Abolish ISA

Better late than never! We are 13 years late!

On behalf of all alleged 1987 Marxist conspirators, I would like to thank the young people in this video who organised and attended the first ever ISA PROTEST against our arrests at Hong Lim Park in May 2009. Titled “REMEMBERING 22 SINGAPORE VICTIMS OF ISA”, it was a very memorable event for us. We also thank Filmmaker Ho Choon Hiong for making this video for posterity!

I recall that some of us received news that there was going to be an event at Hong Lim Park about the 21 May 1987 arrests. We were curious and some of us went to the park to see. We stood around and watched. We were happy that the young remembered us.

We didn’t know any of the organisers or the young people singing Bob Dylan’s Blowin’ in the Wind. I think they too have never met us.

But now, we know most of the young people in the video! Thank you all for organising and recording this memorable event at Hong Lim Park 13 years ago. This year marks the 35th anniversary of Operation Spectrum! 21 of the 22 arrested are alive today. Tay Hong Seng has passed on.

On a personal note, this event hastened my resolve to publish my prison experiences before the perpetrators of the crime against us pass away peacefully. For years, I have tried to organise my prison diaries but failed. One of my biggest concern was whether Singaporeans would be interested to read what I write. This protest convinced me that young Singaporeans are interested in history. Beyond the Blue Gate, Recollections of a Political Prisoner was launched the following year!

The ISA has been in use for too long. Detention without trial is today extended to other laws – Abuse of Drugs Act and Criminal Law (Temporary) Provisions Act. It is time we abolish such unjust laws. Detention without trial has no place in modern, peaceful Singapore.


Teo Soh Lung




6 Responses to “Abolish ISA”

  • Dr Tan Tai Wei:

    It is arguable whether, as government presently insists, that we are not quite “in modern, peaceful Singapore”, and that we still need ISA. But then, it is precisely this very need for ISA that cries out for present PAP to acknowledge (and does what can be done, say, in terms of apology and compensation) any past abuses of the Act. The more sincere government is about preserving our security by the Act, the more it needs to do this. Otherwise, there will always be doubters whose suspicion cannot be allayed that the abuses can be repeated. The case is worsened where government continues to rationalise the past mistakes, thus deepening the wounds, all at the expense of present and future national unity and healing.

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  • Harder Truths:

    If you want to get rid of dengue you need to kill off the rats first. Especially the white ones. If not you are spitting into the wind.

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  • illiterate pap voters:

    Harder Truths:
    If you want to get rid of dengue you need to kill off the rats first. Especially the white ones. If not you are spitting into the wind.

    Soon, very soon, around GE2024, about 2 years away.

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  • xoxo:

    If ISA is good,i say ,keep it.
    But,please APPLY IT FOR THE GENERAL/COMMON GOOD,NOT FOR OWN personal interest.

    When to apply?
    How to apply?
    Who to apply?

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  • Pick and Choose:

    1. Depoliticize the Judiciary.
    2. Depoliticize the SG Police Force.
    3. Depoliticize the Lawless Society.
    4. Depoliticize ELD.
    5. Depoliticize the EPship.
    6. Depoliticize Ministry of Law last BUT NOT least.

    Punish ALL as equals – including the PAP Administration’s USELESS Minister of Defence who cause SG’s top secret military assets falling in PRC hands IN PEACETIME, AND the Minister of Health WHO STEALTHILY hide the FULL DETAILS of Hepatitis DEATHS before GE.

    Aren’t THESE 2 FULL MINISTERS GUILTY of less serious CRIMES than RK’s lies in Parliament.

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    How to Lung? Even though the bastard is burning in hell,his pinkpanty kirdi son is still around…that was the batard’s best tool in his toolbox

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