Cryptocurrency of our own, name it Pappies or Sinkies?

This is strictly not an editorial, but merely a crazy idea that I have been toying around with. Since I cannot find a more appropriate category to classify this under, thought I will just place it under editorial since there have been no articles lately.

As most of you know, I have plenty of time on my hands currently due to my sickness, so I have been playing around (trading) with Doge coin and trying to understand how blockchain works.

From what I have read so far, it appears that it is really not very difficult to build a token by forking from the code of an existing coin, e.g Bitcoin. As a matter of fact, most of the Cryptocurrencies currently in existence are forked from Bitcoin, such as Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, etc.

I am thinking of building a community token (not a coin from scratch) piggy-backing on existing platforms such as Ethereum or MultiChain. It is much simpler to deploy and does not require excessive development time, spending, and maintenance.

Although it’s just a hobby for me to pass time, but I do welcome those who are bored to death and with plenty of time on their hands (lockdown right?) and some knowledge of blockchain to join me in this project. Servers-wise, not an issue as I have a couple of Dual Xeons lying around gathering dust. You do not need to fork out any cash for the project, so please feel free to email me in confidence, if you are interested.

Currently I am able to get the blockchain deployed (server end), but is still trying to understand what next, ie. wallet, mining and trading aspect. These details have to iron out if (ever) I can get some ‘experts’ on my hobby team.

Also, I am thinking of calling the token PAPPY (I have 2 dogs at home and I love dogs) and would like to use the cute and funny bulldog that was floating around the internet with a lightning logo at the collar (anyone still has that image, kindly email me) as its meme, something like the attached pic, but that bulldog was seated upright.

So is PAPPY no good a name, how about , SINKIES or maybe even TRE?

This is merely a crazy idea that I am toying with, do feel free to shoot and offer your ideas and suggestions, the more the merrier, no matter how crazy it may be.

Thank you, stay safe and God bless.



Andrew, TRE Techie







16 Responses to “Cryptocurrency of our own, name it Pappies or Sinkies?”

  • opposition dude:

    How about Singacoin for the name. Not terribly impressive sounding I know but at least our country’s name is in it loh ha ha. Or may SGcoin instead?

    I think it’s better to give up on the lightning bulldog thing as you know who could well sue since the logo is similar to theirs.

    Haven’t been reading up on blockchain but my oh my how the price of Bitcoin has fallen from the 60k highs just a few months back.

    Good luck Andrew, do report on your status of how your project is going!

    Tech: Keep the red lightning, ditch the blue circle? Like doge, it’s meant to be a sarcastic token. Being sarcastically funny is not against the law, right? Besides, Singa too formal and official, Temasick may not be too happy about that. lol

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  • xoxo:

    What about calling it PAPpee?

    Tech: Can also consider the monkey with the middle finger, right?

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  • xoxo:



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  • $OK Karaoke & Bulldog$:

    A man walks into a bar and sees a jar of money on the counter so he asks the bartender, “What is that jar for?” The bartender replies, “It’s for a contest, the person who wins gets all the money. First you have to beat that guy up” pointing to a buff guy in the corner. “Then, I have a bulldog with a tooth that’s been killing him outside – you have to pull it out. Then, there’s an old upstairs who’s really horny it’s kinda hazardous – you have to go have sex with her.”
    So the man first proceeds to guzzle down many beers first, then in an inebriated state he goes over and beats up the dude in the corner. The mumbling drunkard now heads outside for the bulldog. There is a lot of growling and barking and yelping, but he comes back in and proclaims, “Done deal…. now where’s the old with the bad tooth to pull out?”

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  • coxo:

    @Andrew,THE TECHIE

    Hope you are doing better now.
    Do take care bro.
    me just had a fall few days back,getting old.
    Injured my tail-bone; guess i am the *doggie* now???

    All the best,kawan.

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  • MarBowling:

    [email protected]

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote-”SINGAPORE – The National Day Parade (NDP) this year will be postponed to Aug 21 after the end of the latest Covid-19 restrictions, said the Ministry of Defence (Mindef) on Thursday (July 22).

    The announcement came as Singapore reverted to stricter measures under phase 2 heightened alert for a month starting on Thursday, and this is scheduled to last until Aug 18, after National Day.

    A ceremonial parade will be held on Aug 9 instead to mark Singapore’s 56th year since independence. It will be similar to the one held last year at the Padang, but will take place at the Marina Bay floating platform, added Mindef.

    The heartland fireworks and Red Lions displays previously announced to be held on Aug 7 and 8 will be cancelled.

    Response : Aiyo,Andrew says there have been no articles lately ? TRE has no ideas to write ? Can’t TRE write about why NDP must be postponed and not fully cancelled to eliminate the spread of corona virus ? TRE can also write why 4 blocks in Geylang Serai need to undergoes mandatory covid-19 testing ? Need a name ? What about GMM (Greedy Money Monster Liau Lai Eng) ? No ??? Block me again ? Did TRE not say feel free to shoot,offer your ideas,….?

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  • John Richards:


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  • Come on Ladies and Gentlemen, you are on lockdown right? Still want to go out and play with the virus meh?

    Put on your thinking caps and help think lar, name, how to implement, how to give it out, etc etc etc.

    Don’t tell me Sinkieland got no talents, and the best talents are all at MOH?

    There is no talents in Sinkieland that knows blockchain meh?

    Don’t tell me I have to eventually enlist the help of the Chinese and Indians programmers to make it work? lol

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote-”

    Malaysian police steamroll bitcoin machines

    The machines are worth an estimated 5.3 million ringgit (S$1.7 million).PHOTO: AFP PHOTO/COURTESY OF DENNIS WONG
    KUALA LUMPUR (AFP) – Malaysian police hit on a novel way to dispose of more than 1,000 bitcoin-mining machines seized in raids – they crushed the devices using a steamroller.

    Authorities on Borneo island discovered the machines, worth an estimated 5.3 million ringgit (S$1.7 million), in crackdowns between February and April.

    Eight people were arrested for allegedly stealing the equivalent of US$2 million (S$2.7 million) worth of electricity to power the energy-hungry computers, according to police.

    “The crypto-miners stole electricity,” said Hakemal Hawari, a senior police official in the city of Miri, where the devices were seized.

    “Their actions are dangerous for life and property, as they can cause power outages.” The 1,069 mining machines were laid out in a car park of a police station in Miri last week and crushed with a steamroller.

    Six of those arrested were convicted of stealing electricity, jailed for six months and fined….

    Crypto-mining – the process by which computers mint new virtual currency and validate transactions – requires vast amounts of energy and processing power.

    The process typically involves large numbers of sophisticated computers that form a specially designed “rig” that runs the complex calculations required to maintain a cryptocurrency network.

    Bitcoin mining is common in the Southeast Asian nation, and there are regular reports of police arresting crypto-miners and seizing their rigs.

    While energy-hungry, the process can be lucrative with each bitcoin currently worth more than US$32,000 (S$43,516).”Unquote.

    Response : Malaysia is destroying bitcoin machine because it consume a lot of stolen electricity ,and Andrew still want to develop cryptocurrency bitcoin system or something like that when it is power consuming ? I really wonder whether Malaysia really destroy everyone of those bitcoin machines confiscated or just one or two only for show and behind sell off the rest of the bitcoin machines and make huge profits for the Malaysian police ? Nothing impossible ? Maybe rich man Andrew can go and buy some of those remaining bitcoin machine from those corrupted Malaysian Police if those are not destroyed ?

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  • uncle lim:


    Hope your injury not too bad.
    I also injured my tail-bone once and could not walk fir a while.
    It was quite painful.

    Wishing you get well soon,xoxo.

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  • PRC Insurgents:

    In that case consider Cheenas or Chinks ?

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  • xoxo:

    @uncle lim

    Thank you .
    Still resting in bed.

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  • CryptoNumbers:

    Fiat creator value itself by participants with blind faith that could last your working age. Crypto could achieve the same blind faith of records in the disk and memory as numbers associate with “values” of blind faith.l in crypto market.

    US put trillions into your accounts to buy its own weapons called sales. Some sales become illegal when these money goes into personal accounts. None of the money will live in the internet forever when censorship at network level is activated. When hub become switch, river become dam. Control open and close , block create secret , secret create fake enemy called hacker, fake CyberPolice is created, fear is created by harm of threat from unknown and control both side with secrets. The psychology works on majority and tested. Those created the systems are all trusted and use like McAfee and “hang themselves” in the end. Bugs appear and finding solvers for the old system fail and they call it legacy to be replaced and fake rewards given to Hackers. Legacy monetary system has cancer and paying to create replacements call crypto the same way the old monetary system is created. Crypto is just like organ transplant and vaccines. Cancer cannot be cure. Chemo kill yourself faster. Antibiotics does not work anymore. Last hope is pray for miracles that never happen. Lies burn like a peace of paper and dead without needs of exposing it.

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  • rosie:


    Hope your injury not too serious.
    I fell once on the stairs and also suffered tail-bone injury.
    Could not sit even.

    Took me quite a few weeks with injection and pain-killers.
    Get well soon.

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  • richards:


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