Everything You Should Know About Football Transfers

Football clubs set aside a lot of money for the transfer window. The Premier League will be here in a few days, and the transfer window is still open. As is customary, football clubs, managers, and players are busy working on last-minute deals before the season kicks off.

During this time, you expect to see many players in pictures holding pens, contracts, and jerseys smiling for the camera. On the other hand, football clubs post welcome announcements on their websites.

The transfer window is an exciting period for football fans who look forward to seeing how a new player’s signing will affect the title race. Others are already on Everygame casino login page and other online betting platforms working their transfers wagers. There are many things about the transfer window period that football fans would be interested to know.

1. How the Transfer Happens

A transfer occurs when two football clubs agree to terms of sale. The transfer takes place when the clubs agree to the contract. When a club is interested in a player in a different club, they send a representative to make an inquiry to the club with the player they are interested in.

The representative finds out if the club is open to selling the target player. If the club is willing, they involve the player who is asked to consider the offer. The player is required to consult their advisor or agent. The clubs can negotiate the transfer fees and financial clauses if the player is open to the transfer.

The club must also negotiate the contract with the target player. Alternatively, the club can use the “tapping up” approach, where they can persuade the player without involving the club. The practice happens a lot, but it is prohibited.

2. There are Free Transfers

Sometimes transfers don’t involve money. Free transfers often occur when a player’s contract with a club expires. In this case, players have the freedom to move ahead and negotiate new agreements with the new clubs.

Note that the same applies when their contracts are expiring within six months.

Paul Pogba, Frank Kessie, Christian Eriksen, and Paulo Dybala are some of the best players with expiring contracts in 2022. The players are free to move without transfer fees, also known as a Bosman move. In 2021, players like Memphis Depay and Lionel Messi moved on a Bosman.

3. Players can be Signed Outside the Transfer Window

Contrary to what most people think, the transfer window does not restrict player signing. Many clubs have signed players outside the window. There are several situations where players can be signed.

Clubs are free to sign free agents. These are players that are not under any contractual agreement with football clubs. If a contract expires or a player’s contract gets terminated, they become free agents and can be signed by football clubs at any time.

According to the Bosman ruling, players can have a pre-contract agreement with a new club in the last six months of their contract expiration.

In this case, no transfer fees are involved. Clubs can also sign new players on loan outside the transfer window. Most EPL clubs usually send their players to the lower divisions after the closing of the transfer period.

Most clubs give out players on loan to allow them to get on-pitch experience. The loans usually last one to three months.

When clubs have all players in certain positions injured, they are allowed for a temporary emergency signing.

4. Premier League Spends the Most on Transfers

The English Premier League has proved to be the biggest spender on transfers over the years. In the 2021 summer transfers, Premier League clubs spent over €1.1 billion. The most expensive transfer was Jack Grealish from an Aston Villa midfielder to Manchester City; the transfer was over €100 million. It is worth noting that this is also the most expensive transfer of all time.

If you are wondering why Premier League is the biggest transfer economy, remember that it has the highest coverage and holds most of the biggest football clubs worldwide. It, therefore, attracts massive viewership and television broadcast and sponsorship deals.

5. How do Clubs Identify Players?

The first step toward identifying a player is putting together an acquisition task force. The team then creates a database of players and collects information on them. For instance, they could highlight the personality of the players, their performance on the pitch, and their value, and also analyze the chances of success in buying them.

From the database, they point out a player with the composure, commitment, and mindset they need from players in their team. This process takes place a year in advance to give the acquisition department time to research and monitor the players before bidding.

For instance, if they want to add a young player to the club, the player is watched throughout the season by the department to determine if they can sign to the team.

Their off-field activities are also monitored to determine if there is anything about their personal life that would affect their future as players. Note that if a player exhibits a character that threatens their career off-field, they will not be considered regardless of how talented they are on the pitch.


Players’ movement from one club to another has many moving parts. There are rules that govern the process. Clubs are allowed to bid for a player. The involved clubs are also entitled to turn down the requests. Similarly, players have the right to request a transfer in protest if the clubs they are signed to are unwilling to let them go.




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  • ANKUS transfer:

    I see, so a US club nuclear submarine player is transferred to Australia club. Australia club pays billions. The French club gets very angry because Australia club broke off a transfer deal with them. Lost billions.

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  • xoxo:

    All these player$ are over-hyped.

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