Tan Kin Lian’s response to AWARE’s allegations

Corinna Lim, Executive Director Of Aware with Minister Shanmugam

I totally reject AWARE’s allegations and insinuations that social media posts I have made “objectify” women.

I do not objectify women since I have many in my family. I have been happily married to my loving wife for nearly 50 years.

We have been faithful to each other through the years and no tinge of infidelity or scandal has ever [been] attached to my marriage.

I have two wonderful daughters and a son. Together, they have given me and my wife three grand-daughters and two grandsons.

I made those social media posts openly and I invite the public to judge for themselves whether they objectify or denigrate women in any way.

I am also hugely disappointed in the mainstream media and irresponsible alternative media for attempting to make a mountain out of a molehill. This is gutter politics at its worst.

Calls were made for a clean and fair contest but it appears that the establishment are keen to win at all cost.

I have faith that my fellow Singaporeans will not allow our electoral system to be debased by scurrilous attacks.


Tan Kin Lian




20 Responses to “Tan Kin Lian’s response to AWARE’s allegations”

  • TKL is a threat to PAP:

    Singaporeans know that TKL is going to be the next President.

    Even pappy voters must now vote for TKL. How else are they going to know why they got $600 instead of $23,000 from the pandemic budget? An EP cannot spoil their favorite pap policies, but an EP can demand details of how the reserve is spent.

    Some people there are in panic mode. The dogs and sheep are activated for an emergency. All charge! Over the cliff.

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  • john:

    True,AWARE is prejudice.
    What if older women say “the boys look well-built and handsome” ?
    Is there anything so wrong?
    Yes,some gals are truly beautiful and nice to look at and to say it expressively(openly) is much better than those who quietly harbour ill-intentions,some,even go to the extreme like cheating tbeir wives?
    So,what is so wrong that Aware makes so much noise?
    Was some lady raped ,molested?

    So,yes,nothing wrong to openly appreciate young beauties or handsome hunks .
    Afterall,Mother Nature makes them beautiful.

    My wife and I often pass remarks when taking walks about “PRETTY GALS” or Handsome Hunks.
    Don’t tell me members of Aware never ever done that???
    Hypocrisy is worse than most things.
    Stop the hypocrisy,there is too much of it in the air,it is very toxic.

    Like Terry Jacks sang,” Pretty girls are everywhere…” in Seasons in the Sun.

    Be happy and BE AWARE of mother nature’s beauty( and besuties).

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  • The top honchos at aware must be women who probably have NEVER received any praise from anybody for their body or looks, so they are feeling ‘offended’ or rather sour? lol

    As an aside, by “irresponsible alternative media” allegedly out to smear him, I supposed he meant one of them being TOC, who appears to me as having originally intended to support George.

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  • 2Daft2Live:

    AWARE is digging a hole for itself. As a NGO, it should not allow itself to be used in a less than scrupulous manner. As if being irrelevant is insufficient, now it needs to tar itself with a label of being a lapdog for the ruling party.

    Tech: Errr.. I thought they are already the PAPies’s pet?

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  • WakeupSG:

    Aiya, there is nothing wrong with appreciating pretty girls!

    If AWARE & TKL opponents want to twist it to mean “objectify” to suit their agenda let the truth speak for itself!

    The truth will prevail!



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  • IB at work:

    Remember LKY and Deng. They both said that PAP is everywhere in Singapore.

    AWARE is digging a hole for itself. As a NGO, it should not allow itself to be used in a less than scrupulous manner. As if being irrelevant is insufficient, now it needs to tar itself with a label of being a lapdog for the ruling party.

    Tech: Errr.. I thought they are already the PAPies’s pet?

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  • Trust only myself:

    Looking at the picture, aware also not so “independent” ?……..more important now to elect independent president.

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  • Presidential lah:

    TKL score own goal….trying to get more views with that.
    Not going to help him to win the EP if keep on blaming others.
    Sure.. others may also do it but they will not stand for President.

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  • Harder Truths:

    Cancerman and his minions starting the smear campaigns – just like they did to JBJ and CST all those years ago. Yet I am sure the Regime d0gs will continue to support their masters. There are enough $tupid $inkies and the huge FT population that will do their master’s bidding no matter what. Many $tupid $inkies sitting on the fence will still believe anything they read in the $hit Times.

    The majority seems to still favour the Regime. Not that it matters who wins. Because the only reason we have this PE show is for $inkies to believe they have done something great. Until the reality hits them at the GE (again).

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  • Lau Ter Ko:

    The whole point has been missed by the majority because glibbed-tongued Mr Tan Kim Lian has cleverly fudged the issue by blaming the “minority” and “opponents” for trying to besmirch his good name. The point that matters is why did he post pictures of pretty girls in the first place? Is that a good hobby? Is it a fetish of his? Does get a certain pleasure out of it? Or does he like taking pictures of pretty girls and then use the excuse of his that it is his way of making pretty girls happy by posting their pictures. I find his reasoning rather perverse and senseless. He is a contender to a presidential seat. Shouldn’t such a person be be free of this funny compulsion of posting pictures of pretty girls? I find him a queer fish.

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  • Sporeans Keep Govt Employed:

    If you say women pretty, you are hum sup. How ser. Lecher.
    If you say they are not pretty, they get offended.

    Women want men to behave on THEIR terms. Don’t underestimate women. Women’s movements are psychological warfare against men.

    Want to understand what women are about? Read women’s magazines.

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  • Old Man:

    I am a TKL supporter. But I would feel sad if he becomes the POS.
    I will miss his blogs, and other socil commentries. Nethier can he go to Hong Lim Park to talk. He will be effectivily “imprisoned” at the Istana, where he will in fact be less effective. He will be shackled by the PAP executives, which he has to work with. And every proposal or suggestion will be subjected to the scrutiny of the CPA.

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  • Light The Way:

    Regime giving false hope is much better than giving no hope.

    Read that again.

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  • Smearing and malicious allegations happen everyday online in China and advice from the authorities and lawyers are:

    1. Ignore the poster completely and DO NOT respond or just make a simple statement to deny it, the more you respond, the more attention you are giving to that malicious party and the momentum builds up, helping the poster attain his/her intended aim.

    2. Lodge a report and sue, if laws are broken.

    Since it was a coordinated attack sanctioned by you-know-who, i.e. someone started the post, aware picks it up, then MSM plays it up, TKL cannot ignore, so has to play along, but he should just rectrict his response to short and sweet denial, no need to talk to much.

    If laws are broken, there is always the police, the offended should lodge a police report and not cry father cry mother online.

    There is a saying in China, when you are a NOBODY, anything and everything you do people cannot be bothered. The fact that the auntie organization is now out for Tan is clear indication that TKL is now a threat and something has to be done about it.

    The PEC made a very bad mistake of disqualifying George, who would have split the protest votes between Geroge and Tan, but now they have forced the protest votes all to Tan, enhancing his chances while splitting the establishment votes for Tharman between Ng.

    Since the PEC is no longer legally allowed to correct their own mistake, so out comes plan B, get the aunties at Aware involved.

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  • $€£¥:

    @TRE Tech
    Since you mention,those chiak par boh tai chi aunties seems to love gossipping.
    So,no worries,just ignore the gossippers.
    There are plenty around.
    They enjoy kaypohing since got nothing better to do and they are bored,maybe?

    Tech: Most Sinkieland aunties are busy doing excercise collecting cardboxes, got no time to 8 hang (八卦). But heard those at that organization are married to many rich old man, so they have all the time in the world. lol

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  • Light The Way:


    All future candidates (including those for the next GE) should be vetted by AWARE first before their nominations are approved.

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  • true blue singaporean:

    TKL is gone case lah! he is senile or desperate or both!

    no doubt Singaporeans want more independent president, but thdy won’t puy in a sick, srnile man. Maybe Ng will now benefit.

    Tech: Slow down lar, there is no price for the top poster on TRE, unless you are paid by some other agency 50 cents per post? lol

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  • Continue lah:

    Since TKL feels strongly about the “Pretty ” Girls,he should continue to do it. Why scare of Aware ?
    Maybe should forget about going to Istana…as it will be a bit unpresidential to post from there…
    Outside is OK for your loyal social media fans…….now in Millions ?

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  • Dalai Says "Read My Lips":

    Gee whiz, in the old days we merely called it “shuckin and jivin”. I had no idea obfuscation could be so complicated for TKL. Reminds me of someone on a bad bender, who doesn’t remember what he said or did or is hoping his behavior really wasn’t THAT bad and ‘dafts’ will forget it a few days. But we had to try to understand him as he auditioned for the job, but the real question, for me, is why should we ignore his inconsistencies and self-contradictions (as well as his obvious ‘fetishes’, incompetence, petulance, yada yada yada) and vote for him?
    Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

    Tech: Yes yes, please vote for Tharman and JAV culture!

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  • Dalai Says "Read My Lips, Pal":

    Dalai Says "Read My Lips": Tech: Yes yes, please vote for Tharman and JAV culture!

    Ha ha ha – my thoughts exactly! I agree 100% that we need better role models. Have pretty much sworn off THAT *culture* because so many of them are about a woman getting punished for having sex with a man she wanted or a woman being punished for not having sex with a man who wanted her. It’s hard to celebrate a form so deeply rooted in misogyny, abuse and sexual assault despite the glorious loud moaning (don’t know whether real or not?). I’m trying for the younger women. I remember what a former friend told me many years ago: “You’re sexy because you THINK you’re sexy.” Still true. It’s all about self-love and attitude and not buying in to these societal lies here.

    But I can’t believe trying to make intelligent observations on the basis of cultural dislocation. It didn’t work. Now you can guess who I rooting for if I don’t void my vote. ;-)

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