Shameful and Unfortunate

It is most shameful and unfortunate that the daily circulation numbers of SPH media titles have been inflated by over 10% for reasons or agendas best known to some key people within SPH and I pray hard that such shameful and unscrupulous behaviours are not collaborated beyond SPH.

I remember that growing up in the 70s and unable to afford the price of the Straits Times papers, I walked ever so often to the nearest community centre which was more than 2 bus-stops away from my house just to read the papers.

Our print medias were very important and useful tools that helped the late Lee Kuan Yew government in our national building efforts. They were pro-Singapore papers. It saddens me greatly for being unable to say the same of them today. (Please read the last 2 sentences again).

To me, they have over the past many years drifted away from being pro-Singapore to become pro-pap.

Josephine Teo argued very eloquently in Parliament to justify and won support for under S$1 billion of our precious tax dollars to support SPH Media Trust over 5 years and now with this cheating circulation bombshell being exposed…. I am sure that many newspaper advertisers must have been equally duped and feeling disappointed.

And Khaw Boon Wan being the chairman of SPH Media Trust surely cannot be sleeping on his job there.

The pap government must understand that it owes Singaporeans a proper and thorough parliamentary explanation about this matter and not some wayang or show time crying explanations again please.



Simon Lim





4 Responses to “Shameful and Unfortunate”

  • Stop funding PAP times:

    They are using taxpayers’ money to fund newspapers and these newspapers write many articles in favor of PAP using taxpayers’ money. Using taxpayers’ money and earn taxpayers’ money, they should write for people, not PAP. Isn’t this a great betrayal? Bite the hands that feed you. It is people money, not PAP money which provide income and let them live a lavish lives. They forgot like those mps and they work for the party in power, PAP. The newspapers are no different from foreign news like MSN for democrats and foxnews for republicans. Any sober people knew it. Time to stop funding PAP times. Let reporters write articles for the people, not party in power. We need to make newspapers write for people in the new era and stop this rotting culture of supporting party in power. We cannot continue to cultivate fearful reporters, we need brave reporters to provide information for the people without bias. News should be objective and fair as news information affect our decisions in lives.

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  • opposition dude:

    “have been inflated by over 10% for reasons or agendas best known to some key people within SPH”

    Because upper management and PAP themselves do not like the truth that their subscription numbers have fallen so SPH management does not want to answer why, Why, WHY all the time when they know this same question will be asked over and over again.

    Anyone who works in the civil service will know this instantly since upper management are only good for asking never ending questions and demanding more and more, it’s never ending. So this in turn causes stress for others who sometimes have to resort to underhand tactics which is what SPH has done.

    Yes it’s super malu to PAP but we all know they have thick skin so this won’t matter at all to them. Remember the failed AGO audits yearly or the Singhealth hacking or SMRT breakdowns after maintenance lagged behind? All past incidents which won’t be mentioned frequently again and all but a distant memory today.

    They have kept quiet for the whole week and that’s telling a lot already. It’s amazing that the national newspaper publisher is so quick to report on others but so silent when things happen to them isn’t it?

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  • only stupid people vote pap:


    we don’t know the pap states times ranking in 2022. many say it has dropped even lower than the 160 in 2021.

    that is why pap lies about the need to fund the pap states times at S$180m per annum. if pap states times is any good, where got such a thing as needing sinkies monies.

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  • Harder Truths:

    For collecting doggie-poo I rate it as #1

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