SCMP gives 4G ‘leadership’ a poor report card

I refer to the article ‘Singapore’s return to tighter rules raises the question: what does living with Covid-19 really mean?’ (South China Morning Post, 23 Jul)

Some political observers were quoted as saying that there was “public frustration” between plans to begin treating the virus as endemic and the abrupt return to the Phase 2 Heightened Alert on 22 July.

Infectious diseases specialist Professor Paul Tambyah felt that the government was being kiasu as the impact of the Delta variant on Singapore’s health system was “unlikely to be significant” given Singapore’s current vaccination rate.

Does the pseudo lockdown come at a price that is too high then?

Former NMP and Law Professor Eugene Tan said that the policy making by the 4G leadership was “patchy” as the people expected “to look forward with hope rather than being mired in rollbacks and setbacks”.

Frequent change in directives by the MTF “leaves all of us unsure of what living with Covid means”.

Furthermore, voters may remember the “major slip-ups” – which the SCMP referred to as the karaoke cluster, the dormitory saga and a more recent cluster at Changi Airport.

Tan ultimately felt that the way the pandemic is handled “does not help the standing of the 4G leadership” as they may be seen as being “not equal to the task or that they are unable to work as well as they ought to”.

Whilst it may be easier to look at things in hindsight, what does this say about the 4G leadership’s ability to lead Singapore?


Leong Sze Hian




15 Responses to “SCMP gives 4G ‘leadership’ a poor report card”

  • #06-195 Lei Sor Hai:

    Flip Flop covid.

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  • And while the C19 pandemic remains uncontrolled locally, Sinkieland LEEders are trying to piss China off again by conducting navy exercise with the UK in SoutH China Sea.

    Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) released a statement on Tuesday (27 Jul), confirming that RSN has conducted a “contactless passage exercise” (PASSEX) with the Royal Navy’s ships comprising of aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, frigates HMS Kent and HNLMS Evertsen, destroyer USS The Sullivans, as well as replenishment tanker RFA Tidespring.

    MINDEF said that RSN’s frigate RSS Intrepid, littoral mission vessel RSS Unity, and landing ship tank RSS Resolution conducted a series of communication and manoeuvring exercises with the Royal Navy’s ships.

    The LEEders better be very sure that it has no Terexxes passing through ports that China controls or have no huge investments in China because the Chinese have promised “strong countermeasures” and they normally meant what they say.

    And while the ESN is busy pissing off China, locally, another 130+ local cases detected. At this rate, Sinkieland will see 3000+ cases in a month and 36,000 cases in a year.

    Did you know that Sinkieland is fast surpassing China’s total confirmed C19 cases?

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  • Tremendous:

    The chiefs like to report infection numbers. They should also report infection rates.
    Infection rates are infection cases divided by population. Some use infection cases divided by square kilometers of land.
    Death rates have similar calculations.
    Just look at worldometer. Both Infection and death rates of the village are not the lowest among all villages. Chiefs’ salaries are the highest among villages. All because the chiefs live among too many idiots on the land.

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  • MarBowling:

    Lee Kayu used to brag about HOW CAPABLE his bunch of World Class Ministers are! Covid19 has given us Sinkaporean a great opportunity to gauge their World Class Performance in Handling and Managing the Pandemic Now RECLASSIFIED as ENDERMIC.

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    You can FOOL sheep not thinking people lah!!!…Idiots led by Master idiot

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  • Protect Aliens Party:

    Ah…. I now see why Cotton Sheep Chan is out of the MTF. Someone is trying to safeguard him, no?

    It’s pretty obvious to everyone that the handling of covid19 by this 4G leaders in the MTF sucks.

    So, if LW and OYK have failed in their leadership test, does it mean the next PM will be ….. Mr Siahsway aka cotton comes from sheep”?

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  • John Richards:

    I wonder if the MTF will be pressured into relaxing the covid restriction rules again. After all, Ho Ching wants KTVs and Geylang brothels to reopen. Maybe Temasek or some of its Directors have a stake in the affected KTVs and dodgy places in Geylang.

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  • opposition dude:

    The 3G and 4G can’t stop the spread of the whatever G of the virus from spreading on the island, that much is clear. It seems that the generation of the virus is way smarter than the 3G and 4G combined. People are basically frustrated that the lockdowns just keep coming with no end in sight. We were all happily dining out for about a month before the current restrictions and we are seeing 100++ cases daily for the last week or so.

    We do not know when these cases will go down to below 50 daily. So just be mentally prepared for the lockdown to be extended until PAP declares it a endemic. Then better hope and pray that it doesn’t spread amongst both vaccinated and unvaccinated people resulting in over 200 cases a day since this is going to make PAP look real bad and embarrassed. Imagine declaring it
    endemic and then having to deal with hundreds of cases a day!

    If this should happen we can all continue to blast the 4G for their incompetence since they have already shown just how lousy they are.

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  • 半桶屎:

    屁呀屁只会放屁和击半桶屎政策其他的只会要星民合作。如果事情过的去,牠们只会大吹是牠们的功勞。但是如果事不大顺利牠介况会推责任在于公民不合作牠们不明不白的半桶屎的政策真是敗家子只会貪而小脂装着半桶屎。叫牠们猪狗不如大小王,八,不过份吧!因为牠们只会拿钱不负责 牠们所主的法则。这是那个什么蠢正说得。真贪和蠢到头了。老李曾说星民蠢但是天蠢到不知棉大生在身上但牠的屁虫就是不懂这个真是肥虯

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  • Smart Nation:

    They thought they were winning when there were 0 community and locally transmitted cases. Then they got sloppy with border control at the Changi Airport and Jurong Fishery Port when the Delta variant was raging in India and the region. The virus has now taken hold of the community as seen in new clusters and 100+ cases daily. They also opened up Phase 3 a little too soon when many were still not vaccinated and put at risk for serious infections from the Delta variant. There was obviously a lapse at the KTVs with no mask and safe-distancing in those karaoke rooms where “butterflies” were fluttering around. Going forward, if 80% of the population are fully vaccinated and they cannot open up the country but retreat and remain in Phase 2, it would seem they are losing the battle against Covid-19 despite all the strategies and devices like TT/Safe Entry. What do you think they will do?

    Tech: The PAPies can do no wrong, they will very likely blame the unvaccinated, wanna bet?

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  • Nfi, so follow johny boy:

    Fpapists r only good at trying to look smart n arrogant on empty haed. Taiwanese mediabwas well ahead than SIN brownosing media to report Brit johny boy surrenderred n declared that brit has to live with covid n he n his parlia would no longer track covid n that the SIN MTF C19 is following up withjohny boyThe nfi mtf three jokers thought they should make Sinkies happy if they follow brit shit. If goes wrong, they can blame brit govt having advanced infectious diseased expert to advise them n should be wrong to follow the johny boy who in fact wascomrade in arm with trumpic garbages. But karma has it that ktv gave them a fright n havin nfi n on the eve of declaring they surrendered n Sinkies sihould fan themselves n live with Covid 19 the exact johnyboy’s words of surrender n plagiaised by the indecently paid .good for nothing n nfi jwayang clowns. In fright with braibdeath, all they can do is backtracked Hoping ktv will died by itself but karma has them exposed with fish markets n shopping mall freaking out and the cruise ship coming in to char it further.

    Howcome Paul Tambaya, prof of infectious disease was not recruited n allowed to benefit sinkies with
    His experience. Isn’t Paul a member of the opposition n the greedy nfi pap monsters value their faking politics more than the lives of sinkies they vow to serve that they keep n suppress the real experts while they yaya with the lives of those on the island. Eugene being a law professor of lawsn former nmp r sacrificing the truth of law n justice n muted by indranee legalizing confilict of interest committed by lhl in his apptment of his personal lawyer to AG of AGC n the wife of a little mos to AG of AGO with her brownosing garbage of career sucess dependence! Like Tommy they now peek To have a go at the incompletes thought true c19 policy of the NTFvjokers with each ministry going on ownself fff ownself n gorillarising the WTF wayanging braindead jokers playing with the lives of daft sinkies with the crumbs of the trillions they took out n as CCS declared they have zero accountability on what the fxxk they do!

    Professionals, the time is up n stop brownosing. U want $xx millions, try lying the judiciary n humiliate it like the pinoy Maid bully n cootlick else better stand straight n once again regain your integrity, pride of being professional n SPEAK UP like au man no more ratting around in the dark like lhy lwl say About CBs!

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  • Sg no medals:

    “San Marino, a landlocked country entirely hemmed in by Italy, just became the least populous nation ever to nab a medal at the Olympics, according to the organizing committee for the Tokyo games.

    On Thursday Alessandra Perilli won the bronze medal in the women’s trap shooting final, a first for the country of roughly 34,000 residents.”

    Even such a small country has medals in the Olympics.

    Another clear sign that the 4Gs, 3Gs, 2Gs are not capable. Of course, there is the missing Swiss standard promised by old goh.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Navy exercise with UK.


    We need to tell them we are not happy.
    Backstabbing with SZ. Then blackstab terrex. Next Prof Huang fiasco and most current Dickson Yeo fiasco.

    China 搞完一單又一單. 佛都有火.

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  • Not easy:

    This Virus not easy to handle…Very Smart one.
    Cam mutate and fight back.
    Vaccine shot also cannot protect fully so don’t play play.
    Take extra precaution OK ,don’t blame our 4G leader OK?.The best already.

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  • More active action needed:

    Hello the Covid surge is coming OK…
    Don’t play play now.The Virus spread need to be stop asap before it get out of control.
    More will die.That is the reality with Delta much more infectious and deadly.

    Need to ring fence the cases fast…make sure close proximity are given notice fast to do the PCR test.Meanwhile installed Virus killer in Indoor Space and Buses.
    Better safe than sorry.

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