Heavy Heart

It was heavy on my heart last week.

Knowing one of my very own friend could be injured (my guess is due to the jab).

For it’s not the first case and neither the last case I know of or will hear of.

It’s physical pain. A lot of it.

It’s diminishing of hope. A lot of it.

It’s hoping that someone from the higher ups will recognise it and offer the right solution and assistance perhaps. None of it. Remember it won’t be linked in our local context.

Singapore the place I proudly call home.

The politicians we elect to run the system.

While most of you will continue to assume they are running it well, doing the best they can.

You might be right. But in my perspective. They are being lost and led by whoever is stronger in power and louder in voice on an international platform. After all, we are just a little red dot.

Despite the high vaccination rate. High boostered rate. Very compliant citizens.

Here’s the data.
Population of Singapore – 5.686 million
Population of Haiti – 11.6 million

Covid cases (SG) – 1650000
Covid cases (Haiti) – 32131

Covid deaths (SG) – 1472
Covid deaths (Haiti) – 838

Fully Vaccination rate (SG) – 87.9%
Fully Vaccination rate (Haiti) – 1.4%

Country A :
Mask off. Freedom. Low vaccination rate. Low death rate. Lower cases.

Country B :
Mask on indoors. Transient and controlled freedom. High vaccination rate. Higher death rate. Higher cases. Never ending pursuit of the next waning jab. Otherwise cannot travel. Jabbing from old ones to little ones.

Paying own medical bills if not fully jabbed. Can’t dine indoors. Ever changing vds rules not based on science but control.

I am sure most of you will choose the country B way since we are already living in it.

Remember not to label those who question the norm. For you celebrate these heroes in movie settings. While you diss them and label them in reality because they are different from you.

If your child is oppressed in school by a kid whose parents are powerful and influential?

Will you speak up? The norm is no one should speak up. Will you have the courage to challenge the norm?

It’s a fallen world.

Remember people can be bribed.

So can scientists and doctors.

I am not putting these professionals down.

And people can be manipulated and brainwashed.

Unless in your own Netflix shows, there are only good beings in the entire 16 episode series.

News have told you.

You have CFOs who embezzle funds.

Politicians who are corrupted.

And celebrities who are paedophiles.

What else is able to awaken you to the evil world?

Nothing. Cause you have chosen to be asleep despite all these.

Matrix term – blue pilled

No doubt there are good men around. But good men can be manipulated. FYI. They just need to be lied to.

And to them, they are just “doing their job”.

Just like how the salesperson selling the worst product is still saying stuff as though he/ she is selling the best product in the market.

Just doing their job.

I pray that I don’t hear of stories of more friends in this situation, injured by a jab. Immunocompromised. Immune system wrecked.

And God knows I gain nothing from sharing my views on these matters.

I pray for Him to bless and protect each of you in the days ahead, whether you believe in Him or not.

If you know someone who’s been injured by the jab, do seek help or u can PM me.

I can direct them to seek alternative opinions since the meds given by our hospitals are not meant to cure but suppress the symptoms.

Hang in there friends and families.

Covid scamdemic is dying down.

So monkey pox is in.

And HIV self test kits soon.

Brace for impact.

Nathaniel Chia


15 Responses to “Heavy Heart”

  • panyusg:

    I am studying the scientific papers of Dr. Stephenie Seneff, MIT Senior Researcher. She gives very detailed analysis on what happens after the Covid jabs are made to the arms.

    Mother Nature always win against Man. The vaccines are already defeated. The virus continues to mutate. Virologist Bossche predicts more deadly variants are just one or two mutations away.

    Omicron may be the calm before the storm.

    I remain unvaxxed. 2.5 years into Covid and my natural system is holding up very well…not even a flu and no other illness during the entire 2.5 years.

    The differentiation measures do not bother me. I go to bed each night knowing I will not die suddenly in my sleep. I will not collapse and die suddenly during the day either.

    I have no worries about the 1,000 plus adverse effects of the jabs ranging from neurological diseases, heart diseases, impact to all organs.

    I welcome a Covid infection and may have been infected many times without me even being aware…Mother Nature is in me and working its power.

    The virus is overcoming the vaxxed (partial, fully, boosted). Time will tell who will survive…Me or Them.

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  • xoxo:

    Next what?
    Seems this is becoming a TREND.
    Anything that can make $$$ via scare work$?

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  • SS:

    Reminds me of “The Great Flood”. Noah took 120 years to build his Ark and warn people of the coming cataclysm. Who listens? Who can they blame? God?

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  • Masters:

    Covid is,once in a life time greatest chess opponent.

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  • panyusg:

    2023 will tell us who is correct…the experts who predict disaster from Covid vaccines or WHO, Big Pharma and Governments who say vaccines are safe.

    Evidence from embalmers, pathologists, doctors, researchers, sudden deaths show that damage is being done and such damages accumulate.

    The cause is all due to blood clots that forms larger clots and they affect all organs in the body.

    Clots take time to accumulate even though the body is clearing them. And boosters only suppresses the immune system further.

    The body always try to heal itself but comes a point when the clots are increasing much faster than the body’s ability to heal. That is when death and major injuries occur.

    Other concerns are drop in fertility. A bigger danger is possibility that the mRNA will reverse transcribe into the DNA and that will mean it can be passed on forever.

    Mother Nature vs Man. Mother Nature always win.

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  • Dj:

    Pharma Business man take risk!

    Politician divert risk.

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  • D liver:

    The best politician is one living alone in an desoluted island

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  • Billy ma:

    Remember the big excuse used by lhl when the local terrorist escaped from prison.
    PAP told the citizens that the escape was not something they want it happen, but it did, so lets just move on (assuming it never happened)

    When the reverse effect of all the covid jabs that PAP forced upon the people, the above big excuse will be requouted by lhl.

    Meanwhile, if Singaporeans suffer from the ill effects of the vaccine, lhl will tell you, go blame the virus.

    PAP never at fault. PAP the only one who knows everything & anything.
    Even if PAP got it wrong, it’s always somebody else’s blame. Never PAP. Never.

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  • Kaiju:

    At the very beginning of the Covid, many senior in UK and US already said this:

    This (the covid) is supposed to eliminate us so that we will be cleared from consuming the social benefits and burden to healthcare (also aged care) system. As we are no longer productive to the society and yet consuming on the diminishing resources and pension.

    If the covid is not enough to eliminate us, the so-call vaccines will. And overall, these vaccines (and the man-made virus) will also fix the problem of longer life-span of human by compromising our immune system, effectively reduces average life-span by decades.

    Those with weaker health, and those with underlying conditions will be the first wave.

    The elite level of human species is playing the role of god.

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  • MarBowling:

    Holee comments by Sleepy Joe, the MOST POWDERFUL man on planet earth: “You’re not going to get COVID if you have these vaccinations(by mRNA vaccines)”! Now it’s CONFIRMED that The Joker, not only has vaccinated with 2 doses but also BOOSTERED, STILL KENNA INFECTED BY COVID OR in the slip of HIS SLIPPERY TONGUE HE HAS CLAIMED TO KENNA ALSO “CANCER”!

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  • Naked Truth:

    What’s next? SuckyoudryPox.

    Next what?
    Seems this is becoming a TREND.
    Anything that can make $$$ via scare work$?

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  • moht:

    “If you know someone who’s been injured by the jab, do seek help or u can PM me.”

    I do know people who died few days after 3rd jabs, and yet the government has the audacity that no one died of vaccine months back then. Disgusting government, and they call it coincidence.

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  • Beware of false results:

    Has anyone been receiving free FlowFlex ART kits recently? Please read FDA Safety Communication and be informed.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Steaits Times :Quote-”PUBLISHED 18 JUL 2022, 0:45 PM SGT
    SINGAPORE – All households in Singapore will each get a set of 10 antigen rapid test (ART) kits in their letterboxes as the third round of distribution starts on Monday (July 18).

    The public can check the delivery status of the kits by using the SingPost mobile app, which can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play.

    After verifying that their address is correct, they will be able to receive alerts when the kits have been deposited into their mailboxes.

    The move to give out the kits to more than 1.5 million households – to be delivered in the coming weeks – comes amid another wave of Covid-19 infections in Singapore.

    Health Minister Ong Ye Kung announced the start of the distribution exercise in a Facebook post on Monday.

    The Health Ministry in a Facebook post last Friday said it could take a few weeks for some households to receive their kits due to the volume involved.

    Mr Ong, in his Facebook post, said: “Self-testing has become a familiar part of our lives now, so test yourself when needed. If you are meeting seniors or someone vulnerable, test yourself before going out.”…”Unquote.

    Response : These few days morning,I can hear those ambulances passing by with super loud “beep bo beep bo”.Wake up by their loud sirens .When go down,can easily spot a flashing light ambulance .Not only that,very often can see a funeral tent ! so many people going to see their “maker” .Today is 26th July already! How come evil b**** backside Ong Ye Kung never chase the SingPost to deliver our free antigen test kits to our house ! Such thing are emergency like in war .How inefficient is the whole country that it needs a few weeks just to deliver some free antigen test kits to our house ! Such delivery time for 1.5 million household should be shorten to just one week and that is already too long already ! In war,do you Ong Ye Kung has the luxury of time ,so how come such antigen take so long to deliver and never chase ? Wake up and check before all those Singpost evil b**** backside women never deliver some antigen,stolen and sell to outside market to make money for themselves ! Won’t happen ? Pui ! How can covid war take so long to deliver free antigen kits ? Ong Ye Kung should wake up !!!

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  • Kaiju:

    Typical transferring of $$$ from public to ‘private’.

    PUBLISHED 18 JUL 2022, 0:45 PM SGT
    SINGAPORE – All households in Singapore will each get a set of 10 antigen rapid test (ART) kits in their letterboxes as the third round of distribution starts on Monday (July 18).

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