Evacuation from Afghanistan

The Taliban and the US have agreed on a deadline of 31 August for the US and allied forces to evacuate from Afghanistan.

During this time, the Taliban cooperated with the US to ensure a safe passage for the authorized people to travel to the airpor, which is under the control of the US.

The US has requested for an extension of the deadline beyond 31 August.

The Taliban has rejected this request.

This is probably an negotiating position. Maybe there will be some agreement reached to extend the deadline.

The Taliban wants to get some concession from the US. Maybe they want the Afghan assets that are frozen in America to be released.

What will happen after 31 August, if there is no agreement reached on the extension and the US is not able to complete the evacuation then?

I expect the Taliban will put some form of pressure, but will not use military means. They do not want to give an excuse for the US military to attack them.

Here is a view from the Asia Times.

Do you agree?

Tan  Kin Lian





10 Responses to “Evacuation from Afghanistan”

  • Harder Truths:

    Afghanistan is called the Graveyard of Empires. Every empire has tried and failed.

    $ingapore is called the Graveyard of $inkaporeans. Every non-elite $inkaporean has tried and failed.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Dear TKL,
    U$A got themselves in such dire situation because :
    1. their leader Joe Biden and all the Senators are not paid market rate….as such they have no quality people at the top.
    2. constant changing of government result in no continuation of good policy…
    3. U$A is on the brink of bankrupt and has to hastily pull out.


    Those with U$ or RMB, better sell it off now.

    Majullah $PAP$ $PAP$ Huat$ Huat$ Huat$

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  • Minister changed job:

    “Former Afghan communications minister Syed Saadat is now working as a takeaway delivery driver in Leipzig.

    The 50-year-old packed his bags and left Afghanistan in 2020 after becoming fed up of the government’s corruption, quitting his ministerial role and starting a new life in Germany.”

    Note this minister got degrees from Oxford. He should have learned from fellow students not to be fed up. Become up fed by gov corruption.

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  • A Global Fascist Consortium:

    The Taliban’s return to power will surely energise and embolden other terrorist groups in the larger global jihadist movement. Furthermore, the Taliban, a creature of Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence, still receives significant aid from Pakistan’s military.

    So, while the facile Biden says that Afghanistan’s future is now in its own hands, it is actually mostly in Pakistani hands.

    The Taliban’s resurgence in Afghanistan helps CCP China in other ways, too. Given that Pakistan is a Chinese client, the US withdrawal paves the way for CCP China to make strategic inroads into Afghanistan, with its substantial mineral wealth and strategic location between Pakistan and Iran.

    CCP China would achieve this by offering the Taliban the two things it desperately needs: International recognition and economic aid.

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  • Kaiju:

    A new romance of three kingdoms will arise in Afghanistan.

    The conflict area will spread eastward and southward to Pakistan and triggers a nuclear retaliation.

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  • No wonder:

    So right. One kingdom is holding the Emperor hostage. Whatever they say, is the Imperial Rule of Law.

    A new romance of three kingdoms will arise in Afghanistan.

    The conflict area will spread eastward and southward to Pakistan and triggers a nuclear retaliation.

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  • Biden:

    Biden has let many down…especially those left behind to face the Taliban.
    Mishandle the withdrawal process…
    Should fired those involved…incompetent.
    Maybe to include himself and Harris…

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  • WP Voter:

    I agree that Biden and his gang are losers who does not know how to negotiate. In fact, they surrendered to the Taliban to stab the Afgan government in the back.

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  • macro:

    Ask yourself why that plenty weapons were left behind?

    It is not known that americans will being back all weapons to America after a prolonged conflict.

    First, it is not cost-effective to bring back depreciated assets tens of thousands kilometers away.

    Second, it can still make some money for pre-owned items and parts which will be written-off as depreciation, lost or damaged.

    Third, to make the region tense, weapon is needed. It is fast moving consumable goods – FMCG. Taliban needs it, for sale or for own consumption, ISIS needs it. North forces less need for it.

    And perhaps, XinJiang and Tibets will welcome it.

    It is correct to leave Afghanistan. It is not wrong to leave hastily.
    Biden should be replaced, and welcome the return of the king.

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  • Observer:

    It is so obvious CCP is big winner when Taliban stabilizes Afghanistan.

    CCP can implement OBOR Pro Max through Afghanistan to Iran.

    Afghanistan is site of 5,000-year-old Great Khorasan Road. Easiest way from Xi-An to Tehran.

    And do you think Taliban will bring left-behind American weapons to China for reverse engineering?

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