F1 Nonsense, Privatizing Profits Socializing Costs

I happened to drive to Suntec City this evening but to my horror, entrances to Suntec and some other roads are blocked!

Quite a number of policemen and traffic police were deployed there, presumably for traffic control for the whole day.

I asked the police officer why are they still blocking these roads? He said they have to close the roads for the contractors to dismantle the structures.

However I don’t know how long this madness is going to last but it is causing huge inconvenience to people who just want to go around town.

I am surprised at the low efficiency of the organizers.

Who profited from this event? The hotels. Who paid the price? 60% or $90m of tangible cost born by taxpayers plus, all the inconveniences intangible cost born by all of us.

To think of it, we paid such a high price and then bend the traffic rules of no speeding, go against our Climate Change agenda as a small island state…. Just to host this F 1 race that creates great pollution and inconvenience.


Goh Meng Seng




16 Responses to “F1 Nonsense, Privatizing Profits Socializing Costs”

  • xoxo:

    F1 is a wa$te of TAXPAYER MONEY.
    It benefits the rich n foreigners at COMMON sgs’ expense.
    F1 IS A LUXURY *GOOD*(product) .
    Why must the G apply public resource$ to hravily sub$idise it?
    But stinge on helping deserving needy sgs by offering ALL SORTS OF REASONS?

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  • Stupid Govt:

    The PAP government is trying to encourage us to reduce pollution and on the other hand they are burning more fossil fuels by holding the F1 race. How to trust what the government do ?

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  • Sg's illgotten gains:
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  • MarBowling:

    F1 is the Brainchild Idea of Official No. 1, period!

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  • Uc:

    Trick is make car detour/ turn out of CBD and pay to come back in again.wonderfull trick.

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    It seems that the PAP are using Public Monies to attract foreigners and all kinds of business.The bottom line is what is the profit to taxpayers.Perhaps, the govt. can start with F1 to give us a Profit and Loss account.If truly the govt. is making monies bringing in all this foreign entities,why is there a need for GST increase.

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  • knn:

    Singapore is a small little island unknown to the world. So need to spend millions for events like F1 to let the world know that there is this little island in the sun. Think long term. What is a few tens of millions every year or every two years? Or is it a few hundred millions?

    All money well spent. The benefits outweigh the cost. Ah Kong’s money, or like they said, OPM. Not from my own pocket. Lagi shiok.

    Count the intangible benefits, a lot, a lot. Intangible benefits are as much as you can imagine.

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  • F1 is for rich and elite:

    “All animals are equal but some are more equal than others” quotation from George Orwell’s Animal Farm.

    The tickets to F1 are expensive for the rich, foreigners and elite, the poor people and locals cannot afford the tickets, some never see F1 their whole life. It is an exclusive event. It is not the inclusive policy that PAP preach. PAP use taxpayers money to make F1 possible, which could be the poor people money and people money. Without such expenditure and wasteful spending, less GST will be collected and there will be money for ageing population and elderly care spending like healthcare.

    F1 bring in foreigners from outside and now covid-19 cases rises, could there be a link?

    F1 is an event build on misery of people by road closure and so on as
    describe by the above article for the rich, powerful and elite. Like the casino, F1 is for the rich, powerful and elite and the poor and powerless suffer (traffic jam, shop losing profit, inconvenience and loss of tax money)to make such events possible. F1 encourage people to gamble who will win like casino. It is a selfish events like casino to make money out of people misery and suffering. Ban F1 and casino now and stop the control of rich, powerful and elite.

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  • Trust only myself:

    Who knows about the money flow and who benefitted from F1….?

    Not so sure but one thing for sure is that the liars intended to have their image recognized worldwide for having F1 here, and in the night as well……

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  • opposition dude:

    PAP loves bragging and boasting about Singapore being the only night F1 race but so what, the track has had plenty of complaints by drivers that it’s way too hard to overtake just like in Monaco. And Abu Dhabi has an evening race that ends in the night when the last lap is finished so they have half a night race there too.

    As long as this event makes $$$ for PAP we can expect the contract to be renewed indefinitely unless the FIA decides that Singapore isn’t worth it anymore.

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  • Temusik Patriot:

    Must be unoro umo leh!!!…The Best of the Best that a bastard started by killing the Worse Babies in his eyes and have only the Best Babies lah!!!With satan as their Father evil has no bounds

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  • agree:

    Use tax$ to build public services and then privatise them.
    There is NO public service in Sg.
    PSC should be changed to PAPC.
    Slaves of Sg Inc needs more to lick more grime to wake up

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  • Singaporean R Free Rider:

    Who profited from this event? The hotels.
    Dear GMS,
    You had pea brain you know.

    If the business benefitted, business will help create jobs for Singaporeans.

    You have business investment, you get jobs creation.

    Use your bain use your bain.

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  • Dont be a silly ass:

    My nephew went to the F1 concert…came home later sick.
    Went to see doctor…diagnosed as Covid!
    Stupid ass ! Never use common sense.
    Days after in the news sg covid cases shot up to 6k plus.
    Dunno how many thousand ppl are still walking around spreading covid , after catching it at the F1.

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  • unvax:

    @Dont be a silly ass
    The main reason is mask removing. 7-day Moving Average of Local Cases started to increase from 06/09/2022 (1,713) and increased 62% (2,775) before F1 started on 30/09/2022.

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  • Win some lose some:

    F1..Win some Lose some.
    Benefits to the country but only the rich can enjoy.
    Sad but true. All are equal but some are more equal.

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