Minimum Wage

I would like to briefly share my thoughts about Minimum Wage or more precisely in our case, the lack of it and Progressive Wage Model (PWM).

The pap government is dead against paying our lowest income earners a minimum wage and instead, they came out with the PWM. To me, what is most ironic and insulting is that pap ministers know how to pay themselves a minimum wage at the very top but for very low income earners, No! I want to strongly stress that people must not mistaken or have the wrong perception that minimum wage is little wages.

I accept that PWM has its advantages but it also has its disadvantages too and among them, it is sectoral meaning that it is rigidly confined to certain industries such as the security industry, the cleaning industry, the landscaping industry and the latest, the lift and elevator technicians etc.

For our cleaners, they will only see their wages increase from 2023 over 6 years. In our local lingo, it is called ban ban tan, tan ku ku or wait loong loong.

This morning, I was topping up my petrol at Shell at Bt Batok East Avenue 6 and I had a brief conversation with an elderly pump attention of >70 years old. He told me that he works 6 days a week, 7.00am to 3.00pm and he earns S$900/ gross salary. He brings home >$S$800.

I understand that low income workers like him qualifies for some government WIS but I ask should we as a country and as a people turn a blind eye, tolerate and/or couldn’t be bothered whatsoever when employers blatantly exploit our own senior citizen workers in the world’s most expensive country?

Does it not prick our conscience at all? Elderly cleaners at hawker centres is another good example. I ask if it is too much to expect labour to be paid some decent wages in our own country?

To my super sucker friend, Leong Hock Seng, what do you Mr Super Sucker think? I hope that you can say something instead of hiding and hiding in some don’t know which hole.



Simon Lim




17 Responses to “Minimum Wage”

  • Err… just curious asking hor, who is liz “Leong Hock Seng”, some big shot? Which department? Which party? Which gang? Which clan?

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  • MarBowling:

    TRE Techie:
    July 18, 2021 at 9:26 am (Quote)
    Err… just curious asking hor, who is liz “Leong Hock Seng”, some big shot? Which department? Which party? Which gang? Which clan?

    Response: THINK once upon a time, this “Leong Hock Seng” was his Godfather!

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  • popiah:

    Minimum wage with no caps on MAXIMUM WAGE is relatively meaningless.
    Cost of living is the real problem.
    If i get $1K and minister get $1million.
    Then i get 2k,minister get $2million?

    No blardy difference.
    Then raise GST,PUB and up levies.

    Lanpar Parlan.

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  • clowns are clowns:

    Donkey years ago, one prof. LCY who was also in the National Wage Council, suggested to implement the minimum wage to all low wage earners by stages and at the same time, to cut the top wage earner’s wages in tandem. You know what, one clown who was in the trade union, jumped up and shot the idea down, citing that, if the G was to follow this idea, all foreign investment would pack up and move to other countries!!
    Ever since then, the MW thingy has been a taboo!!

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  • Why no minimum wage:

    PAP will never allow Singapore to have a minimum wage even if it is quite easy to determine it. It can used the data used to compute the CPF minimum Sum. Having a minimum wages requires determining the real cost of living in Singapore.

    PAP clearly does not want this because it would clearly show the MASSIVE UNDEREMPLOYMENT in Singapore. Wages in Singapore have been basically stagnant for many years, depressed by the massive influx of “cheap” (no CPF) foreigners. The “demand” of these foreigners for goods, services, etc. also sharply pushed up prices. Singapore got squeezed and screwed big-time by PAP who pay themselves million each year – the highest on the planet from the smallest country on the planet without real accountability and no risk of being removed from office.

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  • Warren Fernandez talking cock:

    Strait Times: A time to repair, build and make things better – Warren Fernandez Editor-in-Chief

    “The Straits Times has seen its fortunes ebb and flow over its 176 years. Now comes a time to build on the trust that ST readers have in it as it transitions to a new era.”

    Warren Fernandez must be asleep or on dope. If Singapore is ranked 160 (out of 180) in terms of press freedom the “trust” does not apply. Don’t Singaporeans consider the Strait Times (and the rest of MSM) as the propaganda arm of the PAP? That is why Straits Times need to encourage subscription by providing offers (like free tablet PC) despite the fact it is operating a monopoly.

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  • Blame PAP and LHL:

    Straits times: Lured by $2 payout, woman in S’pore lost over $70,000 in job scam

    This just shows how desperate many Singaporeans are for a job which PAP has been giving out to foreigners in large numbers (and hiding the statistics) since LHL became PM.

    LHL has been a TOTAL DISASTER for Singaporeans. He is indeed a FAILURE.

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  • Yuen Sin talking cock:

    Straits Times: Do more to tackle racism in the workplace – Yuen Sin, Political Correspondent

    “Racism” is a red-herring. Singaporeans dislike/hate for foreigners in the workplace because they take jobs away from Singaporeans. They also depress local wages and push up prices. This is not racism.

    The real issue is between locals vs foreigners in the workplace. It really has nothing to do with race.

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  • Minimum Living Wage:

    Progressive wage is regressive as it cannot catch up with the rate of cost of living increase in SG & its implementation is not universal unlike a minimum wage which seeks to raise the low wage phenomenon universally to a living wage to eradicate poverty!

    Among his suggestions included a “living wage” of S$1,500 take-home pay (or S$2,055 in gross wages) for all local workers.

    Such a recommendation would, in his view, allow low-income Singaporeans to have a peace of mind rather than having to wait for “ad-hoc” assistance schemes provided by the government.

    We should not wait for a “decade or two” for the government to increase the wages of low-wage workers through the Progressive Wage Model, sector-by-sector, he said.

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  • Stoopid Girl [email protected] rice stall:

    All bosses same, pay low and they earn high.

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  • @Yuen Sin talking cock

    IMHO, if there’s anyone or any agency that’s guilty of fanning racism, it’s the PAPies and their official mouthpiece. The MSM keep on harping on “racism” for fiack? It was never about the Indians from India. Had the CECA been with the Japs, Malaysian or even the Chinese, the same problem would arise.

    I think it is time for the PAPies and their official mouthpiece to stop coining the “racial” bullshit thingy on Sinkies. Deep inside, I am sure that the sorry excuse of a journalist knows that it is not true, but kenna arrow, bo bian, lan lan.

    Unlike in the past when Sinkies don’t even have kindergarten certs, the majority of Sinkies nowadays are very educated and don’t take everything written by the shitty mouthpiece as the gospel truth anymore.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Even if there is minimum wage, most employers have loads of incentive to hire foreigners anyway, so nothing fundamentally changes except less $G workers will be hired. Yes – you heard that right – LESS $G workers will be hired, not more.

    FT work 24/7 if need be, holidays and what not, do not have much expenses, do not talk back will do anything. Compare with locals who are soft and expect a cushy job and my experience wit hlocals is they say ‘no’ when things get hard. The value of an FT compared to $G worker is many times. The higher the salary the more valuable is an FT for the same job.

    Locals think simplistic labour laws are going to make a difference, instead of getting rid of the root of the problem which is the regime’s policies. Good luck with that.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Blame PAP and LHL:
    Straits times: Lured by $2 payout, woman in S’pore lost over $70,000 in job scam

    This just shows how desperate many Singaporeans are for a job which PAP has been giving out to foreigners in large numbers (and hiding the statistics) since LHL became PM.

    LHL has been a TOTAL DISASTER for Singaporeans. He is indeed a FAILURE.

    And we have 61% say “No one could take over from him”. This LHL run this country on auto pilot, failure after failure, leading the country over the cliff. I would say anything standing can be a better PM, including a chair with 4 legs.

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  • See who can debunk me!:

    Simply put :
    Many singaporeans will only want Min Wage if they are affected. NIMBY. Those not affected even if understand the need for it would not give a damn about it. Selfishness is why there is no social justice. You die? Thats your own problem.

    This is how people can be ruled and why Change is always difficult and essentially impossible.

    If personally not a victim, people will not give a damn.

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  • xoxo:

    What exactly is MINIMUM wage?
    A minimum wage is meaningless if COL is allowed to rise irrationallt like in $IN CITY’s case.

    A Minimum wage must be a conformable LIVING WAGE for the lowest strata of workers.

    More importantly,what about jobless sgs n retirees?
    Do we take care of them or just let them fall into the cracks like how it has been all these years,effectively speaking?

    Even when H$K LOOT $100 BILLION FROM SGS’ RESERVES,these needy sgs got only $600 when FTs/PRs with BIG SALARIES receive much more via furlough?

    What is the govt thinking?
    What is HaLEEmama doing?
    No proper accountability after exercising her AUTHORITY.

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    pap is dead wrong to sign an FTA with ceca ah neh land.

    because which non pap citizen with the right mind wants to live in ceca ah neh land?

    has any of the ceca ah neh FTA negotiators ever lived or visited ceca ah neh land for an extended period of time?

    have they tried going from new delhi to the taj mahal? a short 1 hour journey taking 7 hours due to bad roads and bad road manners and everything not working in ceca ah neh land.

    how can such a bad land be good choice for any FTA?


    truly it is a piece of very bad FTA. and pap still argues it is not so. truly WTF.

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  • Conscience? What a Prick!:

    The Seven Social Sins are:

    Wealth without work.
    Pleasure without conscience.
    Knowledge without character.
    Commerce without morality.
    Science without humanity.
    Worship without sacrifice.
    Politics without principle.

    From a sermon given by Frederick Lewis Donaldson in Westminster Abbey, London, on March 20, 1925.

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