Singapore must send signal to attract global talents

I agree with lhl when he said during his recent NDR speech that ‘when it comes to top talent, we will never have enough’ and the answers are obvious.

We only have a small population base and our people are largely the products of a highly regulated, conditioned and inferior gene stocks that will almost always spontaneously obey and suck pap government’s agendas than being innovative, daring, independent and deep thinking.

Many bigger countries are also competing for talents worldwide and the UK government’s recent policy of waving and welcoming graduates from the world’s top 50 universities is one clear example. Let alone us Singapore.

Going forward, in order to win, we will need more brain power than ever before and it is imperative that we must garner our fair share of the world’s best and brightest to spearhead and drive new sunrise industries and technologies, however, the pap government from Goh Chok Tong’s time in office had shot itself in their own foot and they have not recovered.

Over the past 3 decades or so, the pap government has opened our floodgates and let in waves and waves of foreigners whom they had deliberately called ‘Foreign Talents’.

Granted there were some true foreign talents among them but by and large, the term ‘Foreign Talents’ have been loosely used and dragged through the mud courtesy of the pap government for far too long.

Too many foreign IT professionals who could never make it to the top league of their profession in their own countries or in western countries landed here in Singapore and we worship them until heaven. Moreover, I dare say that many Singaporeans who work alongside those so called foreign talents are least impressed with both their talents and juices…

To me, ‘Foreign Talents’ have become dirty words.

Our overall eco-system to compete and attract truly talented foreigners to come, work and live in Singapore is decent but they must be further enhanced. I ask myself if I were a truly talented foreigner, entrepreneurial, innovative, motivated or a high net worth foreigner, what attractiveness do I see in Singapore?

Among the reasons, having a competitive tax rates would be obvious, a corruption free environment, political stability, low crime rate, good quality schooling for my children, cosmopolitan, modern conveniences for my family and ease of traveling…..

On our side, many thinking Singaporeans are reasonable people and one of their top grievances is that many foreigners do not serve NS and this, the pap government has failed for a very long time to seriously tackle it fairly and firmly.

Attracting foreign talents must be seen to be mutually beneficial even at the people to people level. Life everywhere is a matter of give and take and not just take and take, nevermind whether the foreigners are younger or older than 30 years old like what that old naive Ng EH has argued and expoused so eloquently in Parliament.

In conclusion, attracting True Foreign Talents, yes but passing off mere mediocre foreign workers as ‘foreign talents’ who end up cannibalise, undercutting Singaporeans at our work places, salaries and burdening our public infrastructures, a firm No!

Looking back, Goh Chok Tong and his manpower ministars were far from being street-smart and as a result, Singaporean workers lose out even until today in our own country.

By now, if we haven’t learned enough that all that glitters isn’t gold and not all the beautiful women who smile, blink and wave at you is a godsend darling, then we can continue to blissfully suck bigger bananas supplied by the pap government.



Simon Lim




26 Responses to “Singapore must send signal to attract global talents”

  • HR:

    She needs lots of talent that are willing to que buy 4D.

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  • panyusg:

    Talent is much more than scoring top grades in school and even in varsity.

    I reached the Elite status of being a global expat with a very large Oil and Gas MNC. The expats are selected based on talents though we have among us some who are mediocre but they do not get on-going further assignments.

    Singapore is about book study, diligently following instructions. Creative thinking is stymied as creativeness can generate undesirable traits including challenging the status quo in politics.

    Singapore depends on a huge political ruling class and the Civil Service. Quantity makes up for unbalances in quality. Singapore is about Group Thinking not individual flair.

    Singapore needs foreign talents and those talents are not cheap. In the expat circle, performance counts and it is assessed on an annual basis. Rotation is frequent.

    We get very low crime rate within the expat circle as the punishment is swift…being sent home for violaions of ethics and local laws. The high pay and perks ensure a high level of self-discipline.

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  • agreed:

    Singapore need to attract talent.
    Just make sure it is only real talent that got attracted.
    Maybe we need real talent to put right policy in place to do the job.

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  • MarBowling:

    Sad and Pathetic for SinKapore. We only have a handful of LOCAL TALENT such as Holee Jinx, Mai Hum, Ong Yee Con, Son of the Gan, Son of Wangsa, Ms DisGraceFool, Ms IndraKnee Jerk, etc! Therefore, No choice but to IMPORT more FTs to compensate for the shortfall of Local Talents.

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  • Cancel the PAP:

    When the PAP :

    i. blamed globalisation
    ii. blamed tech advances
    iii. import tons for foreign trash classified as foreign talents
    iv. banished highly qualified grads, MBAs, PHDs local borned and bred citizens as drivers, hawkers
    exempt certain numbers of foreigners and PRS from NS
    v. Ministers refused to disclose TRUTHS to legitimate questions by HONOURABLE opposition politicians for numbers of foreigners serving NS,
    vi talked about SG core (God forbids)
    and so on and so on….

    it displayed THE MAGNITUDE AND Drastic failures of PAP Administration systems of governance AND MISGOVERNANCES in so many indescribable myriad of instances, like

    education system
    screwed up strategic planning
    population control
    Ministerial incompetencies…

    AND SO ON.

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  • Relax:

    If I don’t remember wrongly, one artiste said before “he is like a small fish in a big pond in his country, but he became a big fish in a small pond in Singapore”. Just wondering is small fish a talent or big fish a talent?

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  • panyusg:

    This Polish woman scientist is an international talent. She has spent two decades in USA and it is USA that benefits.

    Unlikely that Singapore can secure such top talents. It is more then one lab, one institution. It requires the ecosystem of intellectual interaction, freedom of thought, tolerance of diversity in ideas, etc.

    USA, despite all the bad news we read, is the fount of creativity when it comes to inventions and science. Talent from the world flock there. Does not mean they earn fabulous salaries. Most research and academic institutions pay modest pay but they provide intellectual nourishment for the Minds.

    We can transplant a Tree but we cannot grow a forest.

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  • Moneypox:

    It is like a woman trying woo a guy with her body and a guy wooing a girl with money.
    This kind of relationship more often then not ends badly.

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  • Singaporeans are top talents:

    Do do not trick by PAP plans to flood us with foreign trash to snatch our jobs again and again. We already know what is the effect of Singapore when we open Singapore to so called “top talents” in the past and now. So many years of opening Singapore to so called “top talents”, we have no top talents. Singapore patents compare to Taiwan and China is so little and lousy. Instead we bring in foreign trash who cause lower salary, unemployment and underemployment. The reality is bring in top talents does not work, it destroy our local talents.

    Singaporeans are the top talents, we need opportunity in work to gain experience and these opportunities are snatch away by foreign trash because of cheap labour cost and lousy qualification in other nations which are either fake like fake degree and not as good as our qualification. Imagine our CEOs’ and managers’ positions are all taken by so-called top talents, we will become slave to these trash boss who knew nothing. No matter how talented we are, we will be discriminated and they will employ and promote their own nation people, Tongxiang 同乡 with guanxi.

    Can we really live and compete with these foreign trash in such an unfair competitive? We are living in high cost Singapore and these foreign trash only want salary higher than their low cost nations, in their low cost village. Foreigners are favorite children of PAP, PAP, the foreigner lover, give all the good things to foreigners like top jobs and nice jobs and we end up with those leftover bad jobs. Stand up and fight for yourself against foreign trash policy. If you don’t, nobody will fight for you.

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  • NotMyProblem:

    I have nothing against talents. It is how PAP measures talents that is the problem!

    According to MOM, earning $3000 is talents. According to ex-PM Goh, earning less then $500,000 per annum is mediocre! Or is it all foreigners in SG are talents?

    We did not import any talent during the ’60 and ’70 but Singapore was one of the Asia 4 dragons. But now we have so many talents, what are we now?

    PAP also claims the party has the most talents, why not these talents come out to work in the private sectors instead of hiding their talents in government linked companies. And we only witnessed these talents are only good at selling our assets.

    Did any of our imported talents come out with anything renowned or any breakthrough? Anything in science, arts, medical, discovery, education, even as simple as birthrate!! Zero.

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  • The Sun, The Moon & The Truth:

    During the leadership of the 1G, when we see foreigners in our streets, we’d naturally think of them as either tourists or Foreign Talent working in sg. We respected these people and thanked our govt for bringing these talent to add value to our country.

    Fast forward to today, there’re so many foreigners all over sg, can we still call them Foreign Talent? How is it possible that sg can attract tons of foreign talent?!

    So, don’t blame natives for calling foreigners Foreign Thieves instead of Foreign Talent because it’s a fact that majority of them are here to steal singaporeans’ jobs! Even those who’re here initially as tourists could also turn to Foreign Thieves! So, how to show respect to the foreigners in sg anymore?

    Unless the pap does a purge asap, how to send signal to attract global talent? You might be able to attract a few hundreds with super good pay and incentives but why would genuine talent want to come to an overcrowded sg and be mistaken as Foreign Thieves or to mingle with the huge no. of Foreign Thieves?

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  • oxy:

    panyusg sounds like oxygen.
    Write in similar style?

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  • ah sam:

    Top talents?
    Or F(ake) Talent$/FT.
    More like the latter so far.
    If you call Fake Talents as FT(Foreign Talents),the REAL TALENTS dont wish to come here to be DUMPED TOGETHER with the Fake ones.

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    With 377 repealed no need to wear PINK…Take note LGBT SinCity welcome you with legs wide open

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  • xoxo:

    Hahaha!,They sent all the WRONG $IGNALS themselves; thats why we have all the REJECT$?
    Armed with fake degrees,they even got employed by elite A*Star???

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  • Singaporeans are top talents:

    Do not be trick by PAP plans to flood us with foreign trash to snatch our jobs again and again.

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  • uglytruth:

    Very good solution, attracting back local talents from overseas. I totally support that! I know a guy who is a managing director of well known tech company working in US.

    However, we need to ask some hard questions, and get some solid numbers. We need to establish that there are really that many ‘local talents’ that are raking amazing results overseas visa vis number of ‘foreign talents’ producing excellent results in Singapore. We have to ask the government to give us this information. Let us ask the government for transparency of information, above all else.

    Right now this suggestion, although fantastic, sounds like a knee-jerk reaction to the supposed ‘snatch our jobs again and again’ and ‘ceca bad’ narrative. Would you want a gov that makes policies out of knee-jerk reactions? I know I don’t.

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  • theforgottongeneration:

    As usual, Ah Loong is throwing smoke for his own incompetency:

    1) Before talking about the need for talents, he should explain why a pig given a super-long runway still cannot fly. A general can complains he doesn’t have enough good soldiers to win battles. But giving him battalions of super-commandos, a lousy general also will not win battles, hor. So is it the soldiers …. or the leader that is lacking?

    2) Has our system max out the local pool for the talents we need? Loong changed 7 MOM ministers in 17 years – is there even a coherent plan to develop the local pool? Why is our education system unable to turn out the talents that we need most?

    3) The last 15-20 years, he has used massive amount of cheap labor to grow the economy. Does that sounds like a talent-centric strategy? Can he answer why productivity in sectors like Construction (and MP attendance in parliament) is so poor?

    4) It took 3-4 ex-SAF generals 10-15 years to turn the running of SMRT round. Does shows that the best ppl/talents gets appointed to a job, or only for cronies, lackeys, kaki-lang?

    5) SG is small and so our pool is limited. We cannot afford to make mistakes and waste talents. Yet how many of our PMETs are now UNDER-EMPLOYED? How many times our million$ ministers FAILED to deliver and simply say ‘No Blaming Culture’?

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  • xoxo:

    Too many cooks spoil the broth,wise men said.

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  • Observer:

    Do housewife mothers know that after-work networking and beer-drinking could be important to climb the corporate ladders of MNCs?

    Europeans, Americans, Japanese, Koreans, Australians, PRC Chinese, they like drinking after work.

    Don’t say things like, “My mother tell me drinking is bad.” How to trust you when they need someone to be “bad guy”?

    Can freemasons be trusted to sabotage Iran?

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  • Tremendous:

    The village idiot chief only knows how to talk about importing foreigner villagers when it’s not village election time. When it’s near village election time, he will get his merry men to go full force on voters with all sorts sweeteners. Big finance packages or benefits, colourful printouts and tv bombardments with illusions that they look after everyone and the community, appearance of his henchmen at the village wards from nowhere, use of standard phrases meaning ‘strengthen our core’, ‘build on better future with them’ and more. When this idiot chief or his second man tries to align the stars, villagers will see stars.

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  • theforgottongeneration:

    1) Singapore the fifth most expensive city globally, cars cost the most globally: Report

    2) About 95% of Singapore expats in top positions feel burnt out, survey finds.

    3) Now we know why pappies can only send signals like “No need to do NS”, “Fast track citizenship scheme” and “You can bring in your village later – no questions asked” to attract foreign talents.

    Most expensive lan-cheow leaders begets lan-cheow policies, what else?

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  • Haha:

    Every year he repeats we need foreigners

    Tears down forests and building more towns

    In come all the third world inferior pmets

    Locals become PHV or food delivery

    He wins GE.

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  • Foreigners everywhere:

    Full steam to import and convert foreigners

    Breaking news: 28 days cut to 14 can employ foreign EP instead of local, procesing time cut from 21 to 10 days

    (ST, Aug 29) “To help companies respond to business needs, from Sept 1 this year, the Fair Consideration Framework job advertising duration for all EP applicants will be cut from 28 days to 14 days.

    This means a job vacancy need to be advertised for only 14 days before a company can hire an EP holder.

    The processing time for EP applicants will also be hastened, from about three weeks now for 85 per cent of online applications, to within 10 business days, with technological advances allowing a swifter and more decisive response

    A new benchmark will be introduced and pegged to the top 10 per cent of pass holders, such that this group will be exempt from Fair Consideration Framework job advertising requirements or the upcoming Complementarity Assessment Framework (Compass).

    Compass is a points-based framework that evaluates EP applicants based on a holistic set of individual and firm-related attributes. It will apply to new applicants from Sept 1 next year.”

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  • OK lah:

    OK If can attracted $30K a month talent here. They are real FT.
    Can send the rest that cannot make it back now ?

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  • Good definition.:

    Now we know real FT talent must earn more than $30K a month.
    Now MOM job will be easier to reject those earning below it.
    Good place to start is to send back those not so talented FT already here.

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