Madam President

It is indeed shocking when Halimah uses her office of the President of Singapore to literally scold Singaporeans so blatantly as if the action of a few black sheeps actually defines the collective behaviour of every Singaporeans.

Yes, Singaporeans should stand by fellow Singaporeans through thick and thin.

Yes, Singaporeans should support our athletes at the ongoing Tokyo2020 Olympics and not be angry should they fail in their missions.

Like any family or social group, there is bound to be some black sheeps, and as adults, we have come to accept this reality so as not to become overly obnoxious or pessimistic.

In the seventies, Singaporeans were harsh on our footballers whenever they play badly but the then President Sheares did not lash out at Singaporeans because he knew the emotions that come with the sport.

Guess what, our footballers look to the positive side of the barrage of criticisms and realized that Singaporeans were standing behind them emotionally too.

The result, our footballers won the Malaysia Cup and bring the greatest glory back to Singapore.

Point is, criticisms when taken positively can be productive for our athletes.

As such, her latest outburst on Facebook shows just how tactless, and displays her lack of wisdom or diplomacy, to be leading the highest public office in Singapore.

At a time when Singapore is so politically divided, and economically impacted by the pandemic, her lack of timely intervention in those areas shows her poor sense of priority or the lack of it.

Already labelled as the “Selected” or “Appointed” President instead of being addressed respectfully as our Elected President, questions ought to be asked if our highest public office can afford accommodating anyone who is tactless, lack the social and emotional intelligences needed or who clearly do not have the diplomacy skills to unite the conflicts of diverse views, opinions and concerns of Singaporeans?

This is imperative as should the nation be devastated by toxic politicking, it is the role of the Elected President to step in to hold the nation together and help Singapore navigate out of any such predicament.

To do so, the Elected President of Singapore must have the respect of the majority and the tact, wisdom and diplomatic skills needed to unite us in times of crisis.

Looking at her latest Facebook post, l am not convinced that she has the key attributes to be leading the highest public office of Singapore.

Unlike her previous political roles where she could take a cheap shot to score political points, she ought to have restraint her emotion and think about the consequences of her public remarks.

As such, l find it troubling that she is merely mimicking the bad behaviour of some incompetent politicians who love blaming Singaporeans for every conceivable problems.

Is this how she plans to define her term in office?

Can respect be earned by making such thoughtless remarks?

With such glaring lack of key attributes and diplomatic skills needed for leadership, l wonder how she could rise up so fast in NTUC to become their Deputy Secretary General, held so many ministerial portfolios or be elected Speaker of Parliament when all these roles require someone who is competent, tactful and has the social and emotional intelligence to be diplomatic in addressing any issue.

One can shout or utter vulgarities or nonsensical remarks in coffeeshop but when in the proper of any of our public offices, there is decorum to follow to keep behaviour in good taste and propriety.

If no one in these organisations has the competency or foresight to realise that she lacks several key attributes for leadership, then the overall integrity of these organisations may be also called to question.

If her latest outburst on Facebook was a honest mistake, then a simple apology would be in order so that we can let the matter rest.

Just hope that she will follow the decorum of our public offices and think before lashing out at Singaporeans in future.

Like many Singaporeans, l remain troubled as l wonder if Singaporeans deserve better…


Joseph Nathan




23 Responses to “Madam President”

  • 6- down:

    The killing of the river valley high requires

    A commission of inquiry which she should have done.another thing she should had done! but how?

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  • 6- down:

    Two most top fxxk incident happen is

    1) faking milk powder

    2) bringing 12 years old school kids to get killed.(tanjong katong primary.

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  • 6- down:

    One thing I notice the covid situation in other country,the police and army are assisting.

    Here clowns.

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  • Poor Halimah:

    She must had been a very sad speaker!

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  • Padam President:

    2022 will see a new Madam/Padam President.
    He/She has to come from our Eurasian community. Isn’t it time to scout for one?

    Who could it be? Jiack Leawby?

    2027 will definitely see a president coming from our Chinese community. Isit too early to comb for one?

    Who could it be? Jiak Liao Bee?

    2032, back to a president coming from our local Indian community (Definitely not from India)

    Who could it be? Jiaga Lobinathan?

    Will every president bear the initials JLB?

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  • Billy ma:

    Wow, those were textbook script.

    Coming from a multi – million salary, it’s a bit rich.


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  • Pinky & Pork Belly Inc.:

    The sad truth is that Schooling was never supported by the government sports funding prior to his Olympics gold success; it was his own dad who forked out a million bucks to place him in the American collegiate swimming circuit. The Pappy military oligarchy have never had any sound or committed approach to materialize the sporting excellence of our young Singaporeans; like Woody Goh’s empty “football fame” boast three decades ago it’s always been about what it is politically expedient to broadcast to the public to look and feel good – damned condescending to sheeples. Anyway, it’s economically cheaper to import sporting medal hopefuls lah!

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  • Worse President:

    She is the most least respected President of SG. An Indian by birth and became a Malay overnight. A shameless person and a puppet of the People Against Party.

    Can’t believe how she goes to bed every night knowing Singaporeans have no respect for her and she only did because of greed and cheap fame.

    She will answer for her karma soon and later to the Almighty, including all the people who made millions out of tax payer money.

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  • Conu eat shit:

    First things first she DOES NOT HAVE THE MANDATE OF SINGAPOREANS. Second this MAHCHEE
    can stoop down so low and declare herself a MALAY even if her I/C says INDIAN.This shows that she can BE BOUGHT and lacks INTERGRITY. She even said that she will not move out of her Yishun home, look what happened.
    Halimah I will say this to your face. YOU ARE JUST A RUBBER STAMP to the policies of the present government you are NOT AN ELECTED PRESIDENT JUST A PUPPET PRESIDENT.

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  • John Richards:

    Truth is, just like the bunch of multi-millionaire Ministers, she doesn’t care how the public perceives her. She’s got her millions to comfort her.

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  • We are looking at you!:

    Unwittingly, milo macik reveals herself to be a very reactive, toxic and low esteemed person tho sitting on the highest office.


    How come like that

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  • flickshit:

    Yes, Singaporeans should stand by fellow Singaporeans through thick and thin. “”

    If you are a good and kind president, why not instruct the CPF Board to return all our CPF money to people to retire peaceful and happily.

    Are you a REAL president of a PUPPET president. Please before you talk, look a the mirror are you a Indian or a Malay.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    Perspectives ….

    Great expectations great disappointment?

    Similar case , malaysia badminton duo Chan Peng Soon goh liu ying also ousted. Malaysian also kpkb until Datuk Lee chong wei come forward, responded, defending them.

    Since some advocate freedom of speech, “black sheep” speak out not wrong. Mdm President speak out also not wrong. Apology ? For what.

    Or u prefer China’s style
    閉嘴也是一種善良 ?

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  • Justify your $m pay lah:

    Important national issues like poor handling of pandemic, flooding of imports displacing locals, quiet as a church mouse.

    One school killing, our athletes not up to the tasks, india-turn-malay quickly come out to kpkb and wayanged like so caring

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  • nathan chen:

    Every one loves a winner. President Halimah, is very noble and understanding. Wishes to continue to support and encourages losers to do better, blah, blah, blah. No sound no picture when our National Football players return empty-handed time and again in major international tournaments without putting a goal into the net at the other end of the field.

    Beware, those who champion the champion to champion themselves. These people do more harm than good for sports.

    Joseph Schooling is finished.

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  • Many suffering under Covid:

    Many Singaporean are suffering under Covid.
    Wish she could do more for the people ,especially those that are suffering now.
    Many business closed down and jobs losts…

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  • ah chik:

    H(alamak)! Chelaka!

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Since Tan Howe Liang’s silver-medal from Rome in 1960, Singapore was never hoping for any medal from the Olympic.

    Came Joseph Schooling won gold in Rio in the last Olympic in a dramatic circumstances, beating three world-class swimmers – including his idol Michael Phelps, a booster for all sport men and women in Singapore.

    What ever Joseph’s record this time in Tokyo, he was already an inspiration for many athletes in Singapore. We have many more promising athletes this time round and in the future, participating in many more Olympics to come.

    Further Joseph Schooling is a true blue Singaporean. Not any import!!

    Unlike an Indian masquerades as a Malay in the Istana!

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  • zoro:

    Singaporean are laughingstock of the world.
    No guts, and act smart.
    Better give up independence and become a province of China.

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  • big fart:

    Haniamah,where is our $100 Billion.
    $100 Billion can buy plenty of gold medals.
    Anyhow approved but no auditing.
    Is it right?

    So,you are supposed to protect our reserves making sure they go to assist citizens when in need.
    Is that the case here?

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  • Smart Nation:

    I didn’t expect the National Anthem to be played this time, nor did I expect him to end at the Heats. I thought he would at least make it to the Final. It was the PAP, not the people, who placed him high up on the pedestal after Rio 2016 with all the fanfare and welcoming Party in Parliament; and the media attention they were getting for themselves as well! If she thinks some netizens have been unkind in their remarks, she should also reflect on all the unkind and cruel things that the Party has inflicted on its political opponents and critics. Defeat is hard to swallow especially when you have been held up as a national hero, but as in any competition, the winner wears the laurel; others walk away empty. in the end, all earthly glory will fade away. What is more important is life itself and that is a gift. I hope his dad, who has sacrificed much for him, will respond well to treatment, and that father and son can spend many more years together.

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  • Lcp:

    Medal won’t change.body will.After winning

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  • AritoCATs - Errr ?:

    Dear Indian-who-is-Certified-Malay President . . .
    Many are now confused how is that possible ???
    More than 39% should know the Power of the Ballot Box !

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