Naive Parents Pressing Local Kids To Study Hard

These days, I see a lot of feedbacks on social media, WSG and job related social media that a lot of local graduates from local schools are finding it very hard to land even interviews. Abundance of PMETs who lost their jobs during the pandemic have failed to land any interviews after thousand of applications. The age of PMETs being unemployed due to pandemic or lost their jobs is getting younger. An article quoting 36 year old diploma sending over 1000 applications to look for clerical job found nothing. But you see the establishment created some stories about PMETs wanting $10,000 job and waited for three years and downgrade to $3000 but still waiting. You see abundance of Internet Brigades using this story to persuade public that Singaporeans are choosy bypassing the actual issue that there is not enough jobs for 9.9M population nor 5.6M population.

The reality is more and more locals are downgrading or encourage to downgrade after 30s to self employed jobs like PHV, Food Delivery and self employed like hawker, insurance and real estate. The establishment even promoted a new Diploma in hawking, isn’t it? From many years, the ministers kept saying, “Don’t study degree if you cant eat it!”. Do you think they did not see this coming? Or we are the only ones who refused to heed their advice?

From population of 3M to 5.6M today, the population has grown almost doubled. Did the jobs grow in tandem? The open legs of immigration has invited all kind of third world migrants to come for better life, they are given jobs under the “Foreign Talent” brand. These days, even a bank selling insurance is a foreign talent from Myanmar who is probably a PR or new citizen, this is a job that Singaporean can’t do. This is why the establishment needs to fund their studies in Singapore and help them to land jobs. The second point is one migrant moves to this island, he or she would bring the whole village. And foreigners hire foreigners, irregardless that they are PRs or new citizens, this is the truth of things. This explains why now more half the working population or population are foreign born.

The funny part is you see all the parents are fighting for their kids to be sent to a good school, do well and get a degree to ensure a good life in Singapore. But if they look carefully, most of the local grads from our top ranked universities are now relegated to driving PHV or doing food delivery. After 30s, their chances of being relegated or replaced by migrants are high. The migrants need jobs to settle in Singapore, so surely jobs are heavily competed and tilted since more than half the population are foreign born. So if you look at the future, your children have high chance of becoming PHV or taxi driver when they grow older. So why do you push them so hard when you know their future could be such? You are believing your children will go to RI and then be a multi million minister?

Wake up lah bodo….


Mdm Tan




19 Responses to “Naive Parents Pressing Local Kids To Study Hard”

  • Stupid Singaporeans:

    Mdm Tan is barking at the wrong tree. 望子成龙 is nothing wrong. Knowledge gained is lifetime gain. Your degrees will not go to waste, when the day you kick our PAP and change the system to kick out many FTs, get your lunch back.

    The main cause is PAP. The solution is to kick them out. The message should be naive stupid Singaporeans never use their brains to kick out PAP for the stake of their children’s future.

    But I totally agreed with her last sentence, worth repeating – Wake up lah bodo.

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  • Marie Doe:

    From another angle I analyze – writer is emphazing the PAP Administration has fooled SGpns wildly, intelligently, to believe their education is world class, even some subjects adopted by many other countries.

    And the PAP certainly is assuredly patting themselves they are not doing badly. If they are doing badly how come 1000s and 1000s of foreigners invade onto SG for many years ago, and all love to be SG citizens. (Of course the wise will know the outcome years to come, when new citizens became old).

    And the writers is also highlighting the PAP Administration IS RENEWING SGpns with more pro PAP people, to be citizens (BUT SOME NOT SERVING NS with courtesy of PAP ‘corrupted’ policies).

    Lastly the writer is IMPLYING DO NOT BUT INTO PAP Administration education style because FOREIGNERS with FAKE DEGREES earn good living in SG.

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  • illiterate pap voters:

    We see daily pap PA pad IBs everywhere in Internet trying to BS cotton sheep.

    As long as cotton sheep continues to vote pap, what is any joblessness to lament about?

    It is not pap’s fault for cotton sheep to be jobless in own land of birth since pap is put in power by cotton sheep, meaning cotton sheep asks for it.

    We have this neighbor in HDB lamenting son with pap NUS degree no job and she doesn’t like NS because her son must serve NS but each time there is GE she votes pap. How to fight stupidity like that?


    So unless every local born with pap NUS degree is an insurance agent or property agent or grab agent or pandafood agent, there is zero chance for anything to improve. Because improvement requires a New Government under PSP WP.

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  • Marie Doe:

    I presume the sheep only fear darkness when they see ghosts.
    My presumptious comparison would be like, when SIA die, SPH (dying), Keppel kenna cancer, DBS falling into shit, or when more SG kids kenna covid – then hopefully SG sheep can realise ‘Oh Shit’ what happen, why PAP like that.

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  • C’est la vie:

    It needs to get worse, and more, … much much more need to be impacted and affected personally, before any of them will even attempt at reconsidering their stance and support of the “white wasters” !!!

    Even then, … the offer of a few carrots and the odd chicken wing, and they’re back on board !!!

    Who says the SG electoral ain’t savvy, … especially when the likes of JoSSSTeo can retain her seat and Murali is a better candidate than Dr Chee, and Dr TCB didn’t even get a look in !!!

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  • bullshit:

    Singaporeans are myopic, they dont see the realities of things. A lot of parents are pushing their kids and commenting how hard to push their kids on social media to get good grades but not realising many of local PMETS end up relegated to taxi driver, PHV and food delivery. Are they expecting all of them to go to RI and becoming the next multi million minister? Even RI is a lousy school according to VB or LW.

    Many local grads end point is being relegated after 30s as more and more foreigners land this shore, converted to PRs and new citizens taking up jobs and inviting more of their kampung to come. This explains why now locals find it hard to land jobs after losing jobs. The establishment now promotes that after 30s, all PMETs should consider downgrading to menial jobs like care giver, self employed like PHV, Food Delivery and security guard. A PMET in her 40s asked WSG, WSG paired her to a cleaning job. This is how the establishment downgrades local PMETs to make way for their new migrants.

    The parents need to understand their kids are likely to be affected after graduating from polys or universities. When they finish school, they are mid 20s and after a few years, they suddenly find themselves in same situation but remember BTO price is not $200k, it is more than $500k, so it will impact PMETs who suddenly have to downgrade to menial jobs.

    The 9.9M is surely on, looking at how many forests they have hacked and many BTOs and new towns to be built, it only means more and more locals will downgrade sooner as more and more migrants arrive and foreign born hire their own friends.

    Up to 2050, we will continue to see more and more migrants arriving to move towards 9.9M population. The winner is the party who imported them for GDP growth and voters’ allegiance. But at whose expense?

    Who voted for this outcome? And we still have stupid parents pushing their kids to study hard????

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  • Mati-ministry Terror Force:

    Walao! Please lah! How is pressing our kids to study hard being naive? Just look at our illiterate old population. These are the people who kept voting for the pap because with little or no education they’re so easily brainwashed, so easily threatened and so easily trust the ruling party that for decades they’ve been voting for the same party GE after GE.

    All sg children will be eligible to vote in the future. You want them to be like all the ah kongs and ah mahs? Bo tak chey just listen to whatever the pap bluff us and continue to let them ruin our own people?

    With an education, with more knowledge and with a certificate, our children still can go overseas to earn a living mah. Who will be the bo doh one if we just bow to the bullying govt, readily accept our fate to be such and think our children do not need to study so hard?

    Imagine if all sg parents start to think sg kids don’t have to study hard because they won’t get good jobs anyway, then are we not playing into the hands of the ruling party? When our kids really do not have the qualifications, in future the pap doesn’t even need to lie anymore and can conveniently bring in more and more foreigners to take all our jobs because sg really do not have the qualified people to do the jobs!

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  • #08-193 Smelt Ass:

    Don’t study lor. Then all those educational places no business.

    Set upp your own biz. Faster than waiting for interviews.

    They always say proactive instead of reactive. Now’s the time.

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  • jobs will be hard to find:

    //These days, I see a lot of feedbacks on social media, WSG and job related social media that a lot of local graduates from local schools are finding it very hard to land even interviews.//

    when you have open-leg policy from sinkie land for many chat-ba-lang people from chat-ba-lang countries to compete for jobs, of course jobs will be hard to find lar ???

    even white monkey idiots and gang know how to protect their ownself-check-ownself one party curry function and do not believe they need so many parties (also meaning more people) to compete with them ??? also the reason 160th media standard is there to ‘fool’ daft sinkies that competition is good for daft sinkies as it bring in talents but this concept apparently does not apply to the white monkey idiots and gang ???

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  • illiterate pap IBs:

    It is not good when all one can get is to become property agent insurance agent sales agent or Grab driver Grab food deliverer.

    With so called pap high ranked NUS NTU in the small island, why is there a need to employ by the thousands ceca ah neh qualified IT staff? Either pap high ranked NUS NTU are fake or they are producing the unemployable graduates or ceca ah neh qualified IT staff more tokong than pap high ranked NUS NTU graduates.

    Makes no sense.

    The conclusion is cotton sheep must send its children to ah neh land universities to get that ah neh degree which is a highly employable passport in pap island. This is the only thing that makes sense.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Parents are stupid. They should all have been made sterile. Whats is the point of voting Regime and then forcing the child to study and finally end up jobless because some FT is hired by his friends or takes lesser pay? It has nothing to do with how much you study – just how much they have to pay you.

    This will be next generation of $G citizens with PhD’s delivering food for Grab.

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  • Parents of S.E.A .:

    Parents ought to know

    What is the difference between


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  • Trust only myself:

    While some locals cannot even find a job there are so many foreign workers who are already here allow by mom to job hop to another employer.

    I wasn’t aware the liars in mom is allowing these until we faced the issue one after another.

    In the past they would have to go back to their country before coming here but thanks to covid the mom is so facking kind to them, why don’t let the current employer the option to send them back like in the past?

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  • xoxo:

    Sgs never learn from all the anti-sgs policies n keep voting for more of the same.
    Only when their own skin get badly scratched do many of such bochup sgs make noise?

    Let such sgs learn their lesson well.

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  • Pap has the mandate:

    Stinkies are still thinking that the PAP government will stop the tide of foreign workers coming in to steal Stinkies’ lunch. It is too late, no one to blame except Stinkies themselves. You get what you voted for.

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  • wuchiens:

    The only way out for high-performing students in the future will be for them to gain a scholarship or have parents rich enough to send them abroad for tertiary studies and never return. I personally have many ex-secondary and JC classmates that went to Australia, the UK, Canada, US, Ireland, Germany, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan etc. and never returned.

    However, even in this case it is getting more and more difficult each year as none of these countries practice such liberal immigration policies like Singapore. It is much, much easier for a foreigner to get a S Pass or E Pass to work in Singapore compared to say, a Tier-1/2 visa in the UK or a EB-1/2/3 visa in the US.

    Hence the majority of Singaporeans will still continue to be on the losing end with the establishment and corporates aiding and abetting foreigners to steal the locals’ jobs and depress the average wage. Look at the average pay of a fresh graduate – you would be lucky to find one paying $3000 a month after 200 applications. From the lowest end of the PMET spectrum (i.e jobs for fresh grads) to CEO level positions, the Singaporean is fighting with one hand tied behind his or her back (think CPF, reservist obligations, foreigners who accept much lower salary because they can sleep 4 to a room) and yet the government does little if anything besides they typical wayang once in a while. Meanwhile, foreign and local corporates and even government agencies are still happily handing out S Passes, E Passes to foreigners en masse, especially those from the 3rd world such as India, China, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia etc.

    If you are a foreigner, Singapore must be the gift that keeps on giving. For the born-and-bred local, its you die your business.

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    Foreigners or foreign born do not complain about PAPPY, they came from third world to enjoy our lunches and life. You can see foreigners even praising PAPPY or PRs or new citizens rushing to defend PAPPY.

    PAPPY rushing to open is to begin import of foreigners to convert to PRs and new citizens. Look at the BTOs they are building and the forests they are tearing down.

    Locals are pushing their kids damn hard at school but without understanding that the future is bleak, they need to VTO these politicians who are pro foreigners and pushing locals to menial jobs, third class in our own backyard.

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  • Why talk so much, bury them:

    Why talk so much? Treat them like weeds.
    Deroot them once and for all.
    Bury them with the garbage.
    Throw them in the compost furnace.
    This is becos the more u talk, the more they evil, treason …

    What can u expect from a group of Bs, Poli or career led by an pompous b
    Boot them. Throw them. Bury them like what the gardeners do with their wastes, weeds n shits!

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  • The Reality:

    The reality is that Singaporeans are severely short-changed for serving National Service and on top of that, reservist duties while employers prefer hiring foreigners from India or SEA on employment passes. These folks are now in the HDB flats waiting to convert EP to PR so that they can subsequently place their children in cheaper heartland schools instead of expensive international schools. Some India Indians have gone to work as property agents servicing and advising the movement of many of these EP holders to house them in local HDB flats. These PRCs, Chinese Malaysians and India Indians have a property back home in India, China and bungalows in Malaysia. They raise the prices of HDB flats as they do not intend to stay the long haul for retirement by taking the full length of loans for 30 years, knowing they will break bank when retirement sets in and return their PR cards. Singaporeans serve NS to protect the assets of the rich people in Singapore, i.e., their bungalows and ferries, and investments are protected by burning the 2 years of Singaporeans` lives and reservist.

    Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia and India were invited for the democracy list meetings in the US; however, Singapore was excluded. We are a communist state masquerading as a faux democracy. But the US knows this explicitly. Singapore is fundamentally a Chinapore serving the interests of a PAP Pte. Ltd. We are a hallmark of secrecy and intransparency. There is no accountability. It`s might makes right where strategic political bullying and power harassment runs stealthily.

    Singapore is now nothing but a marketplace and nothing more than the outcome of economic forces. The education climate is problematic as well. No critical thinking nor critical discussion occurs in the curriculum. The curriculum looks desirable albeit the implementation is scant so that an observor can surmise that there is evident of a one-off critical thinking but actual critical discourse is not practised as a matter of pedagogical practice in teaching and learning.

    The PISA/TIMSS ranking do not measure criticality. Our outcomes is based on extreme rote acquisition of skills acquisition through mechanical repetition. Many Singaporeans cannot speak clear English nor Mandarin. Writing competencies on both English and Chinese is significantly low compared to native countries. MOE teachers are squeezed to ensure these pedagogical monopoly in instructional practice occurs. The aim of these rankings, among other, reasons is to market Singapore to India, China and Hong Kong, Malaysia to hookwinked these folks to come over and bring their yougn children to sink roots to Singapore Incorporated. The competition will continue to increase in intensity. The more foreigners turned PRs, the more tax monies collected; the more EP holders, the more taxes; the more exit permits, the more levy monies.

    The Singaporean rat is made to run so that he is oblivious to the reality that has evolved and is evolving before him.

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