A government’s attitude towards helping its citizens

German Government Will Pay Gas Bills For All Businesses And Households In December During Winter! But For Singaporeans, Transport Fares Will Again Rise On 26 December!

A government’s attitude towards helping its citizens is demonstrated by its actions.

As I have said many times before, there isn’t a hike which the PAP does not like!

Lim Tean


7 Responses to “A government’s attitude towards helping its citizens”

  • Western Sheep:

    These EU country politicians don’t deserve any praise this round. They send taxpayer monies to other country. They forced up the price of energy through their self-destructive actions.

    Even if they help with energy bills, it’s a small make-up for their mistakes. It’s not enough to erase their suffering on their citizens.

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  • xoxo:

    It is the sacred duty of every elected govt to SERVE THE PEOPLE N TAKE CARE OF THE NATION especially the marginalised rather than disadvantage its own citizens.
    The *equation* is simple one.
    The calculus ,straight-forward.
    If you dont intend to SERVE,pls Dont stand for election.
    Yes,no need to *kee chiu* anyhow.
    Govt/PUBLIC SERVICE is VOLUNTARY SERVING and no amount of $ can make one a truly good public servant unless,like Dr Goh said,one treats it like A Calling,a VOCATION AND NOT JUST A JOB that makes MONEY.

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  • only stupid people vote pap:

    the stupid people who vote pap are going to pay 14% more in GST come 2023.

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  • Help lah:

    Time to help …
    The COL is going up everywhere. Inflation is getting worse.
    Time for Government to show care for the weak and poor.
    Action not talk.
    Better still get all Ministries to do their part.

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  • Loh KK:

    We have to be ready for even higher inflation in the coming months especially when the GST increase kicks in.

    The government would do well to consider the following:
    (1) distributing the cash GST voucher every quarter instead of only in Aug
    (2) COMCARE threshold criteria should be reviewed with a more realistic figure
    (3) Silver Support criteria should be extended to include more seniors.
    (4) Silver Support payout should also be reviewed upwards.
    (5) special festive payout for the public to have more to spend eg Christmas Festive Payout (preferable to be distributed within a month prior). Others should be Chinese New Year/Hari Raya Puasa/Deepavali and National Day

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  • John Doe:

    The PAP Administration is famous for -
    calibrated assistance,
    targeted assistance,
    focus assistance,

    the end result of which whose aims are to win votes and gives impression the PAP regime is gracious and caring, but not to those whose thinking can see thru what the PAP is attempting to achieve.

    One can also see those schemes are deliberately political in nature thru and thru – because 10 times out of 10, there’s no ASSISTANCE TO THOSE living in rental flats whose presence to them is nonsense.

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  • Disabled Left Out:

    Wonder if the Forward Singapore agenda is seriously looking into the PioneerDAS payout which is drastically crunched by astronomical Inflation.

    It’s been $100/mth for the past 8 years. By now it should be doubled to alleviate the disabled poor who are really suffering in silence.

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