Zero Unvaccinated in ICU

For the past 7 days, there is ZERO UnVaccinated in ICU (average is ZERO) but there are Vaccinated people in ICU due to Covid Infection.

Some people have to eat their words…

How could those “protected” having more people in ICU than those “unprotected”?! That’s pretty ironic isn’t it?


Goh Meng Seng




14 Responses to “Zero Unvaccinated in ICU”

  • Lobster:

    The answer to why there is no unvaccinated in the ICU is they have been shielded by the vaccinated!

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  • unvax:

    No minimum protection? We don’t have immunity? We only depend on manmade product to protect us? Is artificial product superior to our natural immunity?

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  • unvax:

    Pay attention to the figure.
    Legend in this sequence:
    No Minimum Protection
    Minimum Protection
    Up-to-Date Vaccination

    Label in the reverse sequence:
    0.15 (Up-to-Date Vaccination)
    0.18 (Minimum Protection)
    0 (No Minimum Protection)

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  • @Lobster

    Good twist to suit the official narrative.

    How about this:

    The reason why there is no unvaccinated is that most unvaccinated cannot afford to pay for the beds due to the fact that there is no subsidy for the unvaccinated.

    Also got logic, dio bo?

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  • xoxo:

    Now,OYK will say its not due to the vaccines but becos of *PRE-CONDITIONS*???
    Wonder if more vaccinated will face serious health issues due to immunity weakening?
    Any formal studies or statistics?

    Tech: Ah… so all vaccinated in ICU have underlying conditions, what a finding! That means those unvax ALL very healthy lor, dio bo?

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  • Relax:

    Do anyone know
    1) how many vax and unvax elderly with symptoms but not very serious were sent to care facilities?
    2) how much did the unvax pay for the service?

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  • unvax:

    From 25/10/2021, no Unvaccinated, only Non-Fully Vaccinated, because Unvaccinated were mixed with Partially Vaccinated (vaccinated) who had the highest death rate. From 07/11/2022, no Non-Fully Vaccinated, only No Minimum Protection, because Fully Vaccinated with Booster had higher death rate than Fully Vaccinated without Booster and Fully Vaccinated without Booster were mixed with Non-Fully Vaccinated.

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  • statistic:

    Statistic don’t lie…people do.
    Statistic can be explain to suit own narrative…
    Anyway the number of vaccinated is very much higher than unvaccinated ,so only logical that more cases will come from the vaccinated.
    However it is a major concern what is the long term effect of vaccine,only time will tell the true costs.
    There may be more health issues further down the road…

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  • unvax:

    “Anyway the number of vaccinated is very much higher than unvaccinated ,so only logical that more cases will come from the vaccinated.”
    1. Vaccination can “prevent” severe disease, can’t it?
    2. At any timepoint in the above figure, No Minimum Protection is lower than Minimum Protection. The numbers in the above figure have been standardized with population. They are ratios, not absolute values.
    Let’s see the data when No Minimum Protection has a number other than 0.
    As of 23 November 2022, 12pm
    7-Day Moving Average of Number of Active Cases in ICU, per 100k Population, by Vaccination Status
    No Minimum Protection 0.01
    Minimum Protection 0.18 (18 times)
    Up-to-Date Vaccination 0.16 (16 times)

    (As of 27 November 2022, 12pm
    No Minimum Protection 0
    Minimum Protection 0.23
    Up-to-Date Vaccination 0.2
    All 13 (compared to 9 on 24/11/2022) In ICU are Fully Vaccinated with Booster.)

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  • PG:

    Facts for Spore..
    - No increase in funeral tents in HDB void decks i.e. Covid vaccines have not caused a big increase in deaths.

    - No sightings of people suddenly collapsing in public unlike videos from the West. Only one TV presenter fainted. Could be due to other reasons.

    - No sightings of uncontrolled tremblings, seizures, etc. in public

    - People are still crowding MRT at peak hours…looks healthy

    My conclusion…
    - News and predictions from the West that Covid vaccines are dangerous, are killing many people suddenly, etc. have not happened in Spore.

    - Singaporeans are not that affected by the Covid vaccines adverse effects.

    Tech: What both you and I think is the “truth” is irrelevant, just constantly repeating a lie does not make it the truth and vice-versa. Only time will tell, so give time.

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  • P Against People:

    Are you sure? Many cases of people suddenly died, in the news. Maybe, YOU don’t get sight of them.

    50-year-old man dies after collapsing at Singapore Athletics … › sport › 50-year-old-man…
    Mar 19, 2022 — SINGAPORE – A 50-year-old man has died after he collapsed during a 5,000m walk event at Singapore Athletics’ (SA) All Comers Meet 2

    25-year-old woman dies after running 10km race – AsiaOne › health › 25yearold-woman-…
    5 days ago — SINGAPORE – A 25-year-old woman died after running a 10 kilometre route of the NIKE We Run event held on Sunday morning. According

    53-year-old NUS professor collapses after run, dies … – AsiaOne › singapore › 53-year-old-nus…
    Mar 20, 2022 — The 53-year-old died while on the way to the hospital, Shin Min Daily News reported. Lee, a professor at the National University of Singapore

    NSman, 25, dies after collapsing while taking part in NS FIT … › singapore › nsman-…
    Mar 3, 2022 — SINGAPORE: A 25-year-old operationally ready national serviceman (NSman) died on Wednesday (Mar 2) after collapsing during a

    PG: – No sightings of people suddenly collapsing in public unlike videos from the West. Only one TV presenter fainted. Could be due to other reasons.

    Tech: I am sure they all died of weather change, anyone disagrees? lol

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  • Fish Mongoling:

    Hundreds of people died in Sinkiland everyday!

    All died because of Covid vaccines?

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Reported on Straits Times :Quote-”More Covid-19 infections and new wave expected with year-end travel, festivities: Ong Ye Kung

    Singaporeans should expect a new wave of Covid-19 infections soon with more people travelling and due to the upcoming year-end festivities. ST PHOTO: KELVIN CHNG
    Nadine Chua
    SINGAPORE – Singaporeans should expect a new wave of Covid-19 infections with more people travelling and due to the upcoming year-end festivities, said Health Minister Ong Ye Kung on Sunday.

    “With more travel and with Christmas and the New Year coming and people going out, there are bound to be more infections, but it is not something we have never seen before,” Mr Ong said.

    “This year alone, we have seen three infection waves which were all quite big. The first two were Omicron: BA.2, then BA.5 and then XBB….”Unquote.

    Response :You all know evil beast backside Ong Ye Kung prediction of covid spread quite accurate one.Not that he has super power but he has a lot of information which outsiders know know.And the Orchard road library above somerset mrt has already install ERP covid gantry some weeks back at the library entrance already.

    And why Punggol library at Punggol One still haven’t opened ? And the joke that Punggol One hawker centre has pictures of $1 Chee Cheong Fun but the stall didn’t even sell $1 Chee cheong Fun or You Tiao or cheap food like Glutinous rice ? All those pictures posted there at Punggol hawker centre by the drink stall are obvious fake to make ministers believe there are cheap foid of $1 Chee Cheobg Fun available maybe !Maybe Teo Chee Heng,Puthucheary,Yeo Wan Ling ,Sun Xue Ling can explain why the hawker centre put up posters of cheap food but not selling them ? All of us are hungry and may need to find some grass to eat .And why our CDC digital vouchers give us big $10 digital vouchers for what ?Can’t the government change the CDC digital vouchers of $100 to just all $2 digital vouchers so that we can spread the digital vouchers out to more days ? You mean hawkers food also must use $10 digital vouchers !That should food at hawjer centre are ridiculously expensive !Pui ! What a joke !

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