All in ICU are fully vaccinated

All in ICU (last 7 days) fully vax (with booster)? [LINK]

(16 Jun)

7-Day Moving Average of Number of Active Cases in ICU, per 100k Population, by Vaccination Status
0.05 Fully vaccinated (with booster)
0.00 Fully vaccinated (without booster)
0.00 Non-fully vaccinated


(15 Jun)
0.05 Fully vaccinated
0.03 Non-fully vaccinated

Ratio of Fully vaccinated to Non-fully vaccinated 2.50 : 0.04
(13 Jun) 4,993,291 Fully vaccinated divided by 100,000 x 0.05 = 2.50


132,000 age 18 & above unvaccinated (Jan 10) divided by 100,000 x 0.03 = 0.04
(16 Jun)
2 in ICU
0 Death
96% Fully vaccinated in eligible population
92% Fully vaccinated in total population
77% Fully vaccinated with booster in total population

In this connection, in the judgement delivered on 16 Jun 2022 in the Judicial Review: Han Hui Hui vs AGC -

“Thus, even if the Statistics are true, they can only show that unvaccinated persons did not account for a sizeable majority of those who required intensive inpatient care on 5 December 2021, 6 December 2021 and/or 10 April 2022.”

So, the latest narrative statistics (13 Jun) – Age 60 & above Omicron incidence of severe illness and death: Unvax 4 in 100, vax without booster 1 in 100, vax with booster 3 in 1,000 – but, Ratio ICU vax to unvax 2.50: 004?

“Nursing homes need to be ready for next Covid-19 wave: Ong Ye Kung” (ST, Jun 13)

“Most importantly, Singapore needs to ensure that seniors get their booster shots.

For those above 60 years old and who have not received their primary series, the incidence of severe illness and death after Omicron infection is close to four in 100.

For those not boosted nine months after their primary series, the incidence rate is one in 100. For those boosted, the incidence rate drops to three in 1,000.

“Omicron is therefore a dangerous disease for seniors who are not fully vaccinated and boosted,” Mr Ong said.”


Leong Sze Hian




7 Responses to “All in ICU are fully vaccinated”

  • MarBowling:

    This so-called World Class Minister Sneaky-Eyed JLB USELESS Bum Ong Yee Con is Still harping On Omicron and his farking engineered VACCINATION PROGRAM while the rest of the world NOW is MORE CONCERNED AND WORRIED ABOUT INFLATION AND HYPERINFLATION(FOOD SHORTAGE, ABSURD FUEL PRICES, ETC)and the USA Engineered Russia-Ukraine War!

    ANYWAY, THINK his Big Boss has purposely put him as the Minister of HELL Oops Health to SHOULDER THE WOK and keep him busy so that he won’t have TIME to INTERFERE OR SPOIL the HOLEE Plan to INSTALL Son of Wangsa as the potential seatwarmer cum 4th PeeM pending the FINAL ARRIVAL OF LI HORNY TO SQUAT ON THE IMPERIAL THRONE!

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  • Any wave:

    Any Covid wave coming…
    Live with it.
    Like flu now…no worry OK.

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  • Realistically:

    I will depart from my reluctance to post here due to previous (and perhaps ongoing) CENSORSHIP , because of the imperative to, hopefully, prevent more preventable deaths and unnecessary sufferings.

    Dr Fauci, currently the chief science adviser and has been to 7 US presidents since 1984, has been reported by almost all major US news media on 16 June 2022 (SINKaPOOR time), to be infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus on Wednesday 15 June 2022 (US time), even though he HAS been vaccinated plus with TWO BOOSTER shots…………the reports did NOT mention what variant of the C-19 virus he has been infected with…..This PROVES that booster shots, as Ong Ye Kung has just advised those above 60 years to get boosteed is CRIMINALLY negligent.

    Sinkies should note that the vaccines now available, including those mRNA based types do NOT protect those vaccinated (even with 2 booster shots) against the B4 & B5 variant currently circulating throughout the world. The fact that there had been “BREAKTHROUGH” infections since around mid-2020 should have been a warning against mass vaccination……….the LONG-TERM effects of the vaccines, esp. the mRNA type strongly promoted by the emperor without clothes regime, is especially, of serious concern to many true experts of virology and infectious disease.

    The FACT that the 160th ranked SINKaPOOR media (including the supposedly Independent news website) has NOT published such news should alert the gullible public to the economy of truths from the emperor without clothes regime and the DANGER of even having been vaccinated with the mRNA vaccine.

    Once again, do NOT fall for the propaganda of the emperor without clothes regarding vaccination…………just observe and follow the common sense precautions of wearing medical grade face masks (KN95/KF94) and double mask if possible in indoor environment; social distancing of at least 2 metres; try and avoid being close to the next person who is not your family member; increase ventilation if any household member is infected – for the elderly, use an air-purifier when not masking; hand hygiene etc.

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  • Realistically:

    Rest assured that I’ve emailed the MMTF cc all MPs, including Speaker, PM etc EXCEPT the wayang party MPs b4 on what I’ve posted, (except for Fauci being infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, altho no variant was mentioned)…………the recent first was on 30 Mar 2022 re: Dr Jipson Quah’s case, based on info in the public domain; didn’t realised deeper problems………that the so-called experts advising the MMTF had caused more harm than Jipson – this email was to the S’pore Medical Council cc MMTF); later on 3/6/22 to MMTF/Speaker/PM & all MPs except from the wayang party; and then a few days later, based on a publication warning about the undesired effect of the mRNA vaccines on health esp. causing CANCER. The 2 NCMPs from Dr Tan Cheng Bock’s PSP can confirm this.

    Subsequent to those, I’ve come across report of a study by Imperial College professors specialising in C-19 infections also warning against relying on vaccines to immunise against the B4 & B5 variants.

    The authorities know who I am; my name is HH Bin.

    Tech: You lost me there, and your point being?

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  • panyusg:

    I have survived Alpha, Delta, Omicron and Dengue. I have not been infected though I was in close proximity with those who were infected.

    My condo has a major outbreak of dengue and my wife is down with dengue. I must have been bitten by the mozzies too.

    I am unvaxxed with a super strong natural immune system. Not even a flu for 25 years. I know myself.

    I no longer tune into the hype about getting vaxxed. People can decide.

    My life, my choice.

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  • Realistically:

    I’ve posted the link to the WHO youtube site on my comments, with my full name which has been CENSORED on TRE, as to the wisdom or otherwise of the WHO’s recommendation on vaccination, but again, this did not appear.

    Like I say, I am not here to raise my profile, but to show my concern at the state of SINKaPOOR being destroyed by the incompetent emperor without clothes regime and the epic failures of the wayang party MPs being bent to continue to luxuriate on their ill-gotten but legal monthly $16k MP allowance while sinkies continue to DIE PREVENTABLE deaths, miseries and other sufferings.

    Separately, sinkies should question why is it that the 160th ranked ST/MediaCorp have refused to publish the news that Dr Fauci, who is the chief medical adviser to the US President, and has been in this capacity since 1984, has been extensively reported in the US media as having been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus even AFTER being 2x vaxxed PLUS TWO BOOSTER shots, when Ong Ye Kung continues to tout the benefit of being 2x boosted with the controversial mRNA vaccine?

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  • panyusg:

    I an watching Singapore…

    Either the Western experts are correct and tens of millions in the West will die or be seriously ill or nothing much will happen.

    If the worst case scenario occurs, Spore cannot escape. It is about Cell Biology..the human cells. The vaccines are from the same manufacturers as those supplied to the West.

    How long will it take? It is 1.5 years since the jabs started. There are plenty of news but so far the % affected are low. No studies by I guess below 5%.

    Unless 30% to 50% die early or are sickened, we will not see any impact to society.

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