Sports in Singapore, where did my passion go?

Yes, Singapore paddlers as Yu Mengyu progressed to the third round of the women’s singles with a convincing win, however, the news does not seem to excite me.

Since the 2000s, Singapore has been using China Athletes, and in 2008, Singapore did win a medal at the Olympics. It was a nice win, but I did not feel for the sport as much as I did in the SEA games where Singapore-born athletes strived for gold.

The reason given for importing athletes is to increase the level of the game locally and train local athletes, but until today, we are still seeing these Chinese Athletes playing for gold.

The same thing is happening for local jobs. We bring in a lot of foreigners with skills Singaporeans do not possess to train locals. This had worked in the past and many Singapore did pick up skills to work in the MNCs.

However quickly in the 2000s, there seems to be an acceleration in bringing in foreigners to work in Singapore. It feels like the workforce is now dominated by non-locals or non-local born. Our culture is changing — Singapore, a clean and green country is now a “Cleaned and Greened” country.

Why did the education system in Singapore with so many top universities in the world ranking fail to produce workers for Singapore?

Where has this education system failed?

For sports, when are we going to see locals playing for Singapore? Is the system failing to produce good athletes and importing talents does not help to raise the standards locally?

Is importing foreign workers not working for local workers as well?

Let me know your thoughts.

And yes, Japan did win without China Team 2, so it is possible.

Table Tennis-Japan’s Mizutani and Ito clench first Olympic gold

Congrats to Japan Team!


Robin Low


*The author stood as a candidate under the Singapore Democratic Party banner in GE2020





11 Responses to “Sports in Singapore, where did my passion go?”

  • Temusik Patriot:

    Pay & Pay leh!!! Can afford lah!!!.
    Your money hoh??? So why worry…

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  • Asd:

    I think use money exploite the poor from other country to forsake their motherland to play for other country for sake of money

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  • Asd:

    I think enough of wasting tax payer money to fill own pocket by telling fairy tales of world cup or olympic bullshit then leave with pocket fill of money and no accountability

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  • Be REAL:

    Pinky and cronies think money can buy anything and achievements by taking short cut.

    At the end of the day, people aren’t impressed at all or don’t give two hoots about it.

    In fact, people are getting pissed off by this vanity of claiming glory from these fake pieces of recycled metals, not earned through sweat and tears.

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  • I have solution:

    Maybe Haleema wants to approve $100 Billion to buy more FOREIGN OLYMPIC champions?
    $100 Billion can buy a few gold medals.
    Better than using it to give to FTs who rob our jobs?

    $100 Billion is peanuts only?

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  • Smart Nation:

    The Olympics is tied closely to national pride and identity. There is no glory when you induct foreign talent to represent your country at International Games, no matter how many medals they bring home.

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    What the fudge is tis ?

    Many formal champions from other countries also waterloo.

    Many surprises as well. Countries who never win won.

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  • #06-189 GEEK:

    Quite a while ago, some sportsman was airing his grevances.

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  • Answer to Sports?:

    Ask General Cotton, he will have all the answers for our sports problems.

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  • liew mun leong must be jailed:

    back in the 1980s, there were 4 little dragons.

    leading the pack was Hong Kong, followed by Singapore, Taiwan. Last of the 4 was South Korea.

    in less than 30 years, South Korea overtook the other 3.

    other than South Korea, Taiwan did not do too badly too. although Hong Kong deteriorated, it is still in better shape than Singapore.

    Do we mean Singapore has become last of the 4? YES. Singapore is now in last place.

    How can this be so? Well, let us explain why Singapore move backwards during the past 30 years.

    1, every cotton sheep believed in the pap lie. that without pap cotton sheep HDB rental unit value would decline. hahaha. cotton sheep forgot with or without pap, the value of any HDB rental unit goes to zero at the end of rental lease.

    2, pap puts into every sport a pap Lj or pap Cb. whether pap Lj or pap Cb is suitable or not is immaterial. pap wants control. and so pap prefers control than performance. in other words, everything pap touches turn to shit. hahaha. S$m does not give results when the one throwing the S$m is pap. because how can the blind lead the blind well? cannot. pap is a non talent setup. can such non talent lead? cannot.

    3, because pap overpays each other, pap has attracted into its fold a lot of fakes. look at pap chan chun sing. look at pap ong yee kang. look at pap joe tiu. look at pap disgracefool. look at all of them. which one is honestly able to deliver? even pap knows the pap Lj gan kim yong is a washed out. yet gan kim yong continues to be paid S$m year after year doing nothing but washout.

    a nation such as pap run Singapore cannot thrive. it is presently surviving on past goodwill. a time shall come when more things under pap fail. cotton sheep already sees failures in sports. cotton sheep is seeing failures in employment, quality employment. very soon, unless cotton sheep wakes up, cotton sheep shall see their children become chauffers chambermaids to aliens imported by the millions into cotton sheep land.


    cotton sheep asks for it.

    BTW pap throws S$m into making fake rankings. does anyone with a brain really believe pap nus ranks higher than Ivy League Yale?

    hahaha. go figure.

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  • #08-193 Huang Ba Dan Always:

    Sports like arts are heavily regulated. Maybe that’s how the passion went.

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