Record-breaking COE prices

The latest round of COE bidding again broke record in most categories.

Please pardon me for asking if record breaking COE prices is good or bad for our country? Well, I guess that all depends on who that question is asked.

To the government, it must be good news because they will again be laughing all the way to the bank. In fact, I believe that it is not an understatement to even say that COE system along with the likes of heavyweight revenue generator such as GST and corporate tax etc is among a major source of government’s inland revenue generator.

What about the masses, the everyday people? High COE prices must boomerang all around that must result in higher and higher cost of services, higher cost of products and everyday cost of living even for those who do not own any vehicles.

One image came to my mind when I composed my commentary and that image is one of a couple of frogs swimming in boiling water.

I liken the vast majority of Singaporeans to be those frogs swimming faster and faster in boiling water. They are a pitiful lot and we know what will eventually happen to those frogs.

Singaporeans have no courage, no desire and do not recognise the danger or possess the sense of urgency to change their situation which they can if they want it bad enough, ie, through their votes. They would rather suffer in silence, swim faster and faster and see which frog could last longer and which got boiled alive first.

I am a native born person but I hate and despise the lack of guts and courage in too many of my fellow citizens. Singaporeans have been too well conditioned in our political eco-system thus blunting their innate survival instincts.

In conclusion, our COE system needs tweaking to benefit more working class Singaporeans, arrest it runaway trajectory and financially burdening our citizens in the many years into the future at the expense of many other life’s meaningful purposes and pursuits such as having the willingness and courage to get married and having more children etc.

The pap government’s way of making up for our pathetic, pathetic falling total fertility rate due largely to their flawed policies such as the very expensive cost of living, cost of public housing and the COE price madness is through immigration of foreigners which in my view is lazy, incompetent and short sighted and if not corrected with urgency must ruin our country’s future and our young ones.

You have been warned.



Simon Lim




5 Responses to “Record-breaking COE prices”

  • xoxo:

    And,whats wrong with collecting more money?

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  • MarBowling:

    THINK To folks like the filthy rich and the Ruling Class( eg the FamiLEE of Dr Arsehole who owned 2 cars)even when and NOT if the farking piece of SH*T CALLED COE costs $200k, it’s sup sup the water for them.

    However, the CURRENT ABSURB AND ATROCIOUS artificially highly inflated COE prices of all the categories of vehicles in SinKapore WILL CAUSE THOSE COMMON FOLKS WHO RELY AND DEPEND TRANSPORT FOR A LIVING AND ALSO TO FERRY YOUNG CHILDREN to infant care and school AND OLD AND SICK FAMILY MEMBERS for medical treatment, a very HEAVY BURDEN TO SHOULDER, BARE AND SUSTAIN, PERIOD!

    Hello, FATTY MOT: Beware of Karma and Retribution. You may continue to GRIN every time the prices of COEs break NEW RECORDS, but Heaven is watching you ALL DAY AND NIGHT LOONG 24/7/365!

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  • opposition dude:

    Everything to PAP is a money generator lah, Simon Lim have you been zzzz?

    Look at the overpriced public housing for one. Your CPF gives you a 2.5% interest rate and the goondu PM compared to it to a bank’s low interest rate back then, how very clever. Who doesn’t know you can’t withdraw all your CPF compared to a bank?

    Under this bunch of clowns all we can look forward to is more increases. Yesterday reported on some new transport fare formula to be applied so expect another increase at the end of this year since they are now saying that ridership isn’t back to 100% pre pandemic levels so those who head to the office daily have to subsidise those who don’t.


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  • Kaiju:

    Plenty of ultra rich families settling down in SG.
    Each family member will need one to two Maserati or Lamborghini.
    The more humble ones perhaps will get G-Class, and the Maybach, or 7 Series, the 8 Series, the X7, and the i8 or M8.

    Every two to three months need to change new car or else too troublesome to send for servicing.

    I heard recently a lot of siow lang drivers on SG road too! Haha…

    These ultra rich families we are not talking about billionaires, that’s outdated concept. Each night their meal alone will cost hundred of thousands and they have private accounts, bankers and lawyers waiting for them 24/7.

    Finally, they reached our shores!

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  • Kaiju:

    Yes, should tweak the system because COE system not able to capture the Ultra rich!

    Imagine the Ultra-rich pays 30% more on the highest bid for owning the 2nd, 40% more for the 3rd, 50% more for the 4th etc…

    This will be great wealth for Singaporeans.

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