Why are we ‘squeezing’ the most vulnerable of our gig workers?

(ST, 31 Aug) “High motorcycle COE prices worry both new and experienced riders”

The COE for motorcycles reached $9,500 in August. A dealer who was interviewed by the ST said that the high prices could be due to the drop in average monthly motorcycle quota from 1,228 pieces for May to July to 889 from August to October.

One person who was interviewed said: “There are two types of people who ride – those who can’t afford cars, and those who ride for the love of riding. The first group is going to be affected the most.”


The pandemic has seen more people working from home and ordering takeaways. With a concurrent increase in unemployment, many unemployed S’poreans have joined the ‘gig’ economy by being courrier and food delivery riders. This is made possible due to technological apps such as LalaMove and Deliveroo.

When COE prices hit such a high level, is the government not aware of the possibility that it increases the barriers to entry for this group of gig workers, who may be struggling to make ends meet?

Also, would these increases in costs not be indirectly, passed down to consumers?

Also, the article noted that some bike dealers have profited from this increase as the value of their inventories have gone up as people are now willing to pay more for second-hand bikes given that new bikes also cost more.

Why are we, arguably, ‘squeezing’ the most vulnerable of our gig workers and facilitating businesses to treat essential transport as a profit making tool?


Leong Sze Hian




9 Responses to “Why are we ‘squeezing’ the most vulnerable of our gig workers?”

  • LongTong Ai Hum:

    As long as they control the supply and demand you die your business. During run-up to GE, normally very peaceful. After GE, take back time. Stupid!

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  • Ah Ha:

    Hey, why worry, get an e-bike, no COE, no insurance, travel anywhere you like, street, path, pavements, void decks, shopping malls, absolutely NO speed limits anywhere, NO rules to follow, park anywhere, no penalty, complete freedom at a lot less than 10% the cost.

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  • Uselesstankl:

    My advice is,


    we don’t need to pay million dollars for

    ” GARBAGE ” ministers !!!


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  • Uselesstankl:

    With malaysian chinese as PREFFERED race,
    Via imports by thousands,

    Such sinkies will die a slow but painful death…

    Hoching, smrt Saw, Khaw boon wan, lim swee say, jo teo, killing you softly BUT SURELY !!!


    sinkies will surely but die a painful death

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  • their never ending hunger:

    //Why are we ‘squeezing’ the most vulnerable of our gig workers?//

    aiyoh. if don’t squeeze the vulnerable (vulnerable right ??), how are the exploiters of such vulnerable people manage to increase their own wealth, drive bigger posh cars (or many cars ??), own many properties, send their children to good schools overseas and go for many holidays ??? someone must be be contented (to earn pittance) in order to satisfy the voracious appetite of another fellow ???? lagi good if all of this is built into the system for all the like minded glutton to satiate their never ending hunger ???

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  • xoxo:

    Becos they are daft sgs who love getting screwed

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  • nitrogen:

    coe for cars can understand.

    coe for bikes? is nothing but a money grubbing scheme.

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  • opposition dude:

    PAP won’t give 2 hoots about anyone. As far as they are concerned COEs mean $$$ and that’s all there is.

    You die your pasar remember?

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  • sad situation:

    Always the poor and the underemployed get screwed…
    Sad but true…
    More need to be done for them.

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