Updates on Class Action Suit against the MTF (21st March)

Carson Law Chambers, the law firm representing Ms Han Hui Hui and her co-litigants in the Class Action (CA) against the MTF has informed us:

1. The AGC has objected to the litigants’ lawyers filing a response affidavit in response to the affidavits that were filed by the AGC in February 2022 pertaining to the action initiated against the MTF by the litigants.

In layman’s terms, technically the AGC wants to have the final say on the matter and the litigants cannot respond to anything brought up in the 2 response affidavits filed by the MOH and MOM.

2. After further applications by Mr Lim Tean from Carson law Chambers, the Court eventually agreed to allow a limited response from the litigants. However, only information that were available up to 31st December 2021 can be included in the response affidavit. No new events or fresh information whatsoever after the cut-off date can be used.

3. The litigants have been given up to 28th March to file the response affidavit.

4. The action has been fixed for hearing before Justice Dedar Singh Gill on 18 April 2022, the lawyers were unable to get an earlier hearing date.

Mr Leong Sze Hian To Assist

We have requested the assistance of Mr Leong Sze Hian to help in the understanding of the massaged figures provided in the MTF’s response affidavits and to advise response accordingly. Mr Leong has also kindly agreed to assist the lawyers with the figures throughout the course of the CA.

Last Crowdfunding Drive

Per our numerous editorials on the subject, we have stated very clearly that the litigants are determined to bring the CA all the way to the Apex Court (Court of Final Appeal), but unfortunately, our current crowdfunding efforts have been unsuccessful and we have only managed to raise about $33,000 of the estimated $50,000 or so for the litigants to take this matter all the way to the Apex Court. Therefore, the current CA will stop at the High Court due to a shortage of funding.

With the hearing date less than a month away, we are making a final effort to hopefully crowdfund the shortfall to enable the litigants to bring this action all the way to the Apex Court. We would like to appeal to those affected and soon-to-be-affected to please contribute generously.

There are currently only 2 modes for receiving contributions, via TR Emeritus’ (TRE) official PayPal account and Ms Han Hui Hui’s local POSB Bank account, the information of which is appended below.

TR Emeritus’ PayPal POSB Bank
Support TRE
Or Other Amount:
Han Hui Hui


For donations to Ms Han Hui Hui, clicking on the “POSB” logo above will direct you to the bank’s official internet banking website. Thank you for your continued support and do stay safe.  
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One Response to “Updates on Class Action Suit against the MTF (21st March)”

  • There is a saying which I totally agree with:


    It is indeed sad to note that most of those who are gravely affected are not interested in fighting for their own rights, but choose to accept whatever comes to them with a “lan lan bo bian” resigned attitude.

    Hundreds of thousands were spent on saving somebody else’s a$$e, but none were willing to spend a cent on saving their own a$$e, not interested in how they themselves can get out of this mess, so very selfless, respect!

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