locations without drawing the attention of law enforcers until Covid-19 showed up? No police checks, no safe-entry, no safe distancing, no swabbing or vaccination required for numbers above 50??? All eyes shut!

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  • please stop dumping B1617 here:

    STOP THE INFLUX OF CECA-FTs now as B1617 DELTA is 4 times more infectious.

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  • Smart Nation:

    By calling it an “endemic” only makes things worse because people now let down their guards treating the virus as just another common flu and thinking they are safe after being fully vaccinated. There will be some who will not come forward to be tested and quarantined for fear of publicity and prosecution for violating the CB, but instead choose self-treatment; if their symptoms are not serious, they will continue with their daily routine and spread the virus to their families, colleagues and others in the public. If this is the Delta or Delta Plus variant, we could see an exponential increase in the number of cases.

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  • F**ktard kids on 174:

    Haiya, now back to 2 to a table. Stupid foreign white kids go back to white countries.

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  • Disgruntled Citizen:

    The idea to convert KTV into F&B is a straight No No & whose silly idea is this??? How do you expect KTV operators to run F&B? Just stupidly giving them $50k grant for the conversion without inspecting that the premises & issuing them with temporary food licence??? Understand that the premises for all eateries need to be inspected by SFA before the food licence is issued every year??? If such inspections are carried out before issuing the temporary food licences, the authorities would have uncovered that the claim for the $50k grant is bullshit as there is no proper kitchen in the premises to be considered F&B outlet !!! After converting KTV to F&B for so long, why there is no safe distancing ambassadors highlighting the issues of social distancing?? How can F&B still having small little rooms with hostesses entertaining the customers???

    If you look at any angles of this stupid conversion, it is very very clear that everything is not right & someone must be held accountable for the big screwup instead of pretending that this is a normal lapse or oversight!!! We’re having so many KTV around & I see no reason why such issues are not highlighted or addressed promptly??? As fellow citizens, we have done our best to contain the covit situation in Singapore, but very disappointed that such lapses occurred without any accountabilities on the part of the authorities approving the conversion from KTV to F&B!!!

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