Malaysia GE Aftermath

The contest of GE has extended into the contest between PH and PN to garner support from other parties and alliances to form the next Gov.

Purely from Game Theory perspective, PH should have a slight advantage over PN.

The two major block of alliances that could decide who will form the next Gov are BN and Borneo block which consist of GPS, GRS plus Warisan.

But it first seems that PH has stepped on alot of people’s toes in the past so much so that many non PH parties or politicians have openly declared they won’t want to form coalition gov with PH! These includes GPS, PN and some other individual politicians within BN.

This is the major shortcomings of PH beside being seen as “too Chinese” as DAP is seen to dominate PH with highest number of seats in it.

Any other minor parties which want to join PN to form coalition gov will have to share and dilute its own significant influence with other parties. This is because PN needs to get at least another 2 alliances or parties to get the required number of seats to cross the magic number 111. It’s already difficult and complicated to negotiate with 1 potential coalition partner, what about 2 or 3 or even 4?

Although PH doesn’t have good inter party diplomacy, but circumstances may create an odd and rare opportunity for BN and PN to come together and form a coalition gov!

First of all, BN will be the only coalition partner and naturally it will benefit most without other competing interest.

Most importantly, it was PN which forced BN coalition gov to break down and call for snap GE. They were basically backstabbing each other rigorously even though they were in the same coalition gov.

Beneath the massive losses, it is clear that BN’s real political competitor is PN instead of PH. BN and PN were competing for the same core block of Malay votes and most of the seats BN lost were taken up by PN.

Thus most probably BN under Zahid comes to realize that if BN continue to come under the shadow of PN, particularly suppressed by PAS, it will continue to lose its core Malay vote bank.

The only obstacle for BN to join PH is DAP. Surprisingly, the “spiritual leader” of DAP Lim JS had openly said that it’s possible for PH to get BN as coalition partner to form the next Gov!

The only problem with such arrangement is the coalition gov may be weak and unstable with a minimum simple majority. PH may lose its credibility in its anti corruption rally call in future elections.

Furthermore, can PH tame the BN culture of treacherous backstabbing and politicking which had played the important role of breaking up the 2018 PH gov?

Never say never in politics, especially Malaysia Boleh.

Note: what’s happening in Malaysia right now maybe the mirror of what will happen in future SG.


Goh Meng Seng




10 Responses to “Malaysia GE Aftermath”

  • PAP mandate strong:

    Mr GMS, have i misread but are you insinuating PH = WP ???

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    GMS,the election was triggered by UMNO because of the win in state elections in Johor and Melaka. Zahid and probably NR mistakenly thought the party was popular enough to win and become the next govt.This was probably to escape their jail terms. There was no thought to the floods that Malaysians had to endure. Fortunately, the Malaysians were wise enough not to vote them in as the majority. The biggest win of 44seats is PAS. This shows that Malaysians are voting according to religion. The second biggest winner is DAP with 40 seats. Bersatu and PKR have about 30 seats each, the same as UMNO. As the citizens have voted, the coalition should be between PH and PN. All personal fights should be put aside to fulfill the rakyat’s wishes. However AI and MY, both will want to be PM so it will be interesting to see how this turns out.Hopefully neither one of them will have a heart attack as there does not seem to be replacements

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  • opposition dude:

    Well when a country has a coalition government it’s natural to have differences in opinion since that’s human nature. The more important thing is that whatever squabbles the parties may have doesn’t lead to the country going down the longkang and affecting citizens’ lives.

    Sure, we may well be heading for a coalition government ourselves in perhaps 3 elections time but should that happen then we will all see for ourselves just how well the various parties work together or not at all.

    Whoever the so called king maker parties want to side with we shall know soon enough but all we can be sure of is that there will be plenty of squabbles and disagreements no matter which coalition is governing.

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  • MarBowling:

    Most Malaysian voters have done their DUE DILIGENCE based on the VOTING PATTERN! GE aftermath, those ERECTED have to do their part in fulfilling the wishes and NEEDS of the ELECTORATE! Malaysia Boleh and Jia Yu!

    SinKaporean VOTERS can ONLY admire with ENVY and CONTINUE TO WAIT LOONG LOONG and Tan Cuckoo for such GREAT STUFF displayed by our Malaysian Brothers and Sisters!

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  • This is what ELECTION about...:

    Hello UFO seer,
    This is what ELECTION is all about. To win and form the GOVT.
    Opposition clowns like you only want to contest and get in Parliament to talk cock.
    SG ELECTION is an absolute JOKE with all Oppies clowns with this thinking. “Vote me to be your voice, blah blah blah,,,”.

    STUPID VOTERS – don’t buy this “Vote me Nonsense” in the next GE.
    Vote only the Party who wants to form the Govt.
    Will not be voting if no oppie can do that. Waste my [email protected]#@$ time.

    GMS – any UFO sightings lately?

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  • xoxo:

    Except for Anwar’s age,perhaps he could wait out for another more opportune time since Borneo side are allies with PN.
    Partnering BN is more like LPPL?
    Even if PH does not form the G this time around,it can be a MOST CREDITABLE OPPO.
    By doing so,it can show to the voters how good (solid) they truly are.
    This will win PH more voters in future.
    Looking at Muhyiddin n PN,history is likely to repeat.
    Muhyiddin does come across as good PM material?
    So,the next GE may not be too far away?
    Anwar may still have good chances yet.
    Take Dr M,be was 90.
    At 77-79,Anwar may still be able to do a good job or he could nurture one of his subordinates?

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  • Whats the world coming to:

    The 3 party leaders squabbling for the Msian PM crown.
    So kids fighting over a nice toy!
    We in SG should worry cuz whatever happens there affects us in SG too.

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  • Trust only myself:

    Vote again……….set the rules.
    Should there be a “hung” parliament again he largest “party” can form a minority government……solve.

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  • Interesting development:

    Interesting development..Dr M also out.
    Voters will get wiser…and not to be taken for granted.

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Malaysia GE is over .What is the fate of Najib and his wife ?Are they going to be released out very soon and no need to go to jail ?

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