Stand down of Crowdfunding for Techie’s Medical Fund

After careful consideration and with the understanding of our techie Andrew, TR Emeritus (TRE) has decided to stand down the crowdfunding for his Medical Fund to avoid any possible confusion arising out of the combined crowdfunding effort that is currently ongoing.

The crowdfunding effort is an attempt to raise a combined target of S$50,000 for both AGC’s awarded costs in the completed Class Action against the MTF and towards Andrew’s Medical Fund.

However, come readers have opined that this arrangement may also be confusing as some readers may not want to donate towards the AGC’s costs but only towards Andrew’s Medical Fund, even though a dedicated link has been provided to Andrew’s wife personal PayPal account just for that purpose.

As such, we have decided to use TRE’s official PayPal account and Ms Han Hui Hui’s POSB account solely for the purpose of receiving donations for offsetting AGC’s awarded costs of S$22,400, arising out of the defeated Class Action against the MTF, effective immediately.

In addition, both the owners of TRE and our techie Andrew have also agreed to utilise whatever amount that were received in Ms Han’s POSB account (prior to the crowdfunding effort for AGC’s costs) towards the targeted S$22,400 awarded against the litigants.

In a nutshell, whatever balance that is currently in Ms Han Hui Hui’s POSB account that were previously raised for TRE and Andrew’s Medical Fund will be used to help offset the AGC’s awarded costs of S$22,400 in the defeated Class Action Suit against the MTF.  We currently do not have the latest figures yet, but we will update the figures once it is available.

On a related note, Andrew would like to express his appreciation to those who have donated towards his Medical Fund, especially the kind person who initiated the approximately RMB48,800 remittance via money changer to the China bank account that was published initially on TRE.

Currently, as it stands, Andrew has achieved more than 50% of the target for his Medical Fund, from his relatives and friends in China, including those from TRE. While the amount received may not be sufficient for his intended ops, but should suffice for his continued medical treatment and medication, for the time being.

Meanwhile, we will be creating a new editorial post for solo crowdfunding for awarded AGC costs, but those who would like to donate towards Andrew’s Medical Fund may continue to use this dedicated link for Andrew’s wife personal PayPal account just for that purpose.

Thank you and God bless you all.



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