Roadmap going towards normality

The pap MTF ministers have spoken in Parliament yesterday and according to Lawrence Wong, among other measures announced, our roadmap going towards normality will be differentiated and limited to only fully vaccinated persons.

To be precise, it is only differentiated and limited to fully mRNA vaccinated persons, ie, pfizer and Moderna vaccinated persons and not fully Sinovac vaccinated persons or unvaccinated persons.

I disagree with their approach. There are things that we know and there things that we don’t know about C19. What is worse is that we are now dealing with the highly transmissible and more dangerous C19 Delta variants. Let me explain.

We know that even vaccinated persons can be infected and if any such persons are infected, their symptoms are likely to be mild which means that they are unlikely to require hospitalisation or even asymptomatic.

In the meantime, they have become carriers and are very likely transmitting the highly transmissible Delta variants around. That will be a real nightmare indeed.

What we have read so far are efficacy, efficacy and more efficacy of the mRNA vaccines. We have hardly read about the safety aspects of the vaccines.

It is like a car salesman telling his potential customer how powerful and how fast his cars can go without ever mentioning any safety aspects of his cars such as the number of airbags, the car’s safety record or the reliability of the brakes etc. I have learned a long time ago that power is nothing without control.

I worry about the adverse side effects of the new mRNA vaccines, if any, and I worry that any potential side effects have no expiry date.

I repeat. I worry about the adverse side effects of the new mRNA vaccines, if any, and I worry too that potential side effects have no expiry date.

Next, what we don’t know.

Many people don’t understand why fully Sinovac vaccinated persons are not counted like mRNA vaccinated persons in the MTF’s roadmap forward.

It was reported that we have >70,000 people in Singapore who are Sinovac vaccinated. Does it mean that as long as our HSA is not fully satisfied with the information provided by China, they will forever be counted out?

By extension, when our C19 alert phase is stand down, does it also mean that Singapore will not welcome any Chinese visitors or foreigners who are vaccinated with the Chinese vaccines to visit, do business, work, stay or study etc in Singapore?



Simon Lim




8 Responses to “Roadmap going towards normality”

  • Protect Aliens Party:

    First, we’re assured Pfizer and Moderna vaccines efficacies are very high and can protect us from covid infection.
    Months later when many fully vaccinated people were tested covid positive, they changed their words to tell us actually we can still get infected after vaccination but the vaccines are still effective at preventing serious illness and death when we get infected.
    Then recently they tell us we need a 3rd booster dose!
    Maybe soon we’ll find out that the mRNA vaccines are just the pharmaceutical companies’ BS?!

    Let’s wait and see ah. Now singaporeans are fully vaccinated just for a few months only. So, maybe when infected, they won’t get seriously ill now. But a few more weeks down the road, if vaccinated people start to suffer from serious illness when they’re infected, you see if the incompetent MTF still dare to carry on with their roadmap to normality. Now they yaya dare to talk about dividing us into vaccinated and non-vaccinated only bcoz they thought the vaccines are really able to protect us.

    So, will govt allow Chinese people who are vaccinated with Sinovac into sg? I heard someone who has been vaccinated with Pfizer asking our govt not to consider those jabbed with Sinovac as having been vaccinated bcoz of its low efficacy. Haha! This lapdog forgot that China can also disallow him to go to China if he’s not vaccinated with Sinovac or Sinopharm. Who needs who more?

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  • Speechless:

    They will have to eat their words if President Xi (vaccinated other than that two) comes.

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  • MarBowling:

    July 29, 2021 at 5:31 pm (Quote)
    They will have to eat their words if President Xi (vaccinated other than that two) comes.

    Response: well said. Am praying all day and night LOONG that President XJP CAN DO A GREAT FAVOUR to those local folks who have VACCINATED with Sinovac by FLOATING A TEST BALLON: by announcing that he will be VISITING Mai Hum after the IMPLEMENTATION of his fiacking LOONG ROADMAP PLAN!

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    If Xi…comes.

    Dont youthink you write to him faster.

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  • delta ong:

    So,who dump CECA/DELTA MUTANT NINJAS into tiny Sg?

    Now,none of them owns up
    Some more can talk cock.

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  • Billy ma:

    Looking at how PAP gets all wet market & hawker centers all wrapped up to prevent people from entering comfortably, it’s not what PAP is trying to sell – ‘…live a normal life & live with the virus’.

    No surprise PAP doesn’t walk the talk.

    Having a single entrance & entry?
    It only gathers everybody in one spot & how is this a prevention measure is beyond anybody common sense.

    Getting those clowns going around with a measuring stick to check people are 1m apart is just plain ridiculous & more like creating divisions & anger.

    Once again it demonstrates the inept PAP at its worse.

    As with the previous infection waves, it was due to PAP incompetency.
    But if you look & listen to PAP narratives, you would think that all these infection waves are caused by Singaporeans.

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  • MarBowling:

    Google Forbes BREAKING NEWS. Ted Cruz Excoriated Pelosi For Mask Mandate, Takes AIM At CDC Over Changed Guidance! Judge for yourself whether he is TELLING THE HARD TRUTHS or just SPEWING LIES!!

    Btw understand Mai Hum and Wifey Holee Jinx and by EXTENSION our World Class Ministerial Trash Force are TO DATE FOLLOWING THE CDC HOLEE GUIDANCE, PERIOD. Don’t THINK they DARE TO PROCLAIM and DECLARE that this is NOT CASE! And that they, especially the World Class Ministerial Trash Force are HANDLING and MANAGING Covid19 PRIMARILY and MAINLY based on the EXPERTISE ADVICE and Guidance of our Local Expert Panel helmed by Prof Off-the-Mark!

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  • SL u waste on half tank shits:

    There r sufficient historical evidence that arrogance peaks when a shitpot is half filled n drops proportionally as it fill past the half tank mark till the set brim. Although pap is adept to pee n poo regardlessly n rampantly, they r only able to fill their brains, metaphorically the shitpot they carry, to their half limit while their arrogance swells n billshits peaks.

    Coupled with brownosing, they mutate Into mad walking deads. Don’t u find it too much coincidental that le offsprings r peeing n pooling over each other on his dead bodies. DHS doesn’t surface per chance with Covid 19; n variants not long after the princess was plogged fuming mad with gorilla right ransacking over le hole as if it is her den. The saga is continuing, now the court cheater has been paid handsomely for good n satisfying job while pinky wallowing pathetically n aimlessly in the grass dye potty.

    Karma coming down fast as le seeks desperately among the garbage with the G foot meshing iin.

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