Shameful and Unfortunate

It is most shameful and unfortunate that the daily circulation numbers of SPH media titles have been inflated by over 10% for reasons or agendas best known to some key people within SPH and I pray hard that such shameful and unscrupulous behaviours are not collaborated beyond SPH. [LINK]

I remember that growing up in the 70s and unable to afford the price of the Straits Times papers, I walked ever so often to the nearest community centre which was more than 2 bus-stops away from my house just to read the papers.

Our print medias were very important and useful tools that helped the late Lee Kuan Yew government in our national building efforts. They were pro-Singapore papers. It saddens me greatly for being unable to say the same of them today. (Please read the last 2 sentences again).

To me, they have over the past many years drifted away from being pro-Singapore to become pro- pap.

Josephine Teo argued very eloquently in Parliament to justify and won support for under S$1 billion of our precious tax dollars to support SPH Media Trust over 5 years and now with this cheating circulation bombshell being exposed…. I am sure that many newspaper advertisers must have been equally duped and feeling disappointed.

And Khaw Boon Wan being the chairman of SPH Media Trust surely cannot be sleeping on his job there.

The pap government must understand that it owes Singaporeans a proper and thorough parliamentary explanation about this matter and not some wayang or show time crying explanations again please.



Simon Lim




14 Responses to “Shameful and Unfortunate”

  • P Against People:

    As usual, not so simple Simon is out in full force praising his boss.

    Teo very beautiful.
    Harakiri at most sleeping. Definitely not … (unmentionable)

    Simon, please don’t run for election as a non-pappy candidate. Spoil the election process.

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  • Sunset industry:

    Most news papers and magazines have folded. Even TODAY,who deliver free to your doorstep also harbays. No point grasping at straws.

    The sun almost disappeared under the water.

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  • only stupid people vote pap:

    although we subscribed to the states times in time past, unlike simon, we have never voted pap whenever we get to vote.

    simon has missed the point. pap says 10% to 12% over counting. this is another lie.

    states times subscription, in total never exceeded 450,000minus each day. the over counting by states times was some 90,000plus each day.

    in other words, the over counting is not 10% or 12% but over 20%.

    simon is also wrong in two more areas.

    first error. simon forgot to ask pap folks to commit suicide. according to pap, the pap folks in pap states times who committed the serious crime must commit suicide. This is what pap said,

    Khaw Boon Wan on AHPETC: In the good old days, Japanese CEO & board of directors committed suicide over mismanagement

    second error. why only the 3 so called seniors are called to task? what about their leader the pap paper general umbrage fatty?

    SPH CEO Ng Yat Chung ‘takes umbrage’ at reporter’s ‘editorial integrity’ question

    surely pap folks who committed the over counting crime must commit suicide per pap playbook? surely the pap folk who is paid S$2m+ per annum must be taken to task for failing to do his job properly?

    one more thing which we don’t expect simon to be able to think about. it is the S$180m each year of sinkie money that pap throws at the lying states times, to the tune of S$900m.

    which sane authority in the world throws good money at crooks? which one? hahaha. the pap one which simon worships.

    sinkies deserve the pap government they voted into power. sinkies are the stupid people who vote pap.

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  • xoxo:

    And,newspapers are supposed to bear facts ?
    So,confirm SHITTY TIMES.
    Dont blame us for saying so.

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  • Very few read prints:

    With the advent of fast and wide internet,most people shun news in print. Why waste money on it when one can get reliable news from investigative journalists all over the world. Most press are becoming the governing party’s mouthpiece, regardless big or small a nation is. It’s all about political propaga nda by greedy, goosyganders.

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  • Billy ma:

    Apparently, this cooking the books is a culture in the company, which means people doing the cooking at the lower ranks & those at the top must be well aware of this recipe.

    It’s also apparent that the top people are shielded & protected from this fallout.
    No surprise.

    Look out for the umbrage guy to be promoted soon.

    So sad & very sick of it.

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  • ActuaLLY hor, what SPH did is NOT cheating or illegal lar, they merely “massaged” teh figures, but technically still correct wat, dio bo?

    Just like how MTF has been massaging the adverse reactions and covid figures since the pandemic, acceptable lar. lol

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  • NotMyProblem:

    Shameful? Not for the PAP. Unfortunate? Yes, for the taxpayers!

    The mother of all shames from the PAP is the fact that overnight, an Indian can become a Malay! Shameful was, the Malay community also agreed. Shameless was, this Indian happily turned Malay just because of the Million$, even though she knows she is an Indian! So you think any thing can be shameful for the PAP?!!

    Unfortunate is the taxpayers for paying to this SPH saga! Taxpayers are paying this media for mis-information, forcing lies to the readers.

    Why taxpayers continues to provide life support to this dying organisation, with zero benefit for anyone.

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  • Sad and disappointed:

    Sad and disappointed it happen..No integrity.
    Need to cut this rot decisively before it spread to more bodies …

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  • opposition dude:

    SPH shameful? Ha ha ha, Simon you make us all laugh so much you know!

    These companies as well as the party they report to where got know what is being humble, shameful or anything bad one? After all anything goes wrong it’s never their fault what, set up some COI wayang investigate print one report in the newspaper considered settle liao.

    If anything, it just keeps proving to voters year after year why exactly this good for nothing government should be voted in. If you can’t even get a grip on your various GLCs resulting in yearly failed AGO audit reports and now this fiasco inflation reporting then how do you expect voters to trust you when you say you can govern the country?

    Like the old saying goes, cannot walk want to tell people you can fly har? Sure or not??

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  • Kai:

    Yet another no meaning to know case!

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  • What Should Be The Follow-Up?:

    Minister Josephine Teo, Ex Minister Khaw Boon Wan , PAP Paper Generals and all top management of SPH involved in the cheating should be sentenced to jail. This is only fair.

    Or else, we will not vote for the PAP in the coming GE. LHL, please be like LKY, take action immediately.

    Tech: Err… technically hor, it is not cheating lor, at best misrepresentation. Say dishonest also can, but cheating a bit of stretch lar since nothing is gained (other than face) from the act.

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  • 100% it is fraud:

    TRE Tech:
    ActuaLLY hor, what SPH did is NOT cheating or illegal lar, they merely “massaged” teh figures, but technically still correct wat, dio bo?

    Just like how MTF has been massaging the adverse reactions and covid figures since the pandemic, acceptable lar. lol

    It is not true. It is cheating and cheating is illegal for any commercial entity that benefits financially from the cheating.

    Massaging the figure is fraud. If the daily circulation is 350,000, massaging down since it affects it negatively in terms of finance is ok but massaging up since it lets it ask for more financially from advertisers is NOT ok.

    MTF or pap massaging is not the same as sph massaging. MTF massaging is not financially motivated. pap massaging is dishonest lying. sph massaging is dishonesty for financial gain.

    Money. All cheatings involving money is fraud.

    Tech: Bro, if this had happened in the US of A, I would agree totally with you, but I am saying this in the context of Sinkieland, you don’t believe me you go lodge a police report and cry fraud see if they agree with you or not. Police will either say you got no locus standi or they say AGC say its an honest mistake.

    Just remember that in Sinkieland, ANYTHING the party and its related does is NEVER an offence and at best only some scape goat would be slaughtered, given a golden handshake. This is the sad reality.

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  • 100% it is fraud:

    There were also copies that were printed, counted for circulation and then destroyed, …

    A project account was injected with additional funding over a period of time to purchase fictitious circulation, …

    sph says advertising rates have nothing to do with circulation numbers.

    if so, why all the elaborate schemes to fake the circulation numbers?

    printing, counting then destroying copies, so free ah?

    creating a special project account with additional funding, for fun ah?

    no matter how sph spins it, S$ is the motivation for the over counting.

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