Guilty till proven innocent

From 1st July “guilty till proven innocent” going to be practiced in suspected case of high-rise littering, is this stance already being used against Lee Hsien Yang & his wife already?

He is only under police investigation but why are the mainstream media running a spectacle of a media campaign as if he has already been proven guilty in a court of law?

Are the Singapore media running a trial of sensationalism in the “court of public opinion” against Lee Hsien Yang & his wife?

Is this a politically motivated attempt to hurt his chances in this year’s upcoming presidential elections?


Prabu Ramachandran




3 Responses to “Guilty till proven innocent”

  • dodo:

    Must widen and shape the differences in impressions.
    That wife just told Cal Cheng off on cashless transactions to create good vibes.
    Here trying to paint a dark picture of an outstanding potential candidate ahead of time. Must the path for another preferred candidate.
    Already used the lousy tricks on number of elected presidents, and differentiate by race. Cannot use these tricks anymore.

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  • Actually, China also uses the heavy burden method to punish high-rise littering, so i’ts nothing new.

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  • Singaporeans R Free Riders:

    Dear Prabu,
    You like to talks a lot. You like to be hero right?

    Can you show us your action ?

    Oppie only know how to kpkb but no action.

    Everyday kpkb FT degrees are fake.

    But here is the opportunity for Oppie to prove yourselves to be helping Singaporeans.

    Now Our great PAP help Singaporeans by pass the law that its is EMPLOYER responsibility to verify EP Pass Holder degree so that all Singaporeans can be like Professor Denis Peng, investigate EP pass holder (President Tsai) degree.

    Singaporeans can now request EP holder to show their degree.

    Singaporeans can now sue company HR if they failed to verify FT degree.

    Will you Prabu, Wayang Party and Progress Singapore Party be the Denis Peng, He DeFeng and Hwan Lin of Singapore to uncover fake degree ?

    Now, over to you Prabu and Oppie. Show us your solution using our own way/standard.

    Not Americunt/Chinacunt deceptive way.

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