Take the Bivalent booster at your own risk!

Frontline nurses have to be vaccinated to keep their jobs so why did SGH terminate a nurse who suffered from severe side effects after taking her second dose? Her life is ruined and she has lost her ability to walk. SGH’s offer for her to reapply for her job is totally illogical and insensitive. They would not have sacked her if they think that she can recover.

Her case would have been swept under the carpet and we would not have known about it, if not for the fact that she applied to court to stop paying child support to her former husband.

What is the health minister doing to help her? How could he allow SGH to fire her when she abided by the rules to get vaccinated? Not once has he mentioned this case and he keeps telling us how safe the vaccines are and asking us to take more jabs. He should be ashamed of himself for not doing more to help her and for concealing this matter. Did she receive any vaccine injury payout and what else is MOH doing to assist her now that her life is ruined?

Since OYK has so much time to make Tik Tok videos why not make one about her? He claims he is grateful to nursing staff, but talk is cheap if he allowed SGH to sack a nurse, who followed protocol to get vaccinated, and then lose her ability to walk as a result of the vaccination.

Take the Bivalent at your own risk. You can be sacked if you suffer from severe side effects.


Ho Serene




15 Responses to “Take the Bivalent booster at your own risk!”

  • Canteen:

    Fault lies with the people making the vaccine.

    Now you see.heads I win.tail you loose.

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  • HowManymore:

    In a transparent country like SG. How many more of these cases do we not know?

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  • Guru:

    Thanks Ho Serene.
    I had booked an appointment to have the jab on 26th Jan 2023 @TPC. Now I will give it amiss.

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  • Guru:

    Thanks, Serene,
    I have an appointment to have the vaccine on 26th Jan @TPC. Now I will give it amiss.

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  • f2v:

    Bivalent – enhanced potential of VARS?
    literally made different types of vaccs for may years.
    None of the covid vaccs is safe.
    It is not necessary at all.
    Masking up is good and self isolation when having cold and flu symptoms is NECESSARY.
    Rest is a MUST when you are ill.
    Going to work when you are ill is IRRESPONSIBLE – It is your right and responsibility to use sick leave.
    Same goes for all doctors
    Don’t take any seasonal flu shots either unless you are one of those rare exceptions where the possible(?) benefits outweighs the risks
    Vaccs CANNOT replace social responsibilities.
    Mass vaccination only drives the virus to mutate resulting in unpredictable consequences.
    Destroys the immune system too.
    Remains difficult to predict the consequences of mRNA and DNA type vaccs
    Just hope that I will not suffer the consequences of the vaccs due to vaccs or no job.

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  • Harder Truths:

    True Believers – it is time to Upsize again.

    Please do your patriotic duty to support the Gahmen’s Guinea Pig experimentation program.

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  • xoxo:

    What next?
    Who cares as long as there are more WAY$ to make money.
    Ten$ of Billion$ of JAB$ on himans(not rats) and yet NO REAL EFFICACY in actuality.
    Angmohs good,Asians(chinese) no good?

    Chinese say *LEAVE ROOM FOR OTHERS* to *make a living.

    Who is better?
    To blind-faith worshippers,ANGMOH TUA KEE is SUPREME.
    And,Who$e fault?

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  • PuppetgovunderUSA:

    What to expect from usa puppets !!!

    A gov of buffons, puppets, thieves….

    Handling of food trays is just to show the shamefullness of this puppet gov….

    So as not to show the whole world, how our old ppl live their lives….

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  • ln:


    “…… appointment to have the vaccine on 26th Jan @TPC. Now I will give it amiss…….”

    That is the right choice.
    It is a fact. These western vaxs are highly toxic.

    Time that more Singaporeans wake up

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    Those previous Covid dance moves & “marketing” sure didn’t age well, after 3 years of “covIdiocy”. Yes?/No?

    I’m sure all our Sinkie D0Cs & nurses are also all FULLY Jabbed & boosted.

    The big question now is how much longer can they keep this up…without the D0Cs & nurses protesting.

    Will M0H dare to disclose how many medical workers are due for their 5th / 6th / 7th / 8th … “boosters” or how many are rejecting their expired “vaxx” status or refusing more “Xperimental mRNA Jabs”? LOL.

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  • Thank Goodness:

    Glad I chose not to get vaccine due to having bad side effect on medicines. Very fortunate no vaccine no COVID.

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  • Harder Truths:

    True Believers

    Don’t Worry – Bill (Gates) Loves You
    He has made the Precious – just for you.
    Go to him now and Upsize
    He is calling and you can’t refuse

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    Thank Goodness:
    Glad I chose not to get vaccine due to having bad side effect on medicines. Very fortunate no vaccine no COVID.

    3 Cheers for you bro!

    Same here, over past 3 years of this “Covid nonsense”, I NEVER took any vaxxines (not even the China “Sino” brand ones), and I did NOT even had so much as a runny nose or flu… much less Covid-whatever-variants Alpha-to-Omega.

    I basically switch OFF my TV and go read internet & search medical data or alternative information myself. LOL.

    That is, I totally “Boh-Chap” (i.e. ignored) what PAPies “experts” said over the entire Covidian fiasco. So far I feel GREAT physically, mentally & spiritually – just eat normal, exercise regularly, get Sunshine for Vitamin D & citrus fruits for Vitamin C etc.

    Lets encourage ourselves as the “Pure Bloods” who stood firm in our principles of bodily autonomy & integrity… unlike the “kum-gong” FOOLs such as “Free Riders” and/or “PAP Jab Mandate Strong”? yes?/no? LOL.

    We are the “Control Group” which the “Evil Ones” are trying very hard to defile / corrupt / debase / lead astray from our Natural DNA / Pure State with Natural Immunity – conferred to us by our Parents, Mother Nature & God.

    So, don’t anyhow mess with your body which according to:
    Hindus – there are “dieties” in your body, mind & human system of energies overseeing your breath, heart beat, consciousness etc.
    Chistians – your body is the Temple of the “Holy Spirit”
    Buddhists – your spine & 7 chakras are the pillars of your physical manifestation
    Muslims – also have ideas on reverence for the body-soul convergence, thus fasting as a means to purify the body etc.

    Therefore, do NOT follow the herd blindly or the ridiculous nonsense of PAPies “Laws” & their materialistic/$$$ pursuits of Mammon. PAPies “jab mandates” are really NOTHING in the bigger scheme of things.

    In fact, PAPies are just a pathetic bunch of $elfish Porkliticians who think they are high & mighty, but they are merely ruling over just a tiny weeny 40km little island only lor. Yes?/No? LOL.

    The planet Earth is much bigger than little red dot, then the Earth is also a small speck of dust in the galaxy, which consists of countless stars and other planetary systems.

    So, Human Laws (made by humans on Earth) are far inferior to Universal Laws (made by the Om / Shiva / Almighty God / Dharma / Allah (i.e. undefinable Principle which humans try to encapsulate via many names or words).

    I’m not a very “religious” person, but even I can sense that this may be a TEST for your Soul/Spirit/Higher Consciousness via this Earthly dimension.

    Stay Aware, alert & carefully consider your choices in this lifetime and especially during the next couple of years/decades? Who knows? yes?/no? Lol.

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  • Do More:

    Do more for those badly affected .
    Could be make worse by the Vaccine for such cases.
    Help them financially also.
    Give them a life inspite of their health problem.

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