Singapore on 58th Birthday: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

I read with interest The Independent Singapore Featured News, “Singapore on 58th Birthday: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”. (Aug 6).

The recent spate of scandals which have involved investigation of three ministers of the ruling party by the Corruption Investigation Bureau and the extramarital affair between the Speaker of the Parliament and a female MP has reawakened or reignited the political awareness of ordinary people and the moral standards for politicians.

In due course, I echo the importance of the Singapore Democratic Party’s advocacy for moral leadership, public accountability and transparency in our political arena.

In the last decade, the ruling party seems adopting zero tolerance towards its political opponents and critics. For example, the Workers’ Party chief, Pritam Singh said that the use of POFMA will continue to increase expectations Singaporeans are having of the PAP Government insofar as transparency and accountability are concerned (NTU Public Policy and Global Affairs Club: Fake News Forum – 28 January 2020).

Hence, it is vital that POFMA should not be used for political ends or partisan purposes.

Besides, the crushing pressure of inflation and the persistently rising prices of HDB flats have made ordinary people breathless.

The costs of living is further exacerbated by incessant hikes in taxes and fees such as GST, utilities hike, petrol prices, ERP and S&CC.

Despite the above, Singaporeans still encounter job losses and the stiff competition from the continuing influx of foreign PMETs. This circumstance has evidently accelerated the indescribable fear, sense of uncertainty and disappointment among our young graduates who enter the market of workforce.

And, our young couples see their dream of starting a family diminishing by the day as property prices have become out of reach for many. Our Total Fertility Rate stands at an abysmal historic low of 1.05.

In acute contrast, our ministers pay themselves a sky-high salary through legislation. Yet, we still see a declining performance and moral standards of our ministers.

Anyway, if any government does not put the interests of the people first, but only for the purpose of consolidating its own political power, and arbitrarily implements some policies that go against the wishes of the people, it will eventually be abandoned by the people.


Teo Kueh Liang (Mr)




6 Responses to “Singapore on 58th Birthday: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly”

  • opposition dude:

    Thing about PAP is that they love doing things the old way which worked so very well for them decades ago. After all their founder started the ball rolling what, what with bankrupting/jailing/suing opponents left and right. So the useless son sees what his father did was very effective and so, to no one’s surprise, monkey see monkey do loh. But I never expected him to come down hard on his bro though.

    As we can see for ourselves, dear old PAP “only” managed a measly 60% of the votes 3 years ago. Gone are the heydays of closing one eye and easily winning 70%, these days more are voting opposition because PAP has lost both the trust and faith that they once had. Just go ask anyone what their impression of the party is as well as what they think of the way the party handles matters.

    Never mind lah, the upcoming presidential election will show just how popular botak is. Just like how the newspaper wrote grand stories of just how fantastic the 4G were pre pandemic (HA HA HA!) I’m waiting to see what the vote share difference will be between botak and his contenders. Will he get more than half the votes or like Tony Tan not even 40% of the votes? He is, according to the paper, very popular on the ground no?

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  • good, bad and ugly:

    During this time of 3 President candidates, are you hinting something? Who is what?

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  • Soccerbetting2:

    Watch this Tim Tok complaint on plastic bag-””.

    Again show me to be correct in my previous post.

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  • 2Daft2Live:

    That’s why they need to step up the pace of importing new citizens.

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  • kaya:

    No amount of time and money will help Opposition win more votes.
    It is not the daft 60 pct singaporeana’ fault,it is the fault of opposition parties not wanting to DO THE RIGHT THING.
    If opposition singaporeans cannot trust each other,why blame voters for not trusting them?

    For opposition he parties to win more seats that more resembles the 40 pct they have been garnering last few GEs,the opposirion parties must start to trust each other first before more from the 60 pct can trust them.

    Change comes from those who want change.
    If opposition parties remain statua quo,they might as well not waste their scarce resources and everybody’s time.
    Let there be walk-overs.
    Afterall,even WP with not a few MPs in Parliament seems to do nothing useful nir helpful to voters.

    AJ and Hg and Senkang should be contested away by other more useful opposition teams.
    WP is wasting time wayanging.
    And,the longer we allow WP to wayang ,we will have zero chance of witnessing real CHANGE.

    WHY LET PS N WP MPs make money for themselves?
    Even retired USELESS MPs have pensions.
    Vote for fresh opposition MPs from other more useful teams.
    WP,like NKS says of himself,is KOSONG!

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  • NKS:

    Since the Parties are not going to change…status quo.
    Maybe can take risk and support the only non party supporter NKS.
    No risk since it is a EP ….and not PM.EP Power very limited.
    NKS may turn out to be Singapore best EP …

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