Beautiful Sunny Singapore

The sun is shining so bright
And the sky is so beautiful
And blue and I’m in Singapore to

And I’m having so much fun
In the morning sun
And the little birds are
Singing so passionately
And Singapore is so beautiful
And peaceful

And the sun is shining so
Bright and I’m watching the flowers
Dancing in the warm sunlight

And evening comes and the sun
Goes down and everyone having fun
In this beautiful old town

And the bright stars are
Shining so bright
And the rosy colored sky
Tonight and Singapore is just so
Beautiful and peaceful tonight

And a warm gentle breeze
Blowing all day and my
Memories of sunny Singapore
Will never fade away
And I’m drinking my wine
All through the night

And I’m in Singapore tonight
And I’m smiling so bright
And having so much fun
I’m in the warm hot sun and my
Memories to cherish and so much
Happiness and so much joy and
Everyone laughing with smiles on
There faces and I’ll always
Remember my sunny days
In beautiful Singapore
Every day.


David P Carroll.




13 Responses to “Beautiful Sunny Singapore”

  • xoxo:

    And,David’s smiles are paid by many a Sinkingporean’s sorrows.
    As Dave smiles and savours his sweet sunny Singapore days and breezes cooling his FT-face
    Many Singaporeans sweat under the sun delivering warm treats to him on bicycles.
    Even in wetter rainy moments?
    Oh,Dave,do you know your Nanyang comfort is being paid by many a Singaporean’s sweat and tears?
    And,that’s no joke!

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  • Paddy:

    Nice written Poem.

    GD Star Rating
  • Lisa Kinsella:

    This is a beautiful poem
    Very kind and caring about
    The citizens of Singapore.
    Very good nice write.

    GD Star Rating
  • Paddy whack:

    Keep up the brilliant
    Work man I seen you
    On TV very kind
    Helping the sick
    People with your
    Own money

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  • P Against People:

    A good poet lives in his own imagination far away from reality.

    GD Star Rating
  • C’est la vie:

    , ………… and whilst the sun shines brightly and vividly in Sg, who is making heaps and “hectares of hay” !!!

    Now that, … is an even prettier sight, issit not !!!

    GD Star Rating
  • Harder Truths:

    Written by Ang-Moh living in condo with Sarong Party Girl, going every night to expensive club pretending to work here. These Ang Moh live in their own white world protected by the Regime, like during the colonial days.

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  • Pitch-forked Sinkies:

    Beautifully written. Thank you, David. But the problem is: where are quietude and contemplation to be found in our ceaselessly connected, distracting world? How will the young, who have never known freedom from such addictive distractions, ever discover peaceful, contemplative joys? I fear they will not, Singapore had promote values that “winners are good”

    “When to the new eyes of thee
    All things by immortal power,
    Near or far,
    To each other linked are,
    That thou canst not stir a flower
    Without troubling a star.”
    ––Francis Thompson, The Mistress of Vision

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  • Under the SG skies:

    The sun shines bright & beautiful; skies are blue sunny SG for a select portion of the population only .
    Others are scorching under it .

    GD Star Rating
  • Die liao Singapore:

    Obviously to the writer SG is his Utopia – how to debate, reason and argue with the writer. One man’s

    GD Star Rating
  • Zhenzidan:

    The Sun is shining bright
    But many things are not right
    The sky may be beautiful
    But it doesn’t belong to Singapore, you fool!

    Everyday I sweat under the hot sun 
    It was definitely no fun
    The birds may be singing passionately
    But sometimes they become to noisy!
    Even though I can see pretty flowers
    But life here is getting worse!

    I can go on rebutting your beautiful praises
    And replace them with rants and curses
    But I will stop here first
    To give you some breathing space first
    Never try to tell us that Singapore has good government
    We were born here and know which one is a propaganda statement!

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  • Zhenzidan's Chinese Poems:

    Truly missed Zhenzidan’s well-thought Chinese poems; notably come with terse four-characters-a-line,rhyming beautifully. Should compile an anthology.

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  • Kenji Joo:

    Singapore is good for people can afford the living standard as for me I also hope can get a home a car I want if not I will move over sea to fullfull my goal too .

    No choice the 5C are too small just like vitamins C size

    But Sunshine mostly provide V D

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