Stop testing for Covid-19

My friend made this comment – We should stop all testing and just focus on the people who reported sick. We are doing so many test daily to catch people with covid but they are well. This frightens people unnecessarily.

I agree with my friend. There is no point worrying about people who are infected but not sick. When they recover, they actually get better immunity.

If we focus on the sick people and treat them, most will recover. A small percentage will need to be treated in hospital, and they will also recover.

The number that becomes very sick, i.e. need oxygen or ICU care, will remain small.

We only need to panic when the very sick becomes big. This is not likely to happen.

All the testing and restriction measures are largely wasteful. They do not really deal with the problem.

We already have over 80% vaccinated. Why are we still behaving like earlier, when there was no vaccine?


Tan Kin Lian




13 Responses to “Stop testing for Covid-19”

  • Okchan:

    Same.tempreature taking took one year to realised that no use taking.

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  • #08-193 Huang Ba Dan Always:

    Just proves one thing, doesn’t it?

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  • Okchan:

    Long long time ago in China got show the infected people houses front door are being nail by planks or chained lock out(in).HISTORY…do really repeat itself but/only in different setting and with people.where got temperature or swap!

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  • Open Community Centre again:

    Since we expect more Hugh cases again ,better to open the Expo Community Treatment Centre again for mild Vaccinated cases to recover.
    Send only serious cases to Hospital.

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  • Smart Nation:

    The current approach of testing everyone in close contact is the kiasu approach.
    Testing should only be done on those who have symptoms, and if positive, to be quarantined and treated immediately at a facility or hospital, depending on how serious is the condition. If the govt treats this as an endemic, people should have the option of walking into a polyclinic/private clinic to get tested at no cost. If ART shows positive with symptoms, quarantine right away; if negative, treat it as normal flu symptoms while waiting for PCR test to come back. You don’t send everyone home just because someone in the office caught a flu, do you? If everyone in the office is fully vaccinated, there is no threat of serious illness if infected. Just get tested when symptoms show and then be quarantined at a facility if positive.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    I didn’t bother to read TKL’s comment except his last sentence caught my attention.

    “We already have over 80% vaccinated. Why are we still behaving like earlier, when there was no vaccine?”

    Basically, his question already answers itself – that the (mRNA) vaccines are basically USELESS. LOL.

    Think Sinkies. Think…or maybe its too difficult for Sinkies with SSS. LOL.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Same. tempreature taking took one year to realised that no use taking.

    That was where the 100,000 employment came from. Anyway these temperature takers can now join Tray Return Ambassadors, before they are taken up by the hawker centers cleaners!!

    We have so many meaningless occupations now!

    We are already using Trace Together app/token for safe-entry, but we still have shops inside malls and another facilities using the QR code scanners! Even worse, if one is to go from one shop to another in the same facility, you need to scan several times!!

    Any direction given by the Task force? Or the Malls’ Management did not get the memo?

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  • Logic or data:

    I can see what the writer is coming at, but …….

    This is like letting a tree (the covid) growing inside a house (the island). The tree may look nice and you can boast to your friends that you have live with a tree inside your house. But this tree still requires a lot of maintenance.

    As the tree grows, you can prune it only when necessary (treating the very sick only). But if you ignore the fact that the tree is still growing (mutating) , it will overshoot the roof and the branches and roots will bulldoze through the house. Only then do you realise that you should have cut off the tree completely, and that the tree shouldn’t be inside the house in the first place.

    But if the story is about a potted plant, then maybe it is doable…

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  • opposition dude:

    People want to know the daily cases because this damn thing has already killed 50+ on the island and no one wants to die. If this thing hardly killed anyone then no one would bother. Worldwide it has already killed 4 million and that isn’t a small number.

    PAP has already said that hospital beds could well be overwhelmed if this virus keeps infecting people. At the end of the day the fewer infected then the fewer people need to be hospitalised and given oxygen supplementation.

    The more important thing is to stop people from coming in. PAP were far too careless when they so casually said that Delta got through the airport’s defences ha ha ha so now we should expect both of Delta’s friends, Lambda and Mu, to be here eventually as well.

    So it’s better to keep testing for the virus so as not to have too many lying in hospital beds for god knows how long.

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  • Protect Aristocrats Party:

    Panic only when the number of infected people becomes very sick becomes BIG? And Mr Tan thinks it is not likely to happen? Mr Tan, where covid19 is concerned, you have a lot to learn from your good friend Goh MS! It seems so far he has always been right in his deductions / predictions.

    Life has been good to you, thus you’re so complacent right, Mr Tan? But not everyone is lucky like you, please don’t play play with people’s life. So, shhh….. don’t try to be too clever by giving so many kay-kiang suggestions, can? Even Dr Tan CB has been keeping quiet about this pandemic.

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  • xoxo:

    TKL,seriously,your brain needs a *booster* shot?

    You need to see a brain doctor.

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  • MarBowling:

    Our Family Indonesian maid has to undergo a PCR test before she is allowed to BOARD the plane back to her hometown. It costed $160. Some clinics are charging $200!

    Tan Golden Chain wants to do away with TESTING! He must be JOKING!Notwithstanding whether those TESTING procedures and the “EXPENSIVE” gadgets use to CHURN out the Negative or Positive Result, SO FAR NO ONE has Questioned the EFFICACY and RELIABILITY of those PCR Tests! 95% or ONLY 30%? Anyway, like the manufacturers of those Holee Pfizer vaccines, these PCR testing stuffs and what not, are BIG MONEY STUFF REAPING in $billions REVENUE! Looks like the Manufacturers of the mRNA vaccines and the PCR Tests are Bedmates for a LOONG LOONG Time!

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  • The Forces of Alien:

    The decision is top down and Earth is under quarantined by Draco and Reptilians who in turn control Nazi trained Globalist who won the war after WW1 and WW2. Nazi did not lost the war. They won and sacrifice al germans and Japanese soldiers who help rulers to kill all as Satanist bloodshed rituals to serve the Dark forces. After WW 2, all are rules by financial numbers to confuse all and own all life and resources with infinity numbers.

    Covid is the last struggle which this syndicate is planning for global genocide repeat what was happen in Spain and driving towards global economic meltdown and manifest WW3.

    This plan has failed as exposed by Q and this Operation lockdown is speedup bu Trump secret covert war call Operation warp speed. This covid plan was originally plan to execute for 20 years for global micro control with crypto currencies and social credit to rules all for next thousand years after a a natural Armageddon which may or may not happen.

    This group of being came 3300 years ago from Orion according to RA and Bhudda came 3600 years ago and Jesus Christ came 2000 years ago all highlight this plan with mark of the Beast which rules who can buy and who cannot. This is not simply PAP decisions they are simply execute orders of techno corporate ruled by ET, ICC International Corporate Conglomerate, Reptilians. They chose and create Royalty in every countries becoming King Queen, Prime Minister, President to run the Earth.

    You will not able to change this Global forces for social distancing, mask, AI, cybercops, cryptocurrencies, social credits as these syndicates are determines to depopulate and kill all ignorants following their cult AI decisions of Global warming, AI, Big Data and a rulers more powerful than UN in Bilderberg and now World Economic Forum.

    You have to know all dots in Deep State mind map before you can decipher what are they are planning to do. Genocide and murdering Doctors and Nurse for Nuremberg must be carefully think as the Nazi are good at killing people who obey they order once the plan has completed. Just like Nazi bombing Japan with their own German and Japan Scientist in Manhattan executed by Nazi warplane which they now called American.

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