Is the vaccine really effective?

Someone, who is doubtful about vaccination, said that the statistics on serious illness between vaccinated and unvaccinated people are not reliable. He argues that many older people have existing medical conditions and do not want to be vaccinated. This contributed to a higher rate of serious illness and deaths.

His statement is true, to some extent.

However, the researchers are aware of the bias and has dealt with it in a proper manner. They carry out randomized studies by taking two groups of people with similar profiles, such as age and medical conditions. They vaccinated one group and not the other group. The measure the outcome at the end of the trial.

This allows the researcher to make a conclusion about the efficacy of the vaccine with a high degree of confidence, i.e. by removing the bias.

The researcher also tests the safety level of the vaccines, i.e. that it does not cause serious side effects.

The health authorities studied the results of many clinical trials before they conclude that the vaccine is effective.

The panel of experts have to study the results of many clinical trials before reaching a conclusion.

I have seen many non-experts making conclusions based on vidoes shared online. Several of these videos are not balanced, as they use data selectively to support their hypothesis. .These conclusions are likely to be wrong.

Now, I share my views on whether the vaccine is truly effective?

I believe that it is. I trust that the experts know their stuff and have made the correct conclusion from the trial results.

There is still a small chance that the experts may be wrong.

The arguments support the alternative hypothesis, i.e. that the vaccines is not effecitve, has lower credibility.

I advise the general public to trust the experts and not be misled by unreliable videos.



Tan Kin Lian





13 Responses to “Is the vaccine really effective?”

  • Mangkisi Mangkidu:

    In this New World Order, Man has taken a new name: Mangkisi Mangkidu.

    Whatever the experts exspurted over the mainstream media is taken as wholly truth when many a time, it’s just some kind of holycrap.

    Conspiracy after conspiracy, lies after lies, Man still have not learnt and understood The Purpose of Life.

    Is life all about amassing wealth and forget about others suffering in bright daylight or in silence?

    Time will tell when this Covidious Age will ever end or never at all. And when it does, it’s time for Man to answer the Divine Inquiry: HOW did you acquire your wealth and HOW did you spend it?

    mRNA vacs are somewhat experimental drugs at its early stage, not really biological vaccines.

    Perhaps, BigTime Investors of some Pharmaceutical Giants are the ones who are pushing the masses to an overdrive of Vaccination campaign so they can amass astronomical wealth to live forever and ever? Lo! And behold! They have forgotten that they are mere mortals.

    Know that GOD, THE ALMIGHTY has the power to reduce all the accumulated wealth to nothingness just by saying: BE! and it is!

    Ghosh! Long time passing. When will we ever learn?

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  • oxygen:

    THIS ARTICLE LACKS profundity. Where is the source reference in support of the author’s shallow propaganda broadcasting?

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  • oxygen:

    JUST TAKE A LOOK AT REMOTE MINING CAMPS of listed mining entities in Africa, Latin America and Alaska – the repeated cycles of “breakthrough” re-infection of those vaccinated (and presumably cured) tells the truth/falsity claims of vaccine effectiveness.

    The so-called “panel of experts” found dumbfounded of explanation ALL DIAM DIAM DIAM to explain this anomaly.

    Over in Down Under, mining entities reported skilled labor shortage/manpower in exploration drilling. The reason? Lockdown in inter-state travel and labor mobility means miners cannot fly in temporary skilled drillers for even short-term one week or 2 weeks very small scale exploration drilling work. If vaccine works, THIS WON’T HAPPEN.

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  • TKL is lost:

    Your description is general procedure. You have to look at the actual studies and actual data. Your post has ZERO data.

    Conclusion: only talking cock.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    To TKL (the ex-PAPy-boot-licker-FAILED-EP-now-prolific-online-commentator?),

    Go and check out this very BALANCED communications from a doctor who cite actual DATA from medical studies, and not propaganda or mindless political-motivated drivel like Mr. TKL.

    In summary, the preliminary scientific data shows its better to get “natural immunity” than compared to vaccines.

    The caveat, being of course, IF you don’t die from the infection first, and for COVID-19 & variants, the probability for young healthy persons to actually die from it is very low.

    If the disease you’re facing is say Polio or Ebola (with a high probability of dying), then yes, vaccination makes sense, but multiple data points are npw showing this COVID is actually becoming somewhat like “seasonal flu”, so is it really worth the RISKS of taking unTESTED (mRNA) vaccines versus letting your own body get “natural immunity”?
    You weight the risks for yourself.

    Bear in mind, that no one has addressed the ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: Which is alternative re-purposed medicines such as Ivermectin or Fluvoxamine, for use in the PREVENTION of infection as well as effective EARLY TREATMENT for infected patients/persons.

    ASK your MPs/doctors WHY everyone is CENSORING Ivermectin. Is it because it is a CHEAP, SAFE yet EFFECTIVE solution for COVID (and variants), but Big Pharma cannot make billion$$$ from it, since its patent already expired back in 1996? LOL.

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  • opposition dude:

    The thing about the vaccines being effective or not depends on one’s viewpoint based on what they have read and making their own judgment.

    The story has been quietly changed from vaccines protect you to vaccines REDUCING the strength of the virus so to speak. Which means, in my view, a DOWNGRADE of the supposed “truth” that the vaccines PREVENT (not protect hor) you from being infected in the first place. The newspaper keeps touting that “Continued research indicates that vaccination is effective” which, as usual, is half true since we do have partially and fully jabbed people in hospital requiring oxygen supplementation.

    What is missing, as usual, is data we need. For partially and fully jabbed people how many have been infected? How man have died, if any? We are always given some blanket statement like “Of the 60 in hospital 40 are either not vaccinated or partially vaccinated.”. Just how many of these 40 are unvaccinated and partially vaccinated is never revealed.

    And when data isn’t revealed it makes people suspicious.

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  • MarBowling:

    Based on the Holee comments by Tan Golden Chain above,

    We have 2 Choices:

    1. BELIEVE Tan Golden Chain = BELIEVE all those so-called Scientists cum Experts = the Vaccines, especially the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are EFFECTIVE. SAFETY AND LOONG TERM SIDE EFFECTS ARE SECONDARY!

    2. TELL Tan Golden Chain to go FLY Kite at East Coast Park = Show the Middle Finger to mRNA vaccines like Pfizer and Moderna! Some may prefer to go for the 3rd choice of vaccination by Traditional Chinese Inactivated virus vaccines like Sinovac and Sinopharm.

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  • Harder Truths:

    There is now a HUGE push for governments to get everyone vaccinated ,even though the vaccines are really trial drugs and made for fun and profit. The next stage is to go after those who are unvaccinated and force them to do it.

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  • an Idiot:

    When a person thinks he is very smart and attempts to show it to the public, he is actually stupid.

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  • 666=18:

    The mark of the b**** as stated in the Bible?

    Harder Truths:
    There is now a HUGE push for governments to get everyone vaccinated ,even though the vaccines are really trial drugs and made for fun and profit. The next stage is to go after those who are unvaccinated and force them to do it.

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  • kannan:

    Tan Kin Lian would have a stronger case if he quoteshow India reduced its daily infection from 400,000 to 40,000. This is unbelieveable achievement for any country.

    And India did it by vaccination. QED.

    Just believe the Indian experts and Indian data. Even the Americans don’t question the data or called it lies or half truth. So must be the truth.

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  • sad:

    Protect…reduce… not effective ?
    Virus 1 Vaccine 0

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