Covid-19 travel advisory on Singapore

I smile to myself when I read that the United States has raised it C19 travel advisory to the highest level on Singapore and Germany has also classified Singapore as a C19 high risk country.

Singaporeans by and large have been very, very docile and patient with the incompetence of the MTF so far and I can sense that even among my hardcore pap supporter friends, their well-conditioned, hard-core mentality and patience with the pap MTF are beginning to wane in the face of persistent high infection numbers, the C19 impact on their businesses and the unacceptable C19 mortality among our population. I wish them well and I hope that nobody at home got infected and/or succumbs to C19.

Too many Singaporeans are too used to habitually and blind sucking pap’s koyok instead of thinking about issues independently and objectively in our ‘uniquely pap eco-system’ rule but even that is bending under tremendous C19 stress and I think that is one consolation from this pandemic. Even previously meek, automatic and sucking pap supporters are beginning to dare ask some small smarter and harder questions.

Unlike suckerporeans who are still blissfully sucking in their comfort zones, the US and the German government are not blindly sucking to the flip flop narratives and grandmother stories of the MTF. I liken them to frogs that have the instincts to jump out immediately when put into hot water instead of suckerporean frogs that will swim harder and harder and try to adjust and adapt in hotter and hotter water. We know how the story ends.

They have done the right things in the interest of their citizens. If I were them, I would have done exactly the same thing. I won’t be surprised that more countries would follow their decisions and not accord us the same courtesy or reciprocity even when we extend vaccinated lanes to their citizens.

In pure and simple terms, their actions are tantamount to a slap to the face of the pap’s MTF. I wonder just how many suckerporeans understand that subtleness?



Simon Lim




6 Responses to “Covid-19 travel advisory on Singapore”

  • Harder Truths:

    It is about time the $G citizen was wiped out of existence. People who can’t or won’t look after their own livelihood will perish. No one owes us a living. The citizens has allowed things to go too far in the hope that they themselves will somehow benefit while only others will suffer.

    Below is an extremely important analysis by a high level expert that explains and documents the engineering of the gain of function Covid virus driven by Tony Fauci and the engineered “vaccine” which is not a real vaccine but a concoction designed to produce endless variants of the virus, health injuries, deaths, infertility, and the injection of metallic markers for control purposes.

    This is not a conspiracy theory in the sense used by the media meaning that it is false. What the explanation does is to reveal a conspiracy against humanity. This long article is the true explanation of what is being done to us.

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  • As I have said many times, only those whose brains are in their arses will even want to consider cumming to Sinkieland, even though Sinkieland has opened its legs customs big big.

    I am sure there are many other safer countries to go to for whoring holidaying. lol

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  • 666 Sign of the Times:

    The obedient Singaporeans and the good science people were always there from the beginning….. but the Emperor Dowager made selfish cavalier political decisions for his “Sinchiapor Incorporated” in the last 8 months that have led to this viral eruption:

    1) While India was burning up with up to 4000 covid deaths per day, and all the countries of the world had blockaded Indian travellers, Pinky played his joker card and admitted Indian social visit passes and their Delta variants.

    2) Just months later, as if they had no benefit of hindsight, Pinky now admitted Vietnamese fiancees who turned out to be Karaoke hostesses and their viruses; and in case you don’t recall, Pinky downgraded Karaoke clubs from “entertainment” to “F&B” so that they could operate in partial lockdown mode!

    3) In late August, Pinky stubbornly insisted against all medical counsel to the contrary, to stage the National Day Parade involving assemblies of thousands of people.


    All hail the Emperor Dowager of the Covid Red Dot playground of the world!

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  • opposition dude:

    Yup it was reported on Channel News Asia too. Ha ha ha how we love seeing PAP get embarrassed over and over again hor? The 4G clowns can continue talking whatever shit they want, nothing changes the FACT that we have been upgraded to a high risk country by both Germany and the US.

    So come on MTF, we wait for your latest bullshit nonsense since we all need a good laugh every other week!

    Remember, 3000 CASES DAILY PLUS VACCINATED SENIORS PASSING ON DAILY IS NOT GOOD NO MATTER WHAT PAP SAYS HOR!! If you have got no brains and can’t think or figure this out by yourself then no medicine can help you liao!

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  • Fire:

    Very Sharp.

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  • Trust only myself:

    Open up for what………more and more countries putting Singapore in high risk category.

    Who are those coming here?
    Not tourists, more like those coming here to replace stupid guys in their jobs…..

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