Time to quit smoking

Ok, time (once again) for my encouraging you to stop smoking. Why? Because it is not good for you, not good for me, and not good for anyone.

There are various ways to quit, but Allen Carr’s is the one which helped me quit (after 27 years of poisoning my body).

Get this book if you are trying to quit.

There is also an Allen Carr clinic run by Pam Oei (yes, the actress). Her clinic was the one who helped me quit.

The book by Allen Carr disabuses the many psychological myths we tell ourselves when we are smoking – eg, we need to smoke because it is a social thing, or we smoke because our friends do, or we smoke now but we can quit anytime, or it is harmless, or even, no we can’t quit and there is no point trying.

There is, of course, a point to trying and a very good one: so that you won’t suffer a miserable life or die an agonising drawn-out death.

Do everything you can to quit – especially if you have children and family. Don’t put them through the stress of you suffering the effects of smoking later on.

Reading this book alone is a good start, for it helps to rewire some of the psychological beliefs entrenched in our minds as smokers.


Andrew Loh




11 Responses to “Time to quit smoking”

  • Wong Horng Ginn:


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  • My late grandmother was 87 when the family convinced her to quit smoking. She was a very heavy smoker and would walk to the wet market daily to buy food and provision for the family.

    A day after she quit, she was too tired to walk to the market and on the 2nd day that she quit, she passed away in her sleep. The reason was heart failure even though she has no serious underlying conditions.

    A doctor friend that we consulted jokingly said that it could be because her body had been too reliant on nicotine, which kept her going and when she suddenly stopped the supply, the body collapsed.

    True or not, nobody knows but for a heavy smoker, better exercise care and not try to adopt a cold-turkey. In my case, the doctors want me to quit smoking and they have advised that I should slowly cut down and not stop abruptly as I have been smoking for over half a century.

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  • xoxo:

    Yeah,oso time for PAPie$ to QUIT SMOKING sgs?
    But,ya,its good to quit smoking tobacco.

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  • Follow NZ. Ban Tobacco:

    Just follow New Zealand.
    Ban import of all tobacco products.

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  • Teach it from school:

    Ban it for all ..starting from school.
    If they can ban this and that at will..why not smoking? Its a dangerous drug poisoning the body..
    So why not?
    Cigarettes are a multi bil dollar industry..
    The top people are the billionaires poisoning you …while they get richer from your addiction..same as illegal drugs ..

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  • Tan Ah Gu:

    Nicotine is a cancer causing agent. Heroines is another.

    There are many more harmful substances prohibited by law to produce, transport or consume them but people try all ways and means to circumvent the law.

    Despite death penalty and health hazards, people die die can’t get rid of these substances.

    Covid vaccines save life, why there are so many people going against it?

    Homo sapient is just irrational being, isn’t it?

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  • @Tan Ah Gu

    Of course, I totally agree with you. The Covid vaccine is a God-sent, trillions would have died had it not been for the vaccine. It would probably be the end of the human race, had it not been for the vaccine.

    Those hundreds of thousands who suffered serious injuries and death (including very young children) AFTER taking the C19 vaccine all had “underlying conditions”, the MTF said so, so it must be so, right?

    But then I believe you not enough to convince the others, so can you please provide some data to substantiate your claim that the Covid-19 vaccine actually “save life” or are you just saying so because those clowns at MTF said so?

    Or maybe you can try to explain in layman’s term how the Covid-19 vaccine actually “save life”?

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  • knn:

    In the 50s and 60s, there were still opium smokers around. But the young did not take to it. Why?

    They were tagged with an offensive name, ‘opium smokers’. Any mentioned of ‘opium smokers’ would lead to disgust and disdain at the person, a pariah, an outcast, dirty and smelly coolies, and drug addict.

    The cigarette companies were very successful in conning the stupid that smoking was a stylish thing, a fad, graceful socially, using the mass media, until this was banned.

    Use the mass media to depict the smokers as dirty, smelly, irresponsible drug addicts whose rightful place is beside the dustbins. This is where these dirty and smelly people belong. Use the media, splash it everywhere that these are low class, unthinking silly buggers.

    Associate smokers as a disgusting group of people to be avoided. Get the young to stay away from them, pinch their noses in front of them and give them that nasty and annoying look.

    After sometime everyone will get the message. Even the silly smelly smokers would get the message.

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  • Discriminate all...:

    Use the mass media to depict the smokers as dirty, smelly, irresponsible drug addicts whose rightful place is beside the dustbins. This is where these dirty and smelly people belong. Use the media, splash it everywhere that these are low class, unthinking silly buggers.

    Sounds like PAP style to discriminate just like the unvaccinated.
    Same can be done with people who drink alcohol, bet on 4D, or voters who vote for other parties…

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  • Big Cigarlords+ BigPharmalords:

    Big Pharmalords to BigCigarlords:

    U feed them Cancer, I sell them drugs.
    It’s a Win-win Deal between U and Me.
    Big Fortune, Forever & Ever…..!

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  • John Doe:

    @Andrew, good try.
    Before I proceed further, Xmas Greetings to u and your family.

    Great. Congrats to your smoking quit success.

    Importantly my view, whats there, to quit smoking?
    You DID NOT tell smokers and excite smokers what are the rewards of quitting to them? Do u believe they would quit after some goading from you?
    What are the huge gains waiting for non smokers?

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