Cost of $22,400 awarded against litigants in Class Action against MTF

We have just received confirmation from Mr Lim Tean of Carson Law Chambers that the High Court has awarded the AGC costs and disbursements of $22,400 in total, for the Class Action suit initiated by a group of unvaccinated litigants against the MTF.

In summary, the Class Action (coordinated by TR Emeritus) was primarily in respect of the Covid-19 discriminatory measures allowing employers to terminate non-fully vaccinated employees, among other things.

In this connection, it may be interesting to note that only 300 persons out of the population of 5.45 million, have been granted exemption from being vaccinated, on medical grounds.

  1. The AGC had argued that the Ministry of Manpower’s (MOM) communication allowing employers to terminate non-fully vaccinated employees, was only an advisory and not a directive.
  2. The judgement described the statistics presented by the litigants as “shaky”, even though the computations were derived from data published in the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) website.
  3. The computations showed that the primary reason of ‘so as not to stress the healthcare system” for the Covid-19 discriminatory measures, was mathematically flawed, as the ratios (incidence rate x the no. in the population) for those in ICU and deaths (fully-vaccinated vs non-fully vaccinated) indicated to the contrary.

Public Interest

As the Class Action was a matter of ‘very significant impact’ affecting an estimated 132,000 non-fully vaccinated adults (which may be increasing by the day as many have not taken their required boosters to maintain their fully-vaccinated status) – the litigants submitted to the court that no costs should be awarded as this was a matter of great public interest since so many people were affected and also a matter of great constitutional importance.

Unfortunately, Justice Dedar Singh Gill was not on the side of the litigants.

In the meantime, we are awaiting further clarification and advise from Mr Lim Tean.






8 Responses to “Cost of $22,400 awarded against litigants in Class Action against MTF”

  • panyusg:

    A Court action is often very narrow focussed on issues of Law. To pull in the entire Singapore is not covered in this particular law suit.

    The Court also focusses on the narrow confines of the Law. It does not subscribe to personal sentiments or take position on politics and government policies.

    The Court decision is not final and litigants could have appealed all the way to the Apex Court. Why have they not done so? Presumably, they know they will not succeed and will incur even more costs.

    On Covid, I may not agree with some of the government policies. I am also barred from dining in and for a long time, from malls due to being unvaccinated.

    However, the Government has its own reasons and it is not for me to be a rabble-rouser. Covid is controversial the world over and even experts are not in agreement on the origin of Covid, the various policies, how Covid vaccination causes harm, etc.

    For me, patience is the key. Compared to some countries where harsher measures have been adopted, Singapore has been among the mildest. Not to vaccinate is my choice. Compliance to Covid policy is not about choice but obligation if I wish to live here.

    I can now enter Malls but I have little need to visit them. I cannot dine in and I refuse to cheat and eat there. It is an emblem of strenght to not dine in. It reminds me that such a small sacrifice may be my biggest reward..I remain alive.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Did anyone expect anything else? Seriously?

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  • P Against People:

    Money not enough?

    Before open mouth, PAY!
    During mouth open, PAY!
    After close mouth, PAY!

    Only the rich can afford to question this gov.

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  • The litigants should count themselves very lucky that teh AGC did not send 5 or 10 SCs to argue the case.

    Or else, they may be staring at 6-figure or maybe even 7-figure costs awarded against them. lol

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  • Mark Foo:

    so is there crowdfunding option to pay the cost?

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  • So sorry to hear this but...:

    No way!.
    They lost?
    Cant be what….?!how can?

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  • So finally, the cult leader has admitted in her latest video that the cult will not be proceeding with their ambitious aim of suing the gahment, after all the song and dance they staged. The excuse provided was that M Ravi was “taken care of”, so no lawyer to carry the JR forward. So M ravi is the only lawyer in Sinkieland capable of launching a JR, really?

    Which means that as of today, TRE is the only one that has completed the JR.

    Nice to know, right?

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  • wini:

    Watch this 55mins Oracle Film Production

    Well made and clear that the killshots is not Safe & Effective for many.
    Some gets the reaction immediately and some later & IF yours are not a placebo than those who had the shots have to wait for their bodies to react.

    I am positive you have to outlive those who swears that killshots works to keep you from hospitals.

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