Serve Them Right

‘Fare revenue collected by LTA fell 30% in FY2021 as public transport ridership slumped during pandemic’.

I will be blunt. I say, serve them right. Let me explain.

The C19 pandemic has indeed affected many businesses especially the F&B, hospitality, travel related industries and the built environment sector etc, however, the effects on businesses are uneven. Some businesses and industries continue to do well such as the financial sector, the biotechnology industry and the telcos etc.

In one of my past commentaries, I have publicly chastised our public bus companies, both SBS Transit and SMRT and by extension LTA’s top management for being complacent and resting on their laurels for failing to maximise profits for their organisations.

There are thousands and thousands of SBS and SMRT buses, taxis and trains plying and crisscrossing Singapore 365 days a year and 24/7.

MRT is a monopoly and moving public buses and taxis are very, very visible, however, paid advertisements on them by advertisers are so few and super pathetic. Paid advertisements on our buses, taxis and trains can be a very respectable revenue source if only the top managements at LTA, bus, taxis and MRT corporation are sharp and enterprising enough to recognise it and capitalise on it instead of letting potential advertising revenue go to waste, year after year after year..

Companies such as Starhub, Singtel, property agents and banks marketing their services and credit cards, I believe, will be more than happy to advertise on them.

I suspect that when top people become too cozy in their comfort zone and in our local lingo, ho koon ho jia, then any drive and motivation to scale greater heights or to initiate any changes even for the improvement of their compay’s bottom line become lethargy. I guess that is only human.



Simon Lim




9 Responses to “Serve Them Right”

  • opposition dude:

    Don’t be too happy about their falling revenue because the PTC will announce a fare increase to cover for it. Don’t forget we are going to be paying GST for online purchases soon hor.

    And I’m sure a lot have also forgotten that GST will be jacked up to 9% next year or after as well.

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  • Unthinking Simon:

    Think. WTF has ad revenue got to do with fare revenue?

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  • Fire:

    Many companies go bankrupt.

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  • You die your business:

    Fare revenue collected by LTA fell 30% in FY2021 as public transport ridership slumped during pandemic’.

    Means…..mrt and bus fares are going to be raised soon .
    Electricity tariffs are up already this month!
    Now theyre talking about raising the retirement age to 65…probably by next year.
    No jobs for seniors but the gov is forcibly holding back our cpf monies.
    Suicide rates among seniors shot up last year…DOES THE HEARTLESS GOV CARE?
    This gov spent bil$ on foreigners and businesses so now theyre grabbing back every cent spent…only its the ordinary folks who’ll suffer the endless price increases.

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  • A:

    Perhaps you will look back on saw phaik hua’s time as the golden era of MRT?

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  • John Do:

    No big deal – public fares, fees, can be raised anytime as and when they fancy, unlike hawkers selling food for eg – captured markets has one huge advantage.

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  • xoxo:

    Less parking fines as people stay at home.
    No ERP extra money as no need enter CBD.

    BUT BE CAREFUL,they will hatch other $chemes to COLLECT MORE MORE MONEY as thats their MAIN KPI?

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  • don't be smart:

    Donkey years ago, we have advertisements posters and stickers all over the train and bus windows, so much so they obstruct the clear view for commuters to look outside!! Many commuters complained, that’s why you don’t see advertisement posters any more!!
    Please don’t encourage the clowns to repeat this source of income!!
    As a monopoly, and being paid obscenely, they have to come out with new ideas to generate income, not by the easy way out….increasing fares!!

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  • #06-195 Lee Sor Gua:

    Probably advertising on buses and cabs are a thing of the past, just like putting ads in newspapers and magazines.

    And please all you MRT operators, hire males for male toilet and ditto for female restrooms. I don’t want to be taking a leak and have the lady jan walk in as though she owns the place.

    If you can’t, then don’t have men and ladies rooms. Have open jamban where both sexes can go in and shit..

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