Growing groundswell of Disconnect, Disillusionment, Disengagement, Disenchantment and Distrust of establishment

Net cash inflows to government from PUBLIC SERVICE institutions such as pensions (CPF), Public housing (HDB/SLA) & public healthcare / government hospitals?

There is a growing groundswell of Disconnect, Disillusionment, Disengagement, Disenchantment and Distrust of establishment or mainstream politicians and political parties from recent happenings.

This could be a sign of things to come, there could be a political earthquake looming in the future.

The worst affected people are Singaporeans who are poor, the lower middle class and the average middle class.

The Prime Minister just had his party convention where he brought up and mentioned the word “trust” which people view as him, asking his party, his party supporters and by extension Singaporeans for an entire chequebook of blank cheques!

Does he expect blind trust, unquestioned, unopposed? He must be delusional!

The next available alternative is the Leader of The Opposition and the WP he leads, despite having 10% or close to 10% of parliamentary seats, they have hardly proposed alternative policies to challenge the PAP government on issues that matter to Singapore and Singaporeans!

They mainly oppose the PAP government, vote down the PAP government’s bills but later want a “lesser of two evils” or “watered down” versions of PAP bills or proposals.

People ask me, ok so now you have criticized these people, what are your solutions, proposals or alternatives?
Myself and the party that I represent (People’s Voice (PV)) actually have a simple policies that would solve almost all of Singapore and Singaporeans current existing conditions.


What policies?

Let’s look at all the functioning countries in the world. Be it from the richest countries to the poorest countries. Their respective government’s from a net cashflow perspective spend on their respective public housing, public healthcare and pensions towards their citizens.

In Singapore under the PAP, especially since the 1980s, we are unique, as we could be the one and maybe the only country in the world where the authorities, state or government receives more money from the people, from a net cashflow perspective, through public institutions such as public housing (HDB), public healthcare (Government Hospitals) & pensions (CPF).

I haven’t heard either the PAP address this or the WP challenging or questioning this.

The PAP government in the past have made statements such as “HDB makes losses for every flat they sell”, “HDB subsidies, discounts or rebates are a cost to government”

These statements are actually unimportant or irrelevant.

One of the biggest “expenses” of HDB is “land cost”, Who does this payment goes to?

SLA Singapore Land Authority

Who are SLA Singapore Land Authority?

They are a government, state, public office.

HDB is also government, state, public office.

So it’s a government office to another government office transaction.

Meaning the money “HDB loses” moves to SLA.

The government never spend this sum!

They still hold this funds in another government department!

*With all that said. The only years that the PAP government actually spend on healthcare from a net cashflow perspective could have been COVID pandemic years of 2020 and 2021.

That is 2 years but what about 1980 to 2019?

39 years! The policies could have actually been that the government receives more money from public service institutions such as public healthcare (government hospitals), public housing (HDB / SLA) and pensions (CPF).

The only revenue or inflow department of a functioning government should be the tax department or IRAS Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore, in the case of Singapore.

The government spends on defense and education from a net cashflow perspective so why not public housing, public healthcare and pensions? Like any other proper functioning country.

So where do out taxpayers, tax dollars goes? What or how much benefits do Singaporeans actually receive from a net cashflow perspective?

These are the questions we all should be asking.



* Article first appeared on Real Issues in Singapore




15 Responses to “Growing groundswell of Disconnect, Disillusionment, Disengagement, Disenchantment and Distrust of establishment”

  • CPF is my money:

    Good writing. One point that must be noted: CPF is not gov money and should be accounted separately!

    Even the CPF actual investment should be accounted separately but it is not. We CPF members are cheated of good returns.

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  • xoxo:

    $crew poor sgs ,raid our reserves,rob our hobs n dish them out to FRs/PRs.

    The PEE-M likes to be adulated by foreigners in every sense.
    He can even screw sgs while doing so.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Heard all this before.

    Blassless will always be ballsless. Nothing will change. How do I know? Over 85% cannot say ‘no’ to death jab. The same people cannot say ‘no’ at next election.

    Only Regime can save them, they say. Even if they have to work as Grab driver or confined at home 24/7, they will never abandon Regime.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Untested Big Pharma Pill Given Emergency Use Permission for CoVID Treatment

    But they won’t approve safe, effective, and inexpensive Ivermectin

    Does this mean that soon everyone will be walking around eating this like kachang? What will it do to people? Let the Guinea Pigs find out!

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  • Billy ma:

    PAP has been copying the politics & policies of the Democrats party, yes, the one with Obama & Biden.

    Look how desparate the Democrats are pushing to bring in & take in more & more immigrants, & even paying them to come.

    it’s good politics really.
    Welcome the immigrants, made them US citizens, & guess who these grateful nee citizens will give their votes to.

    The same is happening here.
    So in all intentions, purposes, & actions, PAP is walking down this same path.

    So what if native Singaporeans are unhappy & vote against PAP, no problem.
    If 15,000 outflow votes away from PAP, easy, just give out freely & cheaply new citizenship to 15,000.
    Zero sum achieved.

    That’s why PAP doesn’t give a hood to those unvaccinated, PAP doesn’t even think a second longer to cut them off.
    You see,PAP can easily replace these 60,000 votes in matter of months.
    It’s that easy.

    PAP no longer hold back policies that affect native Singaporeans because it does not matter any more.

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  • But Gomen is the Corporation!:

    Therein is the essential corruption of Ahgong Lee’s innovated political creature, unique in the (first) world :
    Government ministers and members of parliament are at the same time corporate honchos of the government’s semi-private companies – absorbing undisclosed amounts of remuneration$$$! The GLCs are a mutant form of business corporation – why?
    Because they derive their capital funds from citizens compulsory CPF savings (in secret transactions) while their chieftain ceo is the PM who will “tweak & calibrate” our CPF withdrawal policies any which way he chooses unless he gets booted out of office for his improprieties …. you die from old age labour first or your cpf is paid out to you before you go – what do you think oh singkie will you live to 85?

    So they claim “private business status” while they insist they can’t reveal their GLC salaries and bonuses BUT these nutcases have no qualms in siphoning off unknowable sums of monies from the public’s compulsory savings “for the good of the Republic” Hahaha! Any wonder you’re the 4th most corrupted crony-capitalist regime in the world lumped together with some other decadent 3rd world countries???

    I say Prabu, all along their watchtowers these pappy princes keep their views, while their cronies came and went….and slogging sheeples tooo…..

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  • Tremendous:

    Sovereign investments already lost lots of village funds and the chiefs concerned don’t even bat their eyelids. If villagers have their way, the cat will be out of the bag soon.

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  • oxygen:

    HOW CAN EVEN THIS PRESS RELEASE of 2 December 2021 even gone public?


    CAN ANYONE NOT SEE the gaping holes and/or silent “pretensions” therein?

    - what about those who has their second dose of Sinovac/Sinopharm yesterday, they got less than 3 MONTHS “vaccine rest period” between yesterday till end December 2021, do they take the third jab tomorrow or next week to beat the 31 December 2021 deadline to keep their “fully vaccinated” status? REMEMBER IT, I AM TOLD, TAKES AT LEAST 2 WEEKS AFTER 2ND DOSE TO GAIN THE FULLY VACCINATED STATUS!

    - if they don’t MEET THE ARBITRARY DEADLINE and presumably “lost” their “fully vaccinated” status, does it mean they start ALL OVER AGAIN…..with 2 primary doses next year and a 3rd jab within specified time interval limit imposed thereon?

    - is the 3rd jab the “booster” jab or it is just the 3rd jab and the “booster” jab/jabs to come still pending? That is to say, MOH is groping in the dark of letting the CRISIS AGAIN MANAGING THE MTF managers instead of the other way around in the interest of public health preservation/protection?

    - why is the press release COMPLETELY SILENT on those “dead” or “defunct” of protection from mNRA vaccine after 6 months i.e. make no difference from those totally unvaccinated case? Are they not at same or worst risks than anyone who received Sinovac/Sinopharm 2nd dose yesterday?

    - WHAT DOES MOH INTENDS TO DO in the interest of public health protection ABOUT CLARITY/TRANSPARENCY OF VACCINE APATHEID between unvaccinated and those defunct (might as well be dead soon from Covid infection) fully vaccinated more than 6 month ago? TO DO NOTHING (and silent of so in this press release) IS HYPOCRITICAL OF GOOD HEALTHCARE INTENT in this pandemic fight. Or is it still not?

    -Is the 3rd jab for all the “booster” jab or more unknown jabs and then more “boosters” to come? Is the word “booster” going to degenerate into an expletive word soon?

    - Did the press release provide a “contact us” or customer helpline telephone for those seniors without digital access or who are unable to read and write digital concisely and with clarity of any doubts or concerns or clarification needed or may have? THIS IS A ONE-WAY INFORMATION THROW OUT – and the senior citizens/permanent residents TAKE WHATEVER that MOH wants to ramp down their throats?

    COME ON, MOH, after all the fumbling, stumbling and repeated dancing around the UGLY realities, for nearly 2 years now, seen and felt on the ground of public anger and continued frustrations, YOU CAN DO A LOT BETTER OR CAN’T YOU?

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  • oxygen:

    ADDING ON TO THE PRECEDING POST, Singaporeans’ trust in their government’s ability to manage Covid-19 according to the Institute of Policy Studies.

    Faith in Singapore leaders hit by record Covid wave poll shows

    I believe this could be under-estimated or understated of the real erosion of public trust and confidence – for many varied reasons.

    In any research setting, be that corporate image, market survey of consumers’ attitudinal response to new product launching, or politically-sensitive discourse, the respondents’ reply may be inaccurate. The downside risks of any survey research is always A LOT BIGGER than the reality accuracy it attempts to measure and record. The survey questionaire design could also be faulty of “halo” effect i.e. designed to elicit the desired reply from the respondents survey. For example, if you ask urban dwellers – do you think electric car is the best technology invented this century? WHO WOULD REFUTE the obvious answer?

    I believe there is really a deeper and stronger groundswell of public disconnect, disillusionment, disengagement and distrust – just too many spins (mask unnecessary turned lethal law mandate etc), benefits more than outweigh risks at the start (who really knows of this?) and political capital cultivation (free mask gifts) distraction and EVEN AS I POINTED ABOVE POST, PRESS RELEASE ONE-WAY COMMUNICATION with gaping holes and silent pretensions but no contract number to reach.

    WHERE IS THAT MISSING BRIDGE FOR PEASANTS TO REACH OUT AND SHAKE HAND, UNIFY AND FIGHT ALONGSIDE MTF in this virus scourge? The public mind, it seems, is contemptuous of the vaccine apartheid targeting the unvaccinated when the fully vaccinated in reality (after 6 months) is defunct walking dead (no difference from the unvaccinated).

    on the way, “mistakes” were made and must be make in risky decisions, BUT WHY THIS ‘US AND THEM(the peasants) semantic divide against the unvaccinated who had valid reasons?

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  • oxygen:

    @ Prabu

    A LOT OF PUBLIC MONEY were lost in “investing” or their returns are paltry (relative to top global fund managers’ achievement).

    It is amazing to me that a lot in the public minds remains silent for so long, even now.

    In this pandemic-riddled global and domestic economy, we need loads of money to survive this struggling times, but PAPpypolitics/PAPpynomics all turned MUTE.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    @Billy ma; you are so right!

    Singapore population consists of 40% new citizen and all are of voting age. They were given citizenship because of their promise to vote PAP.

    Remember not all the 60% true blue Singaporeans are eligible to vote. Even if all those eligible voted for the Oppositions, we still cannot out vote the new citizens! Further, we have a lot of ball-less and brainwashed among the 60%.

    New citizens not only build up PAP’s vote bank but all purchase housing, cars and other goods to contribute in GST!

    If Singapore depended on births to increase its population, PAP government needs to provide hospitals, schools, etc for the children. Children don’t buy HDB flats. More importantly, children don’t vote.

    That’s the reason why Singaporeans don’t matter any more!

    If Singaporeans wish to be taken seriously, they must vote wisely in the next election!

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  • Disenchanted with Deception...:

    A guy goes in for a job interview at the Pappy office and sits down with the boss.
    The boss asks him a piercing question, “What do you think is your worst quality?”
    The man answers, “I’m probably too honest.”
    Big boss smiles: “That’s not a bad thing, I think being honest is a good quality.”
    The man replies, “I don’t care about what you think. I know you Pappies well enough!”

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  • mrWie:

    I guess … SG is the only 1st world country where (almost?) ALL the public institutions MUST MAKE $$$$$$$$$$$$

    Probably the taxes we pay are insufficient?
    Coz their salaries too high? unaccountable losses?

    or perhaps we are not 1st world at all???

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  • oxygen:

    MOH’s press release and mainstream media coverage of 2 December 2021 WITHOUT A TELEPHONE CONTACT REACH raises an abundance of credibility shortfall.

    The public mind, I am confident, has a lot of questions to ask SPECIFIC to the content of that press release announcement and MSM’s confused coverage but no avenues to seek clarifications.

    It was like – here is the vomit, just swallow it – it is good for you! Really?

    oxygen: HOW CAN EVEN THIS PRESS RELEASE of 2 December 2021 even gone public?

    Just look at the seeming brevity of MSM’s publishing of truncated feed to no comprehension or capable of deciphering its implications.

    Straits Times :
    This third dose of Sinovac must be taken 28 days after their second dose for them to maintain their fully vaccinated status

    Its headline read (not incorrect) was -

    Those who had Sinovac, Sinopharm jabs must get third dose to keep fully vaccinated status: MOH

    BUT IT WAS INCOMPLETE of clarity in the public mind’s confusion AND TRAPPED IN MOH’ failure to provide a telephone access reach to come with that announcement OF PRESS RELEASE intending (perhaps) for public mind read and information to comply with.

    The obvious ones include

    - what about those who got vaccinated 6 months ago of Sinovac, Sinopharm, how are they going to comply WITH THE RETROSPECTIVE COMMAND THAT they be vaccinated within 28 days (from the second dose) when they were NOT TOLD of that requirement at that time?

    - what about those who are due for 2nd dose two weeks from today, are they going for 2nd jab and then the third jab within a week henceforth and STILL NOT MEET THE 28 DAYS GRACE PERIOD OF COMPLIANCE ORDER TO KEEP THEIR FULLY VACCINATED STATUS?

    - What about the “defunct” status of those vaccinated with mNRA experimental concoction whose vaccination protection promise have since “vaporise” to useless ineffectual? Their health state is exactly the same as the completely unvaccinated. These people need comfort assurance and protection promise (if willing) of a “booster” jab without which they can’t (unwilling to) mingle with the totally unvaccinated. WHY THIS HOLLOWNESS OF HYPOCRITICAL SILENCE FOR THEM?

    Was the third jab for sinovac/sinopharm necessary because of Omicron variant emergence? If so, political cows around the world assured their citizenry it is mild, BUT BIG PHARMA like Moderna dispute.

    to be continued.

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  • oxygen:

    Continuiing from the preceding.

    The quandary is this – if not serious, why every country shuts border contact with South Africa?

    If it is serious (and deceived globally of public comforting denials from the political cows) why is third jab necessary only for sinovac/sinopharm “fully vaccinated” but not the defunct mRNA case similarly vaccinated more than 6 months ago?


    and citizenry worldwide is led by the nose of censored agenda and blindfold/shut out of clarity demands. Or is it still not?

    A NATIONAL PRESS RELEASE IS A BIG THING – in emergency crisis management situation enveloping or already overwhelmed (I don’t know of this one for certainty). We want clarity to comply with RETROSPECTIVE ‘LEGISLATION” which does NOT even exist in any other parts of the world, not even in Commie China.

    The world looks every day more and more to me – like a circus show with clowns and carnival jesters providing entertainment and deadly dangers looking to suddenly rush in and decimate all in stunning disbelief.

    I notice this – IF OMICRON IS BENIGN or/and current vaccines already injected is effective of promised protection, financial markets roaring in disagreement. That is to say Political cows got it right and GLOBAL INVESTORS ARE ALL STUPID with their money risk undertaking? Really??

    WHY IS THIRD JAB FOR THE FULLY VACCINATED SINOVAC/SINOPHARM necessary and MUST BE DONE so urgently WITHIN 28 DAYS after the second dose?

    If the foregoing is a HYPOCRITICAL DECEPTION, that is to say, Omicron is serious threat and to rely on current vaccine in 3rd and multiple boosters is needed including those who took mRNA shots, HOW COME NO COUNTRY IN THE WORLD show media coverage of Omicron cases rushing into hospital via ambulance and dying in ICU beds among the 38 countries said to be infected?

    WHICHEVER COUNTRY that stage THE FIRST drama show of Omicron cases rushing into hospital and dying in ICU wards WILL – IN MY OPINION -makes itself the LAUGHING STOCK of the world.

    No one believes the scaremongering of the political cows with hidden agendas, not even their own national subjects!

    THE FACTS, IT SEEMS TO ME, of publicly available information, is that NOBODY KNOWS FOR CERTAINTY how benign or dangerous Omicron is, right now.

    The panicky-driven 28-days mandatory 3rd jabs for Sinovac and Sinopharm fully vaccinated degenerated into a circus show of incomprehensible panicky.

    CRISIS MANAGES US, instead of we managing crisis.

    A lot among in the public mind feels very frustrated, confused and disillusioned with this degree of incompetency handling.

    Taxpayer paid an emperor’s ransom for sub-par performance. Some among the unemployed peasantry, I suspect, can do better than this.


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