A new approach for SPH Media Trust

1. The government is setting aside $180 million a year over 5 years to fund SPH Media Trust. The aim is to provide Singaporeans with news from our perspective.

2. It is important that the perspective should be based on the interest of Singapore. It should not be slanted to promote the interest of the ruling party.

3. Our local news media rely on news feed from international agencies, such as Reuters, Associated Press, etc. We should not over-rely on the news feed from the western nations. We also take news feed from other Asian sources, such as Global News, CGTN, SCMP, Nikkei, Jakarta Post, New Straits Times. The aim is to have a balance of our news sources.

4. In reproducing the news feed, the journalist and editor of SPH should carry out this important task:

a) Remove bias or distortion from the original news feed
b) Add perspective from an alternative source to give it a balance.
c) Ensure that the final article, as rewritten, carries a perspective that supports Singapore’s interest.

5. With the use of the internet, it is quite easy to access news from many sources, and to present them in a balanced way to reflect a constructive and positive perspective.

6. SPH should also make use of ex journalists from Singapore. They worked in our Singapore media in the past and have accumulated considerable experience in writing and critical analysis. They form a useful resource.

7. SPH should also make it easy for readers to give their opinion. These views can be edited for accuracy, clarity and usefulness. This can be easily managed on the online platform.

8.The above suggestion also apply to another state funded media, namely Channel NewsAsia.


Tan Kin Lian




13 Responses to “A new approach for SPH Media Trust”

  • Taxpayers:

    Sph should not be funded by tax payers.

    It is an abuse of funding. Taxpayers monies shd be put to better use such as

    Providing FREE health care, FREE education and FREE public transport such as bus and train for retirees.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    c) Ensure that the final article, as rewritten, carries a perspective that supports Singapore’s interest.
    Ah TKL,
    I see that you have finally wake up and realize that selling your CCP koyot (common prosperity BS which now XJP dare not mention any longer) has no markets here.

    So now you AGREED with our fellow Singaporean BK right ?

    This is what BK said and I fully agreed with him.

    Our allegiance is to Spore and in Spore interests, we only care what benefits for Sporeans, not China, not US or any other country.

    Our backyard is Asean. Asean is a great refuge for us. Our neighbors interests are more important to us than China or US.

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  • IloveSG:

    What is the INTEREST of SG?
    Is INTEREST of SG also the INTEREST of Top Elites?
    Are Top Elites elected by people of SG?

    People of SG elect the Ruling party.
    Ruling party decides who are the TOP Elites for the country.
    TOP Elites interests represents SG interests.

    Thus yes, SPH needs to protect the interests of the Elites.
    $180 million is too little. 1.8 billion should be a reasonable amount.

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  • T-C:

    Don’t talk cock lah. Care about benefits for Singaporeans? Talk until so nice. $300 voucher claimed to help Singaporean family go “a long way”. Let those mayors show us how $300 for their families go “a long way”. Not even enough to get a good family meal at a neighborhood restaurant.

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  • MarBowling:

    Both Shits Times and CNA(C*nt N Arsehole)are the official Mouthpiece of the PAPigs and by extension Uncle Sam and are also indirectly placed under the ARMPIT of Holee Jinx, period! You want to propose CHANGES. Fat Hope ok. Advice you to stop dreaming and instead 11967!

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  • KT2:

    I honestly think that some of TKL suggestions are very difficult for them to follow or adopt for obvious reasons. The only alternative in my opinion, is another news printing company to come in like the old days. But d Parti Against People will nvr go back to d past practice unless a newly in place ruling political party comes in. So, we may have to continue dream of TKL suggestions. When ? We dun know.

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  • only stupid people vote pap:

    the pap double standard is glaring. if the culprits are from WP or PSP there would be incessant NEWS about it from pap parleeementarians pap sph pap mediacorpse and even the pap ministers.

    unfortunately, the culprits are from chairman khaw boon wan ceo umbrage ng. no a single whimper from pap parleeementarians pap sph pap mediacorpse or any of the pap Cb ministers especially disgrace fu and indianknee rajan. the pap badminton pattern master sim ann is also very quiet on the sph fraud.

    every sinkie needs to be reminded. fraud is a crime. a crime has taken place. the criminals are known. pap khaw boon wan has even said this in pap parleeement, In Japan, the CEO and board of directors will call a press conference and take a deep bow, and in the good old days, they may even commit hara-kiri. due to pap double standard, it is clear what pap khaw boon wan said does not apply to pap khaw boon wan himself.

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  • xoxo:

    Why ST has to come to such a pathetic state?
    This is a question for all especially the operators to answer.
    Lies that sounds good feels good only will never last once HARD TRUTHS uncover.
    For SPH to revive,their corporate philosophy must change.

    Times have changed,so must STRAITS TIMES become *straight* with times…

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  • Light TheWay:

    A new approach for beating a dead horse.


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  • opposition dude:

    No way in hell that SPH would ever write anthing negative about PAP since PAP would never accept it. All articles have to be written in a positive light at all costs. Whatever new policies introduced or tweaked must be cast as good for the people even before they have been implemented. When PAP loses GRCs there won’t be negative article after negative article written since PAP cannot accept defeat. But when WP’s town council matters are revealed we can expect non stop negative articles for a full 2 weeks for sure.

    Which is also a good thing why their dogshit of a newspaper isn’t selling as many as before despite having a monopoly on the island with no competition whatsoever. Be it less of the older generation around, people not having the time to read newspapers daily, can’t be bothered to read, no interest or whatever other reasons SPH can only expect their circulation figures to dwindle in the years ahead.

    When people KNOW that the newspaper isn’t trustworthy why would they want to waste their hard earned money on it? Might as well use the money for it to top up your EZ Link, go for a few meals or buy something else that you need instead of buying and reading one sided news reports right?

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  • AristoCATs say . . .:

    “c) Ensure that the final article, as rewritten, carries a perspective that supports Singapore’s interest.”
    Propaganda –
    “information, especially of a biased nature,
    used to promote a political cause or point of view.”
    But, that’s not worth $180m.

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  • Inoowatosay:

    Silly Tan don’t understand that under current situation, Singapore’s interests is PAP’s interests. What PAP is doing is protecting its interests and not Singapore’s interests. Nothing to do with internationally news that can be spurned or skewed against Singapore’s interests. The funding is all about preventing domestic news that can cast PAP in the bad light making more people to vote against PAP.

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  • KT2:

    Agree with the comments below:

    only stupid people vote pap:
    January 26, 2023 at 11:19 am (Quote)

    ” the pap double standard is glaring…………………………….. said does not apply to pap khaw boon wan himself.”

    My short reply to him/her is: “Birds of the same (WHITE)feathers flock together.” It is the same like what former WP chief said about d Emperor: …..own brothers and sisters cannot sue……………. ! And d Woody replied that a former WP was sued because “he is not my brother” ! So, u can see how the white feathers reacted !

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