Tackling the suicide issue

I read with concerns about the commentary, “A greater care culture among ways to better tackle the suicide issue, especially among youth” (TODAY, Sep 9).

It is reported that suicide is a serious issue in Singapore – a highly competitive commercialised and industrial cosmopolitan city. There is an upwards trend in recent years, with the rate of suicide for all demographics. It is especially the leading cause of death for those aged between 10 and 29 years old.

There are various causes which resulted to our youths committing suicide.

Stiff academic competitions among peers in schools and acute pressures and expectations from parents are perceived one of the common causes.

Next, traditional social norm which labels scoring and attaining excellent academic qualifications is the only secured route towards ensuring job security and better future. This wrongful misconception has deeply rooted in the mindsets of many parents, and subsequently in the course of their children.

In general, the entry academic requirements and salary scales for any types of jobs in our government agencies are mainly basing upon a candidate’s paper qualification besides the necessary rounds of interviews. This has further strengthened the emphasis and importance of paper qualification. Of course, this methodology of assessing potential candidates is outdated and need to be changed.

Anyway, our modern society needs to create a greater care culture and a fundamental shift of perception, perspectives and mindset towards assessing a job applicant’s real capabilities which are not merely based upon the criteria of paper qualification.

Hopefully, all employers should assess and recruit their potential employees basing upon broader criteria, such as skills, experience and traits (EQ, attitude, drive, integrity, resilience and tenacity, etc) instead of merely academic qualification.

Parents and teachers should not exert unnecessary pressure on our young age children. Rather, they should inculcate right, meaningful life values and moral ethics into their learning and life journey.

I believe, applying these inspirational life tactics will definitely help our youths to relieve their unnecessary mental stress in facing/encountering the dynamic challenges of learning and life.


Teo Kueh Liang (Mr)




22 Responses to “Tackling the suicide issue”

  • Larry:

    The suicide issue is certainly most disturbing and unfortunate. However it isn’t the only problem in SG today. We have become a more unruly society with more public fights, road rage, quarrels in coffee shops, etc. This may be a simplistic reason but the government contributes to all this by allowing runaway inflation in property, food, petrol and taxes. This indirectly adds pressure on those who are barely making ends meet. The situation is aggravated when the ultra rich come in with red carpet welcome and the hardworking Singaporeans continue to turn the machinery like cogs in the wheel. No wonder things are going south.

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  • Thinker:

    Singapore, an industrialised nation? What do we produce? Cosmopolitan? Cosmopolitanism or Chinese privilegism? Suicide rates are relatively due to an uncompassionate mindset. Most Singaporean students suffer from anxiety disorder, panic attacks and inferiority complex. The system was created by a narcissistic leader who himself had an inferiority complexes when Kuan Yew compared himself with the British and Japanese. So he created a system where inferiority complexes prevail and told the people of Singapore that they owe him and his team of self-serving cronies their happiness, that the people are beholden to him and his son, Prince Lee. So meritocratic that the princess’s ceo salary of temasek was kept hidden. No accountability required. With transparency, Najib was caught. The problems we face is because we allowed them to monopolise parliament and serve their interests and agendas instead of the people of Singapore. At the present time, Sinkies are being replaced in their own country and they are clueless.

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  • Absurdity:

    Who is obsessed with grades? Why don’t you tell THAT PARTY to hire those with ‘C’s and ‘D’s on their paper qualifications as scholars and parachute them for every election?

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  • xoxo:

    Parents themselves are $TRE$$ED,how to be real help to their stressed out kids?
    Even once wise,GRAND-parents (ELDERLY SGS) are committing more suicides?


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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Dear Teo,
    You said : Parents and teachers should not exert unnecessary pressure on our young age children.
    You are very simplistic you know.

    The child thoughts and behavior is directly the responsibilities of PARENTS. Get it ?It is parents’ responsibilities.

    I had seen so many irresponsible parents who just chuck a phone to their children to play game instead of really spending time to interact and educate their children.

    In the train, at hawker centre, food court, everywhere you see these irresponsible parents.

    There are many Parents who screw around and don’t give a fcuk to discharging their responsibility.

    Wife caught husband cheating with mistress-Chua soon ho (Jackie Chua)

    “Sir, would you like hot service ?”

    So tell me, if parents are irresponsible, whose fault that their children go astray ?

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    In Singapore,an example of an educated person will be someone in the PAP. Many in the PAP boasts of degrees from ivy league universities in the UK or US. By electing the PAP,we have allowed them to dictate to us that success is equivalent to grades obtained. Instead of educational programmes that are paced to allow learning, the system seems to be in fast forward mode. This brings about a need for a $1.5billion private tuition industry. In the US, Australia,Canada etc,the tuition industry is minimal. Children go to school to learn and have time to play. It is their graduates that our PAP govt. has termed as FT and GT. Our wooing them in various ways with plenty of goodies. So depression and suicidal tendencies are increasing in our youth. Can I say that we have a failed education system? I will say yes,as the policy maker has educated his mind but not his heart and is unable to inculcate moral values, positive thinking, helping and giving society. The PAP do not have EQ and thus are unable to be educators of ethical values.

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  • Decriminalize suicide:

    Is Suicide still a crime in this FINE city?
    When i was younger, i remebered a poor soul jumped down from the 15th flr of a HDB block where my family lived.
    Being curious children we ran to the lower floors to see the police n ambulance at work…
    Then we( sisters) witnesses the police handcuffing the corpse!
    We got so scared and ran up home…relating what we witnessed to our father.
    That day we learnt its an offence to commit suicide.
    It seemed so ridiculous.
    who in their right minds would do so…thinking if its right or wrong?
    And if that person doesnt die , what next? Prison after recovery from their injuries..

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  • Cruel money & selfish world:

    Singapore like many nations has become a cruel and selfish world. To solve suicide issue, money is needed. But how much any nation is willing to give to solve this issue? Many selfish Singaporeans will not pay to save their own people. Issue of safety nets like unemployment benefits are always
    opposed because money become an issue. Money is what matter to our life. No money means no friends, no wife or husband, no children and no future. These people are forced to go to die.

    In our money world, even beggars are not allowed. Poor people has no choice but to beg for money, now they are cancelled. No beggars on street does not means no poor people, it only mean poor are hidden away from public eye. Problems are prefer to be hidden away and not solve.

    Selfish businesses only want to make money and not willing to take in people who are not so good. This mean that once we fall to the bottom, we are doom. A world which give no chance, this is not the world we want.

    If you are desperate or poor and you want have money and want to borrow money from government or banks, they will tell you” no way”. They talk to you about rules, requirements and regulation when you are in need. Even you have lots of CPF money, you cannot access those money. When talk about money help, people will run away from you. This is the true cruel money and selfish world. Unless the world change their money attitude, many people will choose to die instead of living in such hell.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    In politics, there are no free friendship except gains/interest.

    Americunt force ROC Taiwan to buy 787

    Americunt: We hope to strengthen the ties even more economically. We hope you buy the 787..

    Translator was stunned and skipped translating the 2nd part of the speech

    You buy 787 and I, Americunt help you push Taiwan Policy …

    Anyone here got any doubt ?

    No free friendship in politics

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  • Omg:

    314pm.police kayu.dead people don’t

    Wake up and walk away!

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  • Money problem:

    Need to solve the money problem for the poor and desperate.
    Need to provide some meaningful support for them.
    In this aspect our social safety net is grossly inadequate for these people.
    Nobody want to take their life unless they feel helpless with no basic support in sight.

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    Suicide is a inner voice within the MIND that cajoles n decieve one into believing all will end with end of Life…What is Life without Love is an imatation of Life “think”

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  • stupid citizens vote pap:

    Money problem:
    Need to solve the money problem for the poor and desperate.
    Need to provide some meaningful support for them.
    In this aspect our social safety net is grossly inadequate for these people.
    Nobody want to take their life unless they feel helpless with no basic support in sight.

    There are many poor and desperate in Singapore.

    But how come they still vote pap, knowing full well the source of their misery is the pap?

    In other words, since pap is voted into government again in 2020, it only means we have many stupid citizens in Singapore. Some of these stupid citizens not only remain stupid, they promote pap.

    As one stupid citizen, Free Rider, says, blame their parents.

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  • Asd:

    I think should have option for people to be put to sleep rather than horrific methods

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  • Another sad case:

    Over the pass few years there were other incidents of police officers shooting themselves with their own service revolvers.
    Too sad.
    Wondering why? Job too demanding, stressful, or family problems or even bullying.??
    Hope police officers have venues to voice their concerns…

    Minister in charge, plse do your job.

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  • Reset:

    Just look after one,s health

    And stay in a good mood.

    Avoid toxicity.

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  • Asd:

    I think capitalism is not forcing people to a corner but edge of cliff and yet these people are not allowed to end it painlessly but in a horrific fashion

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  • pap loves bad aliens:

    The source of most misery is the lack of S$ in pap island.

    When one is lacking in S$, and marries, then, it is utter irresponsibility of the first degree.

    When one is lacking in S$ and marries, and has a child or children, then, it is utter irresponsibility of the second degree.

    1st degree issues include miserable spouse.

    2nd degree issues include miserable child or children.

    Therefore, when one is lacking S$ in pap island, there are 2 things one must never do.

    1, one must not marry. if one marries, one must not have a child or children.

    2, one must not vote pap. if one votes pap, one propagates the misery to ourselves and others who lack S$ in money mad pap island.

    Can we be any clearer?

    Let us try.

    We say if you are not making pap kind of S$m pa wage, then, stop marrying and stop voting pap.

    because marrying causes misery.

    because voting pap makes your lack of S$ situation worse.

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  • BIG READ: Stop the PAP Steal:

    One case of suicide – just another statistic. Some days later, another suicide, add one more digit to PAP Administration statistics records dept.
    Do the PAP bother?
    Do the PAP Administration collect suicide data?
    No No.
    No No.

    The PAP feels that suicides (neighbour quarrels too) are a blip – a nuisance to their society resilience which they touted touted boast and boast.

    The PRIMARY FOCUS of PAP Administration only 2 CATEGORIES :

    A. Power Hegemony (1st and foremost, look at all laws is CLEAR PROOF).
    B. Economic performance of SG (regardless of how its achieved, and at SGpns EXPENSE is BEST bcz then the PAP has GE leverage years after years).

    Let’s see daily news, a sample here – Million Dollars HDB Flats (makes PAP proud) records here records there, FTS, Ambassador Jobs for SGpns, SIA performance, covid/pandemic trajectory (WTF this means to anyone).

    Look here smart SGpns – the CB PAP has successfully BRAINWASHED Singaporeans, NO ONE OWES you a living.

    BUT BUT BUT – the PAP actions SO FAR is-
    they owe 1000s of FOREIGNERS A LIVING.

    They don’t owe SGpns a living bcz SGpns are lazy, no spurs, lack drive, CHOOSY.

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  • Harder Truths:

    In medieval Japan the penalty for suicide was death.

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  • PAP LIARS of Swiss SOL:


    What meaningful political policies PAP Administration EXECUTED to:

    improvement SGpns mental health?
    to enhance SGpns quality of life?


    continuous delaying CPF withdrawals?
    by RELENTLESS INCREASE in HDB flat prices?
    not REDUCING OWN MASSIVE million dollars salaries?
    by continuous WELCOMING FOREIGNERS ROBBING SGpns of GOOD jobs?
    by ULTRA FOCUS on destroying SGpn PREFERENCES for Opposition Politicians?

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  • PAP mandate strong:

    @ Another sad case

    If my guess aint wrong, all male police officers right ?

    Male problem basically 3 . Woman ( relation ), Family ( relation ), Monies.

    Work stress ? If everybody can work together , work although difficult can overcome. People working together will always be a problem.

    How come no female police officers shoot herself ? There are female police officers right. My neighborhood always meet 2 familiar faces. In 2 groups teaming up with one or two male police officers. Sometimes night time sometimes day time also see them patrolling. Sometimes spot check our India friends drinking at void deck seats when they creating too much noises.

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