There is no cure for stupidity

The news that MBS casino will be closed to the public from today until 5 August caught my attention.

The closure is linked to a casino cluster and investigations have found that there is likely ongoing transmission.

Many people might have forgotten by now that before the opening of the 2 casinos in Singapore in 2010, many members of the public, many parents and religious organisations etc expressed big concerns and worries about how casinos might adversely affect our people, our families, our society and their impact on our crime rates etc.

The government so eloquently assured them all that our casinos are meant to primarily cater to the tourist and foreigner market and create employment opportunities for Singaporeans lalala. It sounded so clever and so right and suckerporeans, as usual, took their words for it and more good years for the casino operators and the government follow.

Next, since the beginning of last year until now, tourist arrivals have almost all dried up. Apart from the much declined Singapore based foreigners’ patronage, any day anybody steps into either one or both of our casinos, he/she will find largely heartlander Singaporeans gambling in there and not the so called tourists or foreigners that Singaporeans were told.

I would like to ask those pap ministars if they are aware of that and if they still remember their ‘mainly cater to tourists and foreigners’ rhetorics that they spoke of so cleverly 11 years ago.

I consider one key reason why Singaporeans keep voting for a weak and deteriorating pap government despite the noose keeps tightening around their necks is their over eagerness to unthinkingly suck and believe everything that the pap government tells them instead of analysing issues that affect their lives critically on one hand and their fear and over reluctance to hold the pap government to true and proper accountability on the other.

I am convinced that there is no cure for stupidity and their stupidity condition will be make worse with a carrot and cane governing approach.



Simon Lim




16 Responses to “There is no cure for stupidity”

  • xoxo:

    Yes,Simon,ca$ino-touri$m probably dried up lat 15 months?
    So WHO went to contribute to the ca$ino money-eating machine$?

    Maybe the rich fish-monger$?

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  • xoxo:

    BTW,Billionaire Peter Lim’s father was oso fish-monger at a market.
    me remember ,as a small boy following my mum to market,saw Peter Lim assisting at the stall.
    But then,fish were much cheaper.
    Still we bought only anchovies mostly.
    At least,Peter’s dad didnt overcharge us?

    Maybe jobless sgs shud go become fish mongers instead of food-grabbers?

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  • maths idiot:

    That is why you or any team you are on will never win any elections

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  • Yup, no cure for Simon:

    How about a ‘par excellence’ in ability to “THINK” and calling people “suckers”?

    maths idiot:
    That is why you or any team you are on will never win any elections

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  • Statistically speaking....:

    Three statisticians go out hunting together. After a while they spot a solitary rabbit. The first statistician takes aim and overshoots. The second aims and undershoots. The third geek shouts out “We got him bros!”

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  • abc:

    Sgs are daft to vote other daft sgs to be their millionisters.

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  • xoxo:

    Btw,*stupidity* is an euphemism in this instance.
    More like moronic?

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  • chari makan:

    It’s not the iconic building$ ,it’s not more future iconic building$.
    It’s not looting reserves to give to the rich to buy stocks.
    It’s about putting money into the sgs who need money to buy food and other necessities so as to propel consumer spending to give an impetus to the economy.

    Stocks look nice,so too iconic building$ but they cannot be eaten.

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  • Billy ma:

    When PAP loudly echo what the rest of world are shouting ever since this terrible virus causing havoc, yes, the ‘new norm’.

    This new norm thing has been preached & drilled into the heart & mind of the people.

    Of course PAP can never let a good opportunity goes to waste.
    So the new norm thing is heard all so often by PAP ministers not out of concern for Singaporeans but a nice weapon to instil fear & then use this anxiety created to install more regulations & punishment.

    Will this works for PAP?
    Probably yes to an extend.

    But it has also opens up new norms by Singaporeans.
    Many who gave their votes to PAP before & are suffering now will likely had a change of mind & heart.

    The impact may very well shock PAP in the next polling.
    It is not just people are losing their businesses but many within a household are losing their jobs & employment at the same time.

    For CPF issue, only the old folks are affected & angered. The young ones do not have that emotional hurting, hence CPF issue is a non issue to them.

    But today, these young fellows are themselves directly affected by what & how the PAP is running the crisis.
    It’s hurting both young & old.

    Will this translates into votes against PAP ?

    A good guess would be a 3-5% moving away from PAP.

    This could mean at least 10 PAP ministers be voted out next time.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    Frankly, its not only the casinos that are a TOTAL WASTE of BILLIONS. Many recent bricks & mortar “infrastructure plays” by PAPies are also a complete waste of tax monies – such as the Changi Jewel mall (now languishing as a Billion dollar White Elephant), or the countless BTOs to house ever-increasing “Foreign Talents”, or underground/sheltered walkways linking everywhere or the long list of new MRT stations (do we really need an MRT station every 500m from every HDB block? lol).

    MRT infrastructure may be arguable, since it does improve convenience to a great extent, but really Sinkingpore is only 30km by 40km across, so does a tiny island really need that many MRT stations??

    Have we become a nation of “softies” with weak knees that we cannot walk under the Sun for more than 500m at a stretch?

    In today’s context, its even more relevant to think about how frequent walking and sunlight (i.e. vitamin D) can keep us from getting fat as well as keeping viruses at bay.

    When PAPies are done with 500m intervals, will they next announce to build MRT stations every 100m intervals throughout the whole island? LOL.

    Just like drinking water is good, but if you drink 10 buckets of it everyday, you may die from drinking too much water. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, which ends up bad.

    All these (underground) MRT lines will be prone to possible flooding as well as causing flooding above ground since rain water will have less ground space to distribute given all the layers of underground concrete structures.

    In a strange twist, ALL these brand new MRT stations and roads/expressways etc. are now hardly utilized given that everyone is working from home for the past year or more. If this WFH becomes the “new normal”, then all these new MRT stations and highways will be the next White Elephants.

    PAPies like to do big “infrastructure” projects mainly because they have run out of economic ideas to prop-up the GDP numbers, but also to give their “PAPies-related-supporters” companies huge construction contracts, as well as to have something easily visible to showcase to their “daft” Sinkie electorate.
    However, in reality all these is just WASTING precious resources on unnecessary “infrastructure”.

    Sinkieland is no longer like the “fishing village turned 1st world country” that the PAPies often like to quote ad nauseum, but she is already one of THE MOST urbanized cities on Earth today, but PAPies old habits die hard… and so they mindlessly continue to build & build and squeeze more ridiculous “infrastruture” upon this tiny island. lol.

    It is only the arrogance of PAPies together with the blind faith & STUPIDITY of Sinkies with SSS (Spineless Sinkie Syndrome), who do not realize the folly of their “LEEdarship”.

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  • FYI:

    The master mind of such grand project can always reveal the one with infinity credits to fund it. Who can print money to fund fake propaganda and pay plus subsidy all Pharma, all tests, all tracking, all R&D and every Doctors even all are broke and shutdown?

    If you still fight against those who receive money in every positions, these are animal intelligence. If you know the solutions, you will be Saint and will not be living as Human.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote-”SINGAPORE – Boon Lay Place Food Village will be closed after seven Covid-19 cases were detected among people who work in or visited the hawker centre, said the Ministry of Health (MOH).

    In its daily update on Thursday night (July 22), MOH said the cases there were detected through its investigations into Covid-19 infections likely seeded by fishmongers who visited Jurong Fishery Port to collect their stocks to be sold at the markets and food centres.

    The hawker centre will be closed to the public for two weeks from Friday to break the chain of transmission and enable deep cleaning of the premises, MOH said.

    There are 87 new cases linked to the Jurong Fishery Port cluster, which now stands at 560 cases.

    There were also five more cases added to the Marina Bay Sands casino cluster, which now has 15 cases.

    The casino will be closed to the public from Thursday to Aug 5.

    Five new cases were linked to the KTV cluster, which now has 221 cases. There were no additional KTV lounges or clubs linked to the cluster on Thursday.

    Three new cases were detected in workers’ dormitories.

    There are currently 28 active clusters of infection on Thursday, ranging between three and 560 infections.

    Singapore reported a total of 170 new Covid-19 cases on Thursday, including 162 locally transmitted cases and eight imported cases. There were 52 unlinked locally transmitted cases.

    Among the locally transmitted cases are six unvaccinated seniors above 70, who are at risk of serious illness.

    Overall, the number of new cases in the community has increased from 127 cases the week before to 883 cases in the past week.

    The number of unlinked cases in the community in a week has increased from 16 cases to 105 over the same period.

    Response :Two weeks back,I was at marina casino to have a look.There was two foreigners in front of me.The male passed safe entry but the female failed temperature. I passed safe entry and would feel the heat from that Ang Mo woman .I sense something is wrong with that Ang Mo woman and question safe entry ambasssador who was questioning her .I asked why she failed temperature.Ambassador say her heat from outside sun.I walk away. Pui!

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  • MarBowling:

    THINK there is STILL a CURE for a STUPID aka Kayu person when subsequently on REFLECTION he/she has REALIZED it and then CHANGE his/her THINKING!
    THINK definitely there is NO CURE for a STUPID or Kayu person who THINKS and CONTINUE TO THINK that he is DEFINITELY NOT STUPID or Kayu even in the FINAL MOMENT when they lower him/her into the Grave or put him/her inside the URN!

    Btw STUPIDITY and Kayu tendency of a Person who holds LEEDERSHIT position has repercussions and dire consequences. Just LOOK at Lee Kayu or like someone who labeled him appropriately “Lie Con You”. Some Great Examples of his STUPIDITY and Kayu tendency:
    1. Install his Dishounorable Son to squat on the Imperial Throne against the GREAT advice by Venerable Hong Choon
    2. Install his IMPULSIVE and COMPULSIVE DIL aka Mrs NO REGRET to squat as the Indian Chief at one of our SWFs, Tombmasek Holdings.
    3. Pay himself and his so-called World Class Ministers obscene $millions salary.
    4. Agreed with his DSon to the building of Not One But Two Casinos.
    5. Wrote Not One But 7 Wills that have Karma and Retribution EFFECTS:dispute amongst the siblings over the demolition of his house at 38 Oxleygate; a grandson has to run road to USA because his DSon wanted to SUE HIM until pants dropped; a DIL who is a TOP LAWYER Kenna her Law practicing Licence temporarily SUSPENDED; another grandson who married a Man is a gay;
    6. The list of his STUPIDITY and Kayuism is damn LOONG and ENDLESS! THINK Simon can add some more!

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    When you have a Bastard aptly named Lie Con You elevated to godlike status with his Big Mouth…will easily attract STOOPID flies into his stinking Gab!!!

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  • John Richards:

    Hey Simon, you forgot to mention you sucker friend. I think his name is Leong something.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on the TISG :Quote-”

    Home News Featured News 81-year-old man unable to use MediSave for S$128 A&E bill, questions if…
    81-year-old man unable to use MediSave for S$128 A&E bill, questions if it can be used to buy his coffin
    Kindly note that we are not seeking any financial assistance regarding this situation. I just hope that MOH will consider reviewing existing policy on the usage of Medisave during old age, his son wrote.

    Photo: AFP


    Obbana Rajah

    July 22, 2021…

    Singapore — After being unable to use the S$46,000 in his MediSave account for a S$128 A&E bill, an 81-year-old man questioned if he would be able to even use the money to buy a coffin after he dies.

    In a Facebook post by the man’s son, one Robin Lim, the elderly man visited the Accident & Emergency centre of Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH) with chest pains sometime in May 2021.


    Mr Lim wrote that his father’s bill was S$128 after subsidies, and he was then informed that he could not use the money in his MediSave account to pay the remaining amount.

    “My father has more than $46,000 in his Medisave account”, Mr Lim wrote.

    - Advertisement -

    When his father called Mr Lim to ask why his MediSave could not be used to pay off the balance amount from the bill, “I explained to my father that usage of Medisave is NOT allowed for this situation due to existing policy, he highlighted that he is already 81 years old and does not have much years left to live for”.

    “I feel I failed as a adult son to provide any logical/reasonable explanation to my father regarding this situation of Medisave usage”, Mr Lim wrote.

    He went on to add that his 81-year-old father is not highly educated and “trusted the purpose of Medisave account introduced by Singapore government in 1984 and believed that his old age medical expenses will be taken care of by Medisave with sufficient balance in it”.

    As such, Mr Lim wrote that his father was “extremely disappointed” to learn that he could not use the funds in his MediSave account to pay his public hospital bill….

    “Kindly note that we are not seeking any financial assistance regarding this situation.
    I just hope that MOH will consider reviewing existing policy on the usage of Medisave during old age”, Mr Lim wrote.

    Though his post was initially written in early Jul, it was once again re-circulated and shared on social media on Sunday (Jul 18).

    Netizens who commented on the post once again sought clarification from the Ministry of Health, as it seemed to be an issue that others were also unsure of.”Unquote.

    Response :There is really no cure for stupidity ! At 81-year-old man and still unable to use MediSave for a tiny sum of S$128 to pay A&E bill, this is pure stupidity of Singaporean if everyone still keep quiet on such healthcare law that is so evily control by the CPF board !Medisave is under CPF,isn’t it ?

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