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While TR Emeritus (TRE) has never announced that we have an official Facebook or Twitter page since the site was revived in year 2011, some alert readers have already noticed that most, if not all of our articles have been appearing on both Facebook and Twitter.

The fact of the matter is that our techie has been toying around with various APIs to link TRE’s main website to Facebook and Twitter for quite some time and he has actually succeeded in enabling all articles on our main website to be automatically posted to both these social media since some years back. However, since we have been short of manpower,  we did not have anyone available to help moderate the pages, so it was not officially announced.

Be that as it may, for those readers that frequent Facebook and Twitter most of the time and do not wish to comment on the articles, you may visit our official pages at the following URL:



Please note again that both Facebook and Twitter pages are automatically updated via an API linked to our main website and is not moderated at all, so you are responsible for any and all comments should you decide to respond to the posts. On our end, we will also not be responding to any comments or messages on them.

There are also plenty of cloned Facebook accounts that claim to be associated with or related to TRE and we wish to state for the record that it is not true. The only official Facebook account that we have is at the URL provided above.

There is however, a former Facebook page that we used to work with (TREmeritus), but have since stopped the cooperation. It is as we understand it, currently still operated by a former editor of TRE.

Thank you for your continued support.


P/S: TRE owns all the 3 top TLDs for TREmeritus, namely .com, .net and .org. We do not operate TRE on any other domains.






2 Responses to “Official Facebook and Twitter”

  • John Doe:

    Useful info.
    Noted Techie.

    GD Star Rating
  • opposition dude:

    The FB page is ok lah, I have seen a troll there masquerading as some don’t know what construction company and he (it?) likes to kachiao people with the usual nonsense of pretending that all is fine and nothing is wrong ha ha ha.

    It’s probably too much work to ask TRE to block all these PAP IB trolls since they can just create a new profile and continue their nonsense. It’s easier to get the reader to block these idiots instead.

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