Hacking of personal data from servers

When I read a news report that personal data has been stolen from the server of a business organization, I am not alarmed.

Even if my data is in that server, I ignore the report.

The data, in most case, comprise of my name, email address and telephone number. Sometimes, it may include the address.

What can the hacker do with that data?

My data is probably among the million of other records that are stolen.

The hacker may sell the email address or mobile number to marketing organizations.

I ignore marketing messages that I am not interested in. I unsubscribe to the mailing service, if a link is provided.

It could be financially risky if my credit card number is stolen. My bank sends an OTP to my mobile number for confirmation. I find this security to be adequate.

It may be troublesome if the hacker is able to access my Google or Facebook account.

This will allow the hacker to change my password and lock me out of the account.

These social media platforms already implemented a way to recover my account using my mail phone or email address.

Maybe, they can send unauthorised messages using my account. They cannot do much harm. I expect my contacts, who receive unauthorised messages from my account, to avoid acting on the messages that may cause them financial loss or distress.

I know that most platforms have implemented adequate measures to protect against the loss of data. They cannot prevent the theft of data totally, especially if it is done by internal staff.

When it happens, they can do what is necessary to minimise the damage.

I know of many people who are paranoid about the loss of security or privacy.

I am not concerned.


Tan Kin Lian




12 Responses to “Hacking of personal data from servers”

  • Doomsday:

    Ah Tan, we are also not concerned about these.

    We are more concerned about the variants of the Covid that keep on evolving.

    We are near to our “DOOMSDAY”, so please STOP writing all these nonsense.

    Seriously, you are not aware what there Hackers can do. You have no forsight. But leave these aside and just make sure you are able to wake up next day without COVID.

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  • Prove it.:

    Please, Mr Tan, prove what you claim
    Put all those details here, and wherever you write online. Then, and only then, we believe that you are not concerned.

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  • @Doomsday

    Breaking, MUST SEE:

    Sinkieland Health Authorities:Delta variant is 1000 times more infectious.

    Regardless of whether one is vaccinated or not, the viral load in Delta strain infected persons is 1000+ times more than the initial C19 strain from Wuhan.

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  • No wonder:

    Somehow, I doubt that number (1000+ times higher) comes from Singapore.

    This article at Univ. California SF cites an article from China’s scientists for that 1000+ number.

    TRE Techie:

    Breaking, MUST SEE:

    Regardless of whether one is vaccinated or not, the viral load in Delta strain infected persons is 1000+ times more than the initial C19 strain from Wuhan.

    Tech: The link I quoted was presented all over the news in China, so if it is false, then I think the MOH should issue a clarification and take the matter up with China’s Foreign Affairs. MOH can choose to POFMA TRE to shut us up, but China will tell the POFMA office to go mate with a spider. lol

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  • MarBowling:

    By Telling the Whole World that he is NOT CONCERNED or WORRIED about his personal data being stolen by hackers, it may indicate that those data are NOT IMPORTANT and contain only PEANUT$ amount in the ACCOUNTS! Sup sup the water!


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  • 4Fs:

    We are more concern about the incompetency of our 4Gs.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    This Mr. TKL is talking more and more nonsense with each passing day.
    I’m glad he never even smell the chance to be Sinkiepore’s President to earn undeserved millions from taxpayers. LOL.

    So, if Tremeritus still actively puts up his rubbish articles up here (maybe just to attract flak/comments/viewers??), then well so be it.

    At least, this “ex-PAPie-bootlicker-turned-crazy-barking-puppy” got something to fill up his now empty timesheets? LOL.

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  • FT DBA:

    Can easily open database see all records and export out sell in black market then buy ticket go home enjoy the millions.

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  • yoda:

    Ya,maybe when they wreak havoc to the hospital data and the doctors give you the wrong medicines or operate your heart instead of your big mouth,

    Will that be harmless to you?
    Well,probably not still?

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  • PAP defeated by COVID-19:

    Straits Times: Covid-19: Time to have new mindset in endemic phase – Han Fook Kwang – Editor-at-Large

    “Individuals and their organisations must take greater responsibility for their own and others’ well-being”

    It is clear COVID has become endemic. The PAP plan was to contain the virus (zero clusters, zero community spread, zero or at most very few imported cases) while vaccinations are going on. But the fumble of the Shanmugam, the Minister of Home Affairs caused the resurgence of the virus and it can no longer be controlled with the number of clusters over 120 and still rising. He did not foresee the abuse of the boyfriend/girlfriend criteria for allowing foreigners into the country on social visit pass. A young Vietnamese woman was allowed in because she claimed she has a Singaporean boyfriend. She actually came to Singapore to work as hostess in KTV lounges. She got the virus and passed it to somebody working at the Jurong Fisheries Port. This person infected many person who work in wet markets all over Singapore. The rest is history. BTW, Shanmugam has not accepted responsibility and apologised. This the typical PAP hubris.

    PAP failed big time. It fumbled its way through the pandemic and used the countries reserves to clean up the mess it created by its many failures.

    So what Han Fook Kwang said is true individuals and organizations must take greater responsibility for their own and other’s well being BECAUSE the PAP cannot do it BECAUSE of its stupidity and incompetence

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  • Safe Data:

    Always assume that your data is not safe or secured…do not store critical information on the internet.
    Better safe than sorry.

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  • #06-195 Ah Lee Baba me 3:

    Strangers whasapp me to say hi.
    I get dubious job offers promising lots of easy money.
    Other people gt overseas calls.

    You data might have been sold.

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