Friends in Low Places

I just saw an interview on podcast called “Mea Culpa” between Michael Cohen and Ms. Stormy Daniels. As is well known, these two were once opponents. Mr. Cohen is well known as Donald Trump’s lawyer or “fixer” who ended up in jail for his role in trying to fix Ms. Stormy Daniels, the porn start that had an affair with Donald Trump. The podcast can be found at: [LINK]

The podcast has made international news and a summary of what was discussed can be found in the following AP report: [LINK]

This was a fascinating podcast that provided insights into one of the most interesting presidents in recent history. What made it more fascinating was the fact that both are exceedingly flawed characters. You could say that both Mr. Cohen and Ms. Daniels have a clear axe to grind against Mr. Trump and you could say that both are “sleazy” characters. Mr. Cohen had a leading role in making whatever Mr. Trump wanted to happen and Ms. Daniels, as she openly says, is in porn – she makes a living having sex for the camera – not the career choice that most of us wish on the women in our lives.

I guess you would say that these are the type of characters that “respectable” society writes off. These are the type of people that “respectable” society would rush to “write-off” because they do not fit the definition of “credible.” Think about the number of times many of us have written off comments like the hawkers, foreign labourers, taxi drivers and so on especially when those words have come into conflict between the “respectable” people like expatriate white collar workers, working professionals and dare I say politicians and civil servants. Let’s be honest, most of us take the view that the first group should be grateful to whatever the second group give to them. Let us be honest, a guy in shirt and tie who speaks crisp English always seems to sound nicer than the guy in flip-flops and a singlet.

However, if you look at Mr. Cohen and Ms. Daniels, you will realise that the fact that they’re so flawed in the eyes of respectable makes them so much more credible. Both have effectively been screwed to a point where they have nothing to lose, and they go all out in a way that “respectable” people would not have the courage to do. Ms. Daniels comes across as a particularly admirable character who behaves in what she knows to be correct. She does not wait for government to do things for her – she goes out of her way to make things happen for her, without worrying too much about what “respectable” society thinks.

As I watched the podcast, I was reminded of one of my most “interesting” friends – Fleshball, who is Singapore’s fleshiest, dumpiest hooker, who proudly calls herself “The Queen of Lorong 16.” Fleshball is what you would call everything that no man wants in a woman and everything a woman does not want to be. I mean you are talking about someone who looks so comical with cloths on that you will not be able to imagine her without.

However, in the years of knowing Fleshball, I have realised that there a lot to be said for the saying that you need “friends in low places.” Fleshball is sharp at reading people and has an instinctive genius for being able to touch the right buttons to get certain people to fight for her. She could tell the sexuality of a person just by reading a text.

What was particularly interesting is the fact that Fleshball had a situational awareness that women with far more did not have. One of the funniest moments came when I had to admit to her when I was involved with the police because the girl, I was seeing at the time threw a tantrum in spa because the spa wouldn’t allow me to sit in the same room with her. Fleshball just looked at me and said “Oi – how many years you hang out with me in Geylang and how many times have the police asked you for your IC? Hang out with her five times in posh places and you already must show your ic to the police.”

I guess what you could say is that Fleshball has had so much against her that she has nothing to lose. Every small victory is a confidence builder and the more confident she becomes, things become easier for her. As another friend says, “What has she got to lose?”

People in low places cannot afford to be trapped in fluff the way respectable people can. Its most prominent in meetings, especially meetings involving civil servants. If you sit enough meetings, you’ll realise that nobody actually wants to come to the point because it’s a sign of their importance. Nobody leaves meetings early because it is a sign that you are not smart enough to know what the person speaking is droning on about.

It is part and parcel of being a respectable person. However, whenever you get “workers” involved in meetings, they somehow cut through the fluff. I think of a situation where the workers listened to the guy giving meeting and then put up his hand and said “Sir, you are telling us many things but where is the money.” This is ultimately the point of the meeting.

This is not to suggests that people in low places are intrinsically better than “respectable” people. However, we should not allow ourselves to be swayed by the veneer of respectability and understand that the guys in low places might actually have a very important point that needs to be made. Let us remember Stormy Daniels who has limited resources organised aid for the needy when her state was in trouble. Pastor Joel Osteen only opened his megachurch to the needy during a natural disaster after criticism on social media. There was a reason why Jesus believed in having friends in low places. [LINK]


Tang Li

*Although I’ve been based mainly in Singapore for nearly two decades, I’ve had the privilege of being able meet people who have crossed borders and cultures. I’ve befriended ministers and ambassadors and worked on projects involving a former head of state. Yet, at the same time, I’ve had the privilege of befriending migrant labourers and former convicts. All of them have a story to tell. All of them add to the fabric of life. I hope to express the stories that inspire us to create life as it should be.




6 Responses to “Friends in Low Places”

  • John Richards:

    Don’t know what kind of point you’re trying to make other than looking for an excuse to run down Trump. Give it a rest sleazeball.

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  • Rough Rider:

    If you look at some churches, they are sooooo preoccupied with being respectable, social status amnd money. A lot of them drive away would be believers with their behavior, doing Chrisyianity an injustice.

    I ever worked for a bunch of ‘witches’ passing off as staunch Christians. It’s a shame as these people give Christianity a bad nmae. Acting like Pharisees and Scribes.

    Jesus had no problem accepting people who want to be saved – like the robber and the prostitute.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Pastor Joel Osteen only opened his megachurch to the needy during a natural disaster after criticism on social media.
    Another Pastor Kong and Pastor Sun Prosperity mega Church for China Wine concert ?

    Americunt No Responsibility Freedom, Human Rights and Democracy ?

    Opposition supporters and Teoh Soh Lung, Dr Chee, Dr Tan, what say you ?

    We all want to breathe clean air. Please share, distribute or paste on your block lift.

    Send this to the Buddhist and Taoist Association too.

    Video #1

    Translate as below. If you can translate better, please go translate it.
    Worshipping God need righteous morality and faith
    There has never been a need to spend any money
    Our temple, from past to present,
    Never allow congregation to use gold to curry favour with God
    Never allow congregation to throw party(歌台) to please God
    Never allow congregation to burn incense sticks/papers to blaspheme God
    敬拜時 請雙手合十
    During worshipping please put your hands together
    Replace incense burning with good and upright morality
    Replace offerings with sincerity and devotion
    Good and sincere heart is same as scent of fragrant flower

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  • Elite Here:

    All you people from low places, come, befriend this elite from high places.

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  • theforgottongeneration:

    Very chim article. Why always think USA is the moral compass on which to base humanity on? For friends in low places, pap does elevated the 61% to very high place ONCE every 4-5 years, then dump them back to low places until the cycle get repeated again after 4-5 years. 61% simply loves such yo-yo cycle, hor.

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  • xoxo:

    This article,like all others from TangLi is too cheem for my standard of ENGLAND.
    But,yes,dont look down on the poor and *lowly*.
    From dust unto dust,rich n mighty or poor and humble.
    In $in City,$cholars are too haughty n greedy,they have no wisdom as they possess no true humility.

    Take the way the $cholars disbur$e the $100 Billion.
    God n Buddha know where N WHO the BIG $UMS
    went to.
    Nothing can be HIDDEN from Heaven ,only FOOL$ think so n attempt to do so.


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