Paradigm shift in vaccine narratives

There seems to be a paradigm shift in vaccine (V) narratives since late last year.

Some of the most prominent “Ex-Pro V influencers” in the past months and years have started to U Turn on their position over the past few months .

Dr Aseem Malhotra – A prominent cardiologist in UK who had appeared on BBC before to urge people to take the V. His dramatic shift in position happened when his father died suddenly from cardiac arrest a few months after taking V. He read the same article from Circulation (which I have posted in late 2021) making a glaring stance that the V will cause a dramatic rise in cardiac illness in the next 5 years.

On top of that, he received information from whistleblowers that accused a prominent University of suppressing unfavorable research findings on the V due to the fear of losing research funds from big pharma.

He had done his own research and published it. He is now calling for the Halt of the V program and to carry out further investigations on the safety aspects of the V.

Dr John Campbell – A prominent YouTube medical educator who is a professional trainer of nurses. He came into prominent with huge following because he could give very clear presentation of various research findings.

He was convinced by the various research findings and believed in the integrity of their data and took the position that the official narrative that “Benefits outweigh the Risks”.

However, the forced revelation of the Pfizer documents showing a whole list of 1291 serious adverse side effects has started to shaken his confidence and position. The evolving data of consistent high Excess Deaths in the past year has further convinced him something is not right with the V.

He was once the most quoted source of information presenter by Pro V people, including Ho Ching, Tan Kin Lian in SG. But when he started to question the official narratives of the V based on the emerging evidences we started to see, he was quietly dropped and even YouTube censored him.

Ironically, such censorship has strengthen his belief that something is really wrong with the whole V program. He has finally literally apologize for not being more discerning in scrutinizing the early research findings which resulted in making unwarranted recommendation on taking of the V.

Scott Adams – he was a very strong proponent of V using data analytical skills to support his position. He was one of the most outspoken and aggressive Pro V person among the three I have named here.

I don’t know exactly what changes his position but the emerging data on consistent Excess Deaths must have shocked him as well.

Anyone who is well verse in Data Analysis and honest to themselves will find the Excess Deaths trend happening and replicating in highly V countries exceptionally alarming.

He finally conceded that he was wrong and now he is paying the price for making the wrong decision.

I have said this before:

Dead Body Counts tell no lies.

Truth is absolute and eternal, it will always prevail.


Goh Meng Seng




8 Responses to “Paradigm shift in vaccine narratives”

  • Sad if true:

    Sad if true.
    Only time will tell the real story.

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  • Singaporean gms is Free Rider:

    Fake News

    Tech: Please do not think that all on TRE are lazy and stupid. Simple search on the internet for those Goh quoted will prove whether it was a lie or not, you also got the “grief” syndrome and is now at the current initial stage of denial? lol

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  • opposition dude:

    What’s done cannot be undone. Rather than live in fear for the remainder of your lives because you have been vaccinated just go about your daily activities. If you are going to be unlucky you won’t be able to escape it no matter what you do.

    If you have not had any shot take care as well because it’s hard to say when you might be infected if you have not been already. For those who have taken their 2/3/4 shots don’t get overly alarmed and frighten yourselves unnecessarily.

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  • @opposition dude

    I absolutely agree with you. Vax or unvaxed, choice made ownself, consequences also bear ownself. Regardless the outcome, no need to cry father or cry mother to defend anything because what’s done cannot be undone.

    Vaxed or unvaxed, ownself know ownself, no need to confirm or deny because it won’t change anything.

    Unvax say vaccine no good, let them say, defending the vaccine won’t change science, vice-versa. Let time be the ultimate judge, not you, not me, not anybody, experts or not.

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  • Spec Ops:

    I will add that Scott Adams is the author of the Dilbert Comics, since Goh Meng Seng didn’t.

    His Twitter is @ScottAdamsSays

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  • Light The Way:

    Just say V never follow the script.

    It is as simple as that.

    Let’s move on.

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  • xoxo:

    If mighty USA is the *great* nation it claims and wants to be regarded as ,then,it is time USA asks why ,after billions of jab$ on humans,their pharmas cannot determine a truly efficacious vaccine till today?
    Will USA bear responsibility shud the negative effects of their vaccines show up clearly in the forseeable future.
    Claim to WORLD LEADERSHIP ought to be accompanied by responsibility.

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  • Spineless Sinkie Syndrome:

    There is a paradigm shift indeed… more and more bad news on those “Xperimental mRNA JAbs” coming out in torrents recently.

    Like I said before last month, 2023 will be an “interesting” year. Yes? LOL.

    Some of the elites are also feeling the heat, and even a Royal Thai Princess went into Coma 23 days AFTER her booster jab. Now, she at 44 years young, still in coma and Thailand medical authorities may want to NULLIFY the Pfizer contracts, and may even SUE Pfizer for damages.

    See lah? ONLY when the Elites themselves kenna affected directly, then they will take action. Sama sama like Sinkiepore PAPies izzit? Yes?/No?

    Wonder if the “Xperimental mRNA Jab” activate “CancerLEE” and suddenly “Up Lorry”, then how ah?? LOL.

    Lik tat hor, Sinkiepore sure overnight may oso nullify contracts & start to SUE Big Pharma for their lie$$$ izzit? LOL.

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